Think back to the end of the 1800s for a second, where anyone wanting to play a slot machine would have to trek all the way to a few specific saloons nestled away in San Francisco, and even then all they could realistically expect to win was a free cigar or drink at the bar. Oh how times have changed now, where it is possible to play slots from pretty much wherever you find yourself in the 21st Century. 

That’s right, as result of the emergence of online slots gamblers can spin those reels from anywhere in the world, ensuring they have an adequate Internet connection and the country they are in are not one of the few that have banned online slots. This is a fact that has only been intensified in the last decade, with the rise of the mobile gaming market such as Is it still a growing industry? You best believe it. Read on for a lowdown.

History of mobile gaming 

Online slot developers always knew that mobile gaming would end up being a thing in the future, right from the beginning. For example, when Eyecon released Temple Of Isis back in 2003 (widely regarded as the first commercially viable online slot ever) they already had their eyes on a mobile counterpart; the technology to do so just wasn’t there however. 

It wouldn’t take long for things like HTML5 technology to give developers a better chance of redesigning their titles for a mobile platform, however, and quite quickly the first mobile slots started to hit the market. The only problem was that the mobile phone world hadn’t progressed fast enough, and these games were often incredibly clunky and slow when played on a mobile phone. 

Smartphones and the emergence of the mobile gaming market proper 

This all changed with the emergence of smartphones around 2010, as for the first time gamblers actually had mobile phones with enough processing power to run online slots well enough to be enjoyed. The iPhone really did change everything when it came to the mobile slots market, alongside things like Android. 

And oh boy did the mobile industry grow after this! In fact, in the short time between 2010 and 2015 the mobile slots sector overtook the standard online slot sector, attracting far more players. 

Mobile gaming in 2020 

Nowadays mobile gaming makes up at least a third of the online slot market, and there should really be no surprise about that. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days, and with the hundreds of thousands of apps available they also spend more time than ever on their devices. So is it really any surprise that slot gamblers prefer to spin the reels on their phones? Especially considering it is a practise that can be done on your morning commute? Or at the gym? Even on the toilet? Mobile gaming in 2020 is set to be more popular than ever, and the market certainly isn’t going to stop growing. You can be sure of that.


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