A good salesman never sleeps. Well, obviously salespeople have to sleep, but when they do, they probably dream of leads.

That next big sale may just be an elevator encounter away. A sweet payday for you and your company may be a chance encounter with a nearby airplane passenger.

Or maybe it isn’t.

That’s the beauty and curse of the world of sales. If it was an exact science, then there would be more millionaires and more Fortune 50 companies.

There isn’t one way to generate sales leads, but more companies are turning to a lead generation service for hot targets. A lead generation service can give you targeted sales leads so you can spend more time closing the deal.

What exactly do you get when you enlist a lead generation service to help you find new customers?


Online search tools

If you fish with one fishing line, how many fish are you likely to catch on each cast? (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way!). However, when you cast a wide fishing net, your chances of landing more than one fish are greater.

A lead generation service can offer you an online database for sales contacts. Many of these companies vary the scope of a particular database depending on the amount of money you spend.

A larger investment means a more comprehensive contact list. A lead generation service company can also offer more involved interaction with the contact data. Packages are available where you are on your own to analyze and utilize sales lead data. You can also find a lead generation service that will dedicate sales professionals to help you use lead data to fit your company’s needs.

Reach out and touch…a bunch of people

Phone companies had advertising slogans 30 years ago that touted “reach out and touch someone.” With a lead generation service company, that slogan needs to be changed to “reach out and touch everyone!”

Another tool offered by a lead generation service is auto or predictive dialing. This tool basically helps you dial more phone numbers in shorter time to increase sales productivity.

Auto dialing programs can be hosted by an outside company or they can be standalone. Some auto dialing systems are integrated into a company’s CRM system and they offer a wide variety of features like call recorders, calendar reminders and targeted pop-up windows on prospective customers.

Campaigns aren’t just for politics

A lead generation service can help you with running targeted advertising campaigns to help grow your business. There are obviously varying levels of campaign involvement depending on the lead generation service you choose.

Campaigns can be created and managed by a lead generation service. They can also be run by you, with campaign links being sent for targeted campaign promotion. A lead generation service can help you create banner and campaign ads that are targeted to your ideal customers.

An added benefit of the campaign aspect of a lead generation service is that these campaigns can be used on an annual basis to generate new revenues and build your customer base. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when a campaign has previously been effective.

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