Choosing the right program is essential if you want to succeed in making money online. And if you want to succeed in a financial niche, then the choice is even more responsible because it’s the industry where the big money is. Wrong decisions may cost you a lot, so you will need to choose carefully. Moreover, if you work (or would like to work) in one specific financial industry, like payday loans, the choice is becoming even more confusing. It’s a common truth that for better performance you should work with a network laser-focused on payday loans, since they are able to deliver you the best results along with a prompt support, and in this article we will talk about this very type of networks – LeadsGate payday loan affiliate program.

Now, what should you take into account before joining an affiliate program? Here are top 5 things to consider:


  • What are the term and payouts? (What terms is the network offering?)

The first and the most important question you should be worried about. You join the particular program in order to monetize your leads in the most profitable way, so the highest payouts along with a customer-oriented strategy should be your priority №1. Let’s take a look what LeadsGate has to offer. Here is an excerpt from their website:




According to LeadsGate strategy, your lead is being sold on auction-based lead selling system and has all the chances to be bought at the highest possible payout. And what is the highest possible payout, will you ask? If you generate high quality traffic, you can earn up to $180 per lead! To be honest, it’s a very good figure for the market in general and for payday industry in particular. There are hundreds of millions of payday loan applications circulating across the Web. If at least a hundred of your leads are bought at that top price… sounds good, yeah?

Another thing to think about is cookie duration. With LeadsGate, you have 90 days cookie time, what correlates with LeadsGate rebills – life time commission for all the repeating applications from the client you’ve once brought into a system. In other words, the more traffic you generate now, the more income you’ll get in the future.

Are there any other benefits that will help you maximize your earnings? Eg, LeadsGate payday affiliate program pays for declines, thus if your lead has been rejected it doesn’t mean you won’t be paid for it. On the contrary, it’s a possibility to earn extra 5-15% profit.

Lots of affiliate networks have a referral program. It’s always a good thing: modern affiliate marketplace keeps on communication and (useful) contacts. Isn’t that just great: you suggest a program to a person who you think or know will be interested, and receive extra bonus from the income he or she generates! LeadsGate offers 5% referral program, what can significantly increase your earnings, if you know the right people, of course.



  • What is the minimum payout level and how will I get paid?

To certify you will be paid on time, you do need to specify payment terms and options. LeadsGate operates on Net-10/weekly basis. The minimum amount to order a payment is $100, you can either order it or adjust automated payment system in your account.

As for the payment options, it’s always better when they are multiple in order to meet the affiliate’s needs, just like LeadsGate’s payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • WebMoney
  • ePayments


  • Decide on the promotional method you are going to use

In every affiliate marketing niche, there are lead generation methods that work perfect, that work okay, and that don’t work at all. For payday vertical, they the most effective ways are decided as follows:

  • SEO traffic. It’s the most effective and profitable way to generate payday traffic. Noteworthy, it is characterized by the highest possible conversion – like 70%.
  • PPC. May be a bit expensive at the beginning, but it worth the efforts spent if you develop competent tactics. Google AdWords/Bing ads converts really well, however you will need to have the right keywords and target properly. If you run a PPC campaign, LeadsGate will gladly provide you with banners of a needed size to fit your website.
  • Banners / Display Ads. You may place banners on the variety of resources (not necessary financial ones), the only thing is that you need to adjust targeting properly (the same as when running a PPC campaign).

The types of traffic described above are not the only ones that LeadsGate accepts, but the ones that perform best.


  • Does the network has unique thematic offers (landing pages)?

When running a PPC campaign, for example, you will need to redirect a customer to a particular thematic (payday loan in our case) landing page where he or she fills in the application form and you get the cherished lead. If for some reason you don’t have your own landing pages, it is essential if a network can provide you with unique offers you can.

Here is one of LeadsGate’s highly convertible offers for promotion:



If you have your own payday landing pages (what is always highly valued), you can promote them simply using LeadsGate’s JS form.


  • Ask for some statistics

You are one of those ‘practical minds’ who trust in numbers, not in beautiful promises? Then ask for a specific statistics! Of course, none of networks will disclose real names, but if it’s a trustworthy network that is interested in you as an affiliate, they have to give you something. Looking at LeadsGate’s statistics screenshots from one of the affiliates generating SEO traffic, you can definitely say: it works!





Opting for the affiliate network with a strong focus on one prime area and a vast tree of lenders you will definitely benefit. Just a simple analogy: when you need to buy sneakers, you should probably go directly to a sports shop rather than to a shoe supermarket since a store specialized in sport shoes will definitely have much more to offer. However before joining a particular affiliate network, you should analyze it according to the above criteria and then decide if it’s going to be a match or not. Following these 5 tips ask a network’s affiliate manager all the necessary information you’d like to know about a program, and then weigh the pros and cons.

Contact LeadsGate’s affiliate managers today to find out why LeadsGate payday affiliate network will be a perfect choice!

P.S. Although, based on the information in that article, you should better join LeadsGate Payday Affiliate program right now and start earning more without wasting a single minute!


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