While developing website with attractive codes, you are finding two trends in the market now – need of the apps and need of SEO. These are the two things that you will have to adopt very soon, if not adopted still now. Since, mobile browsers are in a mood to replace the web browsers, you will find that there is a craze among the business professionals to go for the apps. This is to satisfy their own clients and you need the same to satisfy your client set. The second thing that is becoming essential for you to learn is the optimization of the web portals with the search engines. now, to learn the use of the SEO, you will have to go through the certification of Search Engine Optimization Training. This will equip you for the service. However, it is essential for you to know how exactly, search engines do work. Unless you identify that, you cannot apply your knowledge at your job.

Two main tools of Search Engines

There are two things that search engines do have, based on which they do the essential mapping of the web portals. You will have to know those and their functions. Then only, you will be applying that in your job and getting the needful results.

The first role player is the crawler, that is there with each of the search engines. This crawler crawls through the web portals and collect the details about their activities. They make a not of the used meta- keywords and also the use of the contents in the portal. Content includes, all – video, articles and images. Now, these three things are checked and matched with the matter of the website. When these three things matches, the web portal is rated and evaluated.

Now, the crawler must be reporting somewhere about the results and storing the latest cache of the portal. This is done by the tool called webmasters. The crawlers run through the portals and store the latest caches and reports about traffic, contents and designs.

Two major issues of SEO

Now, when these two things are satisfied for your portal, the page rank of your website goes up. However, you will have to check out some basic things as well, while dealing with the SEO part –

  1. Most important of those is the selection of the keywords and establishing content based on those. If you are not perfect at this place, the entire effort can go in vein.
  2. The next thing to be checked out is the mobile responsiveness. Since, web browsers are preferred by most of the users now, the search engines are only placing the portals that are responsive to mobile at the first page.

If you can follow the few things, stated above, your portal is ready to be ranked at the top. Your clients are also happy and you too – since the deal volume of yours is maximized now. To provide the best service regarding the same, you need a certification in the form of Search Engine Optimization Training. Just go through that and brighten your career.


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