Online public relations, or PR, is an inseparable part of today’s digital marketing. It is a handy instrument to use for reaching new audience segments, expanding your exposure, and building credibility. Online PR campaigns are also effective in helping your business establish a stronger online presence with the help of third-party publishers.

Similar to other digital marketing instruments, your online PR campaign should not be a one-time thing. Online PR is more than just writing a press release and getting it to the right outlets. You have to fine-tune your site – and the business itself – to be more PR-ready.

Shareable Contents

Most key opinion leaders, news outlets, and industry websites you can reach through an online PR campaigns are parties with whom you can build and maintain strong relationships. Top online PR specialists such as PR Marketer put an emphasis on helping businesses build and maintain these relationships for long-term benefits.

The most effective way to strengthen the relationships you have with the audience and influencers is by producing and sharing contents that are both valuable and easy to share. This means sharing your industry insights, useful tutorials, and other resources that the audience will find interesting.

You also want to tweak your site to make sharing contents as easy as possible. Make sure social share buttons are always visible – or at least easy to access when the viewers are done reading the content – and that everything works seamlessly when used. Don’t forget to mention your social media pages in the default message too.

Quotable Content

Shareable content is just the first step. The next thing you need to focus on is tailoring the content you produce and making each article valuable enough to quote. There are several practical ways you can do this.

You can, for example, add valid data and results of studies to further support your key messages. Other industry experts will quote the date you publish with the article, allowing you to gain more exposure in the process.

The same can be said for offering industry-specific insights. Not all experts have the resources you have as a business. Sharing the insight you already have based on your market experience is a great way to strengthen your relationships with stakeholders.

Spot Opportunities

There is no such thing as bad publication in online PR; there are only opportunities. Even a negative publication about your business (i.e. a complaint from your user that goes viral all of a sudden) is an opportunity to show character and value.

Use every opportunity presented to you to shine. Stick with the values that underline your business and its operations and you will always be able to turn things around; you may even gain a lot of positive publicities due to the way you handle the negative situation brilliantly.

Most importantly, be sincere. At the end of the day, online PR is about what your business is really all about. Sincerity will go a long way, especially in today’s digital marketing landscape. When you can be sincere about your core values, you know you have a successful business that is PR-ready.

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