Marketing has turned into a living tool for businesses around the world. Everyone wants to know more and this is exactly what you should also aim to do. Learn all about your customers and use all the means at your disposal to transform them into paying clients.  Every year, new predictions are made in terms of latest trends in digital media and the type of markets in which the most innovative experiences will occur. This year makes no exception to this rule. Let’s see what is trending right now.


Activities that Will Be Useful This Year

If you were wondering how to structure your marketing strategies through efficient activities this year we may be able to help you get an insight on what is in trend these days. Activities like big data sharing and content marketing are still considered useful by hands-on marketers around the world.

Considering branding niches and vertical communities is also a wise step to consider for your customized marketing strategies. Do not forget about the conversion rate optimization and the proper ways in which to improve the customer experience on your business websites.

Putting your name out there will ensure proper brand awareness. Do that using everything at your disposal: banners on publishers, network social media retargeting and be pragmatic in everything you decide to do. These are old and new strategies that still keep their right place in the top of innovative digital marketing tools to be used with all markets.

The Elite Players Place Their Bets Every Year

Doing business was never meant to be easy. Everyone uses smart marketing strategies to be recognized worldwide and so should you. Elite business players have the best marketers out there to get their messages passed on to the world. Make sure you do the same this year.

The mobile market is one in which the most innovative digital marketing strategies are applied. Learn from what marketers do on that market and apply it to your own business. Customized marketing strategies are the key to success and will bring you the business growth you highly desire.


Increasing Complexity

The complexity of modern marketing will definitely not stop from increasing – this is what top marketers and specialists really believe. No matter what market you are in, the right marketing tools can help you reach the top when used in an efficient manner. Through mobile interactions, brands and people will get to know each other better and faster.

This is the new favorite way in which people want to connect with one another and those brands they consider worth connecting with. The surge in the mobile market has led to a serious redrawn in marketing strategies and budgets this year which led to the development of numerous new platforms and ad products. This has changed the relationship between brands and customers forever. You should also take these changes as examples and join the world of innovation in digital marketing to become a top brand.


Transparency – the New Important Tool

As far as we could discover, transparency has become the new useful tool of marketing and it is here to stay. Consumers will never want to let go of their power and will continue to exert it together with their influence for many years to come. Even though radical transparency has not yet seemed like the right option for your business, now you must consider it.

This is because this year the best brands have not necessarily been considered those which had the best stories to tell the world but rather those who offered their customers the real picture and deal. Consumers need to know what you can do for them at any given time – if you give them this they will share their power and influence with you.


Youth Marketing Has Taken It All

Young people are involved in everything that is new. They want innovation, they want good things and proper business and brand awareness as well as full transparency in the marketing world. This is one market that will never let go of power because they have the knowledge and the means to keep themselves well – informed. Information is their key to success.

Make your research on markets where the most innovative digital marketing is happening this year and make sure you get your insights on how to make your brand known to those consumers that are here to stay.

By Charles Goodwin and!


  1. Diana L. Faulkner


    Good post.

    As a San Antonio Realtor, there has already been disruptive innovation with the syndication of the real estate MLS system. It has been both good and bad.

    Good from the standpoint that it has made the realtors job a bit easier. The Buyers can see the houses online which saves a great deal of time.

    The bad results is that every consumer now believes that all of the sites have correct information. The sites are not updated and it has resulted in a great deal of confusion for consumers. Most of the time I will have tell the buyer: “The home you see online which says it is available, was sold over 6 months ago.” It happens daily.

    I am hopeful that the next great innovation for our industry is just around the corner. I know that young people count on the internet as their sole sources of information. It is important that the information found on these websites be integrated and updated in a timely fashion.

  2. Reply

    We went through and created Sooo many social profiles for our site it isnt funny. But it has paid off in the end with the amount of traffic and leads we get. So everything in the article is so true.

  3. Reply

    Well its been its a long time since the last time I visited this blog. I really enjoyed reading this article specially the inforgraphics is very informative.

    Thanks for sharing.

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