I have seen this topic on a couple of forums lately. More Content = More Traffic? Which means more sale. Really interesting topic. For me, my answer is that “it depends.” It depends on your niche.

But let’s get down to the meat of the matter.

The Mistake
A lot of new web masters think that if they create a website and just throw some contents on it then they will have thousand of visitors. But I would like to know: who did they really write these contents for? For themselves or the readers?

The Solution
One great page with good content is worth more than a thousand pages of junk. You can build up a website with all kinds of topics and it will all mean nothing if there is no terrific content there.

Content is what bring you traffic. As you write more topics and expand your website, you will get more traffic.

When you create your content, make sure you write for your readers and not the search engines. Many times people would “optimize” their content to get a better rank in search engines.

Search engines will only index your site. Readers are the traffic that comes to your site.

The Sales
Creating content is part of the process but making sales through your content can be a great task.

I use to believe creating a site only with affiliate links will make you rich. I was wrong! Then, i learned that creating a content rich site with banner ads hanging on the side will bring in sales. Wrong again!

People will not click on your advertisements, product banners, or other affiliate sales stuff unless you give them a reason to. No need to put up pages with lots of affiliate links in the hope of making revenue -unless you give them good content that helps them make a decision to buy.

So without great content there is no traffic and therefore you will never make any sales.

My Formula
More Unique Content = More Traffic = More Sales

Writing unique contents makes your site unique from other sites. This will also get you lots of Unique Traffic. Please keep in mind that whenever you write, write with your readers in mind.

I hope you are writing great contents for your blog or site. And remember to promote it.


  1. Reply

    Nice blog post about does more content is equal to more traffic. I guess yes because if your content will be genuine then your potential to attract the customer is very high, Nice blog post keep the good work going.

  2. Ryan Biddulph


    Unique content is key Kharim.

    Slap a bunch of rehashed stuff out there and nobody cares. If everybody’s doing it, you won’t stick out. If however you create stuff that warrants a second look, stuff that changes people’s lives, you will drive traffic.

    Speak with your own voice. Speak from the heart. Be creative by being you, and you can’t lose in this game.

    Thanks for sharing Kharim!


    • Reply

      Original quality content is the key to success with the help of promotion. Copying content will help to get you nowhere and this will look bad on you and your blog. Thanks for the comment Ryan.

      Please I am also asking you to make one more comment on my other article:
      5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

  3. camerabags


    Lets not forget to be social, people like it when you retweet them. I get a lot of followers just by retweeting people.

    • Reply

      Exactly true @camera bag. Retweet other peoples makes you obtain some followers on Twitter 🙂
      .-= Shane´s last blog ..How To Start A Blog =-.

  4. Robyn from Sam's Web Guide


    Great content and a little optimization will definitely secure traffic.

    More sales will come especially if you write reviews about the affiliate products that you want persons to buy. This will give readers an in depth look into what the products are about and increases the chance for a sale.
    .-= Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide´s last blog ..Will SEO Be Necessary in the Next 5 Years? =-.

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