What if I were to tell you that there is one factor that will make or break your website every time? What if I told you that it’s a factor you probably overlooked?

I’ve caught your interest – you want to know what that factor is. You look back. You went through everything – a solid design, stellar content, marketing was phenomenal.

You have no clue what you could have missed. You’re thinking I’m crazy. What you don’t realize, though, is that you didn’t realize you weren’t passionate about what you’re doing.

[box type=”spacer”]Why Lack Of Passion Will Kill You[/box]

I’m not entirely sure if I meant that line metaphorically or literally. Either way, it still holds its value – without passion, you’re not going far.

You’ll only ever get out what you put in. I find it summed up quiet nicely in Pink Floyd’s Have a Cigar:

You’re gonna fly high, you’re never gonna die; you’re gonna make it if you try, they’re gonna love you.

[box]Your Content Will Be Terrible[/box]

As has been said before, content is not king – good content is king. You can only sit plush in your throne if you are providing the utmost of quality content to your readers – that’s proven.

All great content is fueled directly by passion, and that will never change. The greatest achievements in world history have emerged simply due to passion.

The greatest case and point in my mind is the USA moon landing. Without the passion to do the impossible, the passion to take a leap in the space races, or the passion to stretch history, it would’ve foiled at its roots.

You can easily pump out a few great articles in the beginning – anybody can. Without the passion of the niche, though, it ends there – you don’t know enough or have the will to learn more to continue.

Everything you’ve worked on is suspended in mid-air. You breathe and that’s it – it’s over. The content [for a lack of better words] sucks, and you’re left clueless.

[box type=”red”]You Won’t Survive[/box]

I hear it every day – you’ll make a few thousand dollars from a niche website. You just have to write some content and there you go – you’re golden.

Let’s get real. Honestly, between me and you, do you think that you’ll amount for much? I should think not.

You can call it passion all you want, but all you really are is greedy, and it will show. Passion is the glue that holds you together.

As Harvey MacKay once said,

Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Far too many websites enter the face of the internet with a great future before set before their feet, only to be corrupted by the evil force of indifference.

There’s two paths you can go down, and there is, unfortunately, no time to change the road your on.


  1. Reply

    Always it happens that user does n’t aware, what factor affect their can’t rank.fresh content and proper title tag ,keywords all are important part of it .
    Nice Blog Post 🙂
    Thanks for share with us..!!!

  2. Jamy hoster


    Content is the king I read you blog about content I could say its a continuity of that blog. But the discussion in this blog about the filer of website are 110% correct.

  3. Reply

    That is some great thing Kharim you have said in this article. Some thing that will act as an eye-opener for many blog owners for sure.
    Well i am a bot nervous though after reading the post. Good content is really the KING. And if the content is not good, it may be a reason to think about in the long run. Be careful Blog owners!!

  4. Azam


    Primary factor for survival is to have passion and patience for success and to peep deep into each online matter and secondary importance is to the contents.Contents should be killer and research based.

  5. Zeeshan


    Joe Boyle passion is very necessary for blogging because we may face too many failures in our journey but if we stick to what we want to achieve than we surly be successful in our goal.

    • Joe Boyle


      Passion is everything. Without passion, you’re worthless. And so is your website, for that matter. Thanks for the comment! Rock on!

  6. Reply

    Great post, bro. Passion sure is important and as you rightly put, content also. If passion is in the driving seat, money will follow. Thanks

  7. Aasma


    Many bloggers start their blogging career to earn quick money, and when they don’t see any quick result.. they just give up as their passion is making money not sharing information and building relationship.

    • Joe Boyle


      Money should be your last concern. Quiet frankly, money is of very little value to someone with passion. There was a quote by Steve Jobs were he essentially explained how he was worth over $100,000,000 by the age of 25, but it was the least valuable thing to him. That’s passion.

  8. Jake


    A passion-lacking site owner will have a site lacking of passion and, of course, have visitors lacking of passion. I can see no future here.

    • Joe Boyle


      Good point – if the owner has no passion, the website and resulting visitors won’t either. It’s a pretty interesting concept. Thanks for reading!

  9. David


    You do make a solid point here. Many people run out of steam, and it’s important to stay on track.

    • Joe Boyle


      You won’t ever have to worry about running out of steam if you are careful about your niche – if you aren’t positive that you’re passionate for it, don’t even start – you’re going to fail.

      • Reply

        Hi Joe, assuming one has passion for their niche, do you think that available hunger out there for that niche plays any part?

        Can you be passionate about something that does not have enough interest to generate a sustainable income from?

        Or do you believe that you can be passionate about anything and find an audience that supports you because you provide the best ever content available?

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