SEO has great importance in ranking your business websites to the top in search engine results. Value of good SEO can be realized by implementing it rightly into your website, and you will see excellent results within days. SEO has the power to increase your business sales dramatically. Most people spend a lot on SEO resources and keyword planning, and it usually doesn’t work out well for everyone because there is a lack of accurate knowledge regarding SEO. There is abundant knowledge of SEO on the internet, but most of it is not accurate.

If you want to do your SEO perfectly, all you have to do is find the perfect tool for SEO and keyword planning. If you don’t know the best tools for SEO in the market, don’t worry this article is here to help.

Below is the list of top SEO tools for webmasters including the features and standing out points of these tools.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is basically a comprehensive and an all-in-one keyword suggestion and optimization tool. It can help you to rank your website with the help of best SEO practices and keyword planning; it can also help you do a PPC (pay per click) campaign by helping you find the right keywords with all the relevant stats like their monthly search capacity. It also defines the complexity of keywords so you can see how you can outrank your competitors. The most important thing about this tool though is that with all the features it is completely free.  

Why Ubersuggest?

Here are the features of this SEO tool.

  • Completely free

This tool is completely free unlike other tools like Moz or Majestic and other paid tools with more or less same features.This tool does not charge you anything, and you can use it as much as you want, so there are no worries regarding paying anything for its extremely well developed and smart features. Just go to Ubersuggest and start using it.

  • No need to login

This tool is highly easy to use and unlike many other tools who get you signed up to save your data and build up their records or just get you to the page of payment after sign up. Ubersuggest does not comply you to login to the tool or signup in the first place to use the tool.

Can you see a signup button? Well, neither can we. It is that simple and easy.  You can see all the Google Analytics and webmasters tools without the need on sign up. These real-time stats can be fetched very easily.

  • SEO stats and keyword intelligence

You can see all the relevant stats of keywords and see who else is ranking up against the same keyword; you can see all the data you need with one simple search phrase.

You can easily see keyword search volume, CPC, and competition against the keyword. You can get to see the competition against the keyword. Export all your search for free and filter out results with a simple interface.

  • Keyword type

You can search keyword type by using the right type in the keyword search. Multiple languages are also supported so you can search keywords for either videos, pictures, web, news and so on while selecting the target language.

This is highly accredited tool worldwide and the excellent features of this tool make your keyword planning highly easy and efficient. You just have to search your niche and all your work will be done, you will get all the important keywords with relevant stats. Just use those keywords in your content and website ranking will no longer be a problem.


2. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is an amazing analytics tool that provides all the information about who is using your website or just visiting it.

It is a great marketing and analytics tool. However, it is not a free tool, and you can start out with a 14-day trial.


Following are the features of this tool.

  • Easy monitoring of existing customers
  • Identification of new visitors
  • Find what your customers are interested in on your website
  • Get constant email address for important activities
  • Divert leads to your CRM
  • Direct connection to Google Analytics
  • Free leads for 30 days
  • Multiple filters
  • Other tools integrations

This tool can be really helpful but you definitely have to pay a lot of money for this tool, and that is obviously a big drawback. Otherwise, the overall feature list is quite good.


3. Cyfe

Cyfe is the complete analytics monitoring tool for your business website. It has a lot of features for monitoring with a lot of pre-built features which can make analytics monitoring much more easier. It helps in web analytics, social media monitoring, sales, and infrastructure. This is a highly advanced tool and gives you all in one business dashboard for quick analytics and performance reviews of your online platforms. It even supports project management and finance management.

It even has a mobile application for accessing your stats from anywhere.

Let’s have a look at the features of this tool.  

  • Complete monitoring

In-depth monitoring of everything including multiple websites, individual departments and so on.

  • Use pre-built widgets

Cyfe has a lot of pre-built widgets for almost all of the famous platforms and tools available online. You can use those to make your business even more efficient.

  • Push APIs support

This tool is highly advanced, and it even supports push APIs and display of secure data from company’s database.

  • Constant reporting

You can have a look at the real time reporting feature of this tool to stay on top of the game and be aware of everything happening in your company.

  • Export data

All your stats and reports can be exported which means you can just send the results to responsible without having to give them access to your tool.

Above everything, the tool claims to be free of cost which is a huge benefit.

4. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a powerful SEO tool but before getting more impressed, make sure you know that this tool is not free. It has few free features and sub-tools that may be somewhat helpful in SEO management and Keyword analysis like Keyword Explorer by Moz and Open Site Explorer by Moz. Moz also helps in local marketing with some of its free sub tools. However, the main product of Moz is Moz pro which helps you get higher rankings and powerful results, and it is a paid tool which helps you monitor your keyword with constant reporting and management of your keywords. Moz gives you metrics of your website visitors and helps you to rank higher in search engine results.

Moz Pro has following features.

  • Customer understanding

You can understand what your customers search with the Keyword Explorer feature of Moz Pro.

  • Complete tracking

Moz pro helps you track your rankings as well as rankings of your customers.

  • Website auditing

Keep your website safe from issues by constant auditing and crawling by Moz pro.

  • Page optimization

You get constant updates by Moz to keep your website SEO friendly and get everything optimized for great rankings.

  • Reports and Analytics

Get real-time analytics and custom reports by Moz pro.

Final Words

All these tools are really amazing for webmasters and can help a lot in finding the right stats and focus of a business. SEO and analytics if combined together can boost your business to great sales.

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