I hope that you have been following my blog and had read my last article on how to get free targeted traffic to your blog.

If not then I urge you to read that article on how you can generate targeted blog traffic before reading this post. Why? Because this is a follow up post on things you should do after getting traffic to your blog.

After reading that post you can come back and continue reading this article.

Now lets get down to business.

After getting traffic to your blog it might end up leaving and might end up staying. Of course this depends on how your prepare your blog for targeted traffic.

In this article I will provide tips for you on how you can prepare your blog for incoming targeted traffic.


Continue To Write Quality Contents

Targeted traffic means that the articles which you have written have information which people are looking for. So when that traffic comes to your blog its because your blog has articles which are targeted to them.

In order to keep this targeted traffic on your blog then you will have to continue writing high quality contents for your audience.

Your blog readers will end up leaving your blog if you stop publishing articles that has nothing to do with the topic of your blog. So this is why it is important to always write articles that are related to your niche.

We have to remember that our readers want only the best of the best so our articles need to be in tip top shape so that they will be satisfied.

Make Subscription Forms Available

Once you start receiving targeted traffic to your blog, or even before you start getting targeted traffic, you should make sure that you have subscription forms on your blog so that these people can easily subscribe to your blog.

One common place to put a subscription form is in the sidebar of your blog. This is because sidebars converts really well if you have targeted traffic.

Lets say that you have written a wonderful article and the readers loved everything about the article. A great place to put a subscription form is below your blog post. This makes it easy for them to subscribe to your mailing list.

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Once your article was informative and something of high value then they will be more inclined to subscribe after reading.

When placing your opt-in form below the article, don’t just write “subscribe”. Write something catchy like, “Subscribe if you want to read more articles like this”. Doing this will help them to know that you will continue to write articles along that line which they will like.

Monetize Your Blog Carefully

Most of us as bloggers want to use our blog to make money online and lots of bloggers have been making money from their blog.

This is because they carefully monetized their blog.

When monetizing a blog, two things can happen. You can make money (because your monetization strategy worked) or you won’t make money (because you scared your traffic away).

If you haven’t monetized your blog as yet and want to make money blogging then don’t rush to throw ads on your blog because you have now started getting traffic. Your blog readers might not like you pushing PPC banners in their faces.

Start with a few ad banners, whether it is Google Adsense or banners from affiliate products.

If you decide to do affiliate marketing only market products and services that are related to your niche. Your blog readers won’t buy things which doesn’t interest them.

Interact and Engage With Your Audience

Most of our blog traffic or I should say blog readers leave comments on our blog and they at times email us asking for help.

They often message you on Facebook or Twitter.

What should you do if you want to keep those people coming back to your blog?

You have to interact and engage with them. Reply to their comments. Help them where possible. Write blog posts specially for them.

This way your blog readers will see that you are genuinely interested in them and this will make them come back to your blog.

In Conclusion

If you do the things which gets targeted traffic to your blog, make sure to continue doing them. Rally around your blog visitors and continue to publish high quality articles.

Once you follow these guidelines then your blog traffic will stick with you.


  1. ramkumar


    Thanks you for nice traffic optimization tips..I Your blog always help me to do some new on my blog and you have given me really nice way that i am following for my blog so i get good information thank you.

  2. Sudipto


    Hey kharim,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Interacting with our readers is very important factor as it helps in making good relations with them and they again like to come across our blog.

  3. Robyn


    Hey Kharim,

    Been a long time!

    In addition, bloggers need to ensure that their sites are directing the new targeted traffic to where they want them to go. The blog needs to have clear call to action elements and easy to digest content so that visitors actually convert.

  4. Graham Smith


    Hi Kharim

    Thanks for this very helpful i always try to make sure that my content is quality , and i have been using SEO tactics , but have not looked into keywords much as am fairly new to this , so will defiantly look into that so that i can get my returning traffic,,

    Thanks Again

  5. Gautham Nekkanti


    Hello Kharim,

    These are some great tips to convert incoming targeted traffic to incoming recurring traffic. Enabling subscriptions and social media profiles is a great idea to start with.

  6. Reply

    You have written about quality article and I’m very much appreciate with you . But there is a confusing about ” what is a quality article?” . Some people think that good article means ins and out of the subject which can make people so informative . But I think it’s a wrong assumption . My assumption about a good article …..

    1)provide interesting content for retaining the reader .
    2)You can use attractive image
    3)Don’t try to annoy the consumer by a large content . your content should be small and as well as informative .
    4)create a lot of article which are so relative with each another and assemble them by inbound link .

  7. Reply

    Kharim Tomlinson thank you very much for your informative post. I agree with you that, continue to write quality content. I think that’s the main fact for targeted traffic. Traffic = content, content, content. That must be quality content. Constancy of quality content is the best policy of visitors.

    • Reply

      Hey Rokib, I think that you have summarized the steps in keeping traffic coming to your blog.

      Once you continue to write quality content on a regular basis then people will keep coming back for more.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  8. hasankamal1122


    For engaging more people to your blog, you can use SEO tactics and the use of keywords. This may also help in more searchable blog in your niche. Make email marketing and social media campaign.

  9. Ali Khan


    hi Kharim, this will help me to take advantage of coming visitors to my site and try them to visit again my blog, thank you very much 🙂

  10. Reply

    Your blog always help me to do some new on my blog and you have given me really nice way that i am following for my blog so i get good traffic and subscription.
    thanks Kharim.

  11. Reply

    very nice article Kharim
    I think those tips are really helpful to optimize traffic and followers also.
    this is can be a bible for bloggers especially beginners to prepare for their fight in this field.
    thanks for your sharing and looking forward to your new post.


  12. Gautam


    Blog must be ready for the incoming Targeted traffic and if you only start good and don’t provide good content after that your blog will really get hurt.You pointed some great things and one great blog must follow all these things.

    • Reply

      Hi Gautan,

      You are so right about that. If you start good and continue on that good track then only good will happen for your blog.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  13. Delaine Robinson


    I really enjoyed reading your blog.Great read!!!! I will have to implement some of these strategies myself.

    I have been blogging for a while now and I must admit that any little bit will help.

    Interacting and Engaging is really the key with blogging and other things online. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Reply

      Hey Delaine,

      Yes engaging and interacting with your blog readers is a must in these days. This is because communication is a key factor to success.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  14. selva


    Hi Kharim,

    This blog is really interesting how to prepare quality content with high traffic with simple steps and make the blogs as money making efficiency.
    Thanking youi

  15. James


    Returning traffic is very important for the website. Returning traffic means a visitor has visited the website and liked it so he has comeback on the website for information or something he liked on the website. It shows that website is gaining viewership.

    • Reply

      Hi James,

      You are so right on that point pal. Most people will come back to a site if there is contents on it which he likes. So if your traffic likes a particular thing about your blog then we should continue on that same path so that we can keep them coming back to our blog.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  16. Nikhil


    Hi Kharim,

    Great Post. All tips given in the post are great. People subscribe your content when they feel it is great and if you want them to turn repeating customers then build the relations with them.
    Than you for great tips Kharim… 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Nikhil,

      That is the only way to get subscribers and that is if they like what we present to them. Writing high quality articles which will benefit them is a great way to get subscribers.

      Thanks for commenting pal.

  17. Prasanna


    Yes. Unique content and the way of presenting it in interesting manner will do. If an visitor tasted these unique quality of your blog, it will bring you more traffic as well as returning traffic too.

    Thanks for the ideas.

    • Reply

      Hi Prasanna,

      You are so right about that. Presentation is the key to good promotion. Also the uniqueness of a blog post should be there so that blog readers can keep an interest in our blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  18. Reply

    Thanks you for nice traffic optimization tips..I must say that quality and fresh content matter alot in search engine optimization..Apart from quality content, Catchy titles also play an important role in building readership..

    • Reply

      Hello Aman,

      You are welcome man. You are so right, once you post quality contents on a regular that is a great way to build up blog traffic.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  19. I. C. Daniel


    You forgot one crucial factor Kharim, and this one aplies when you receive a lot of visitors by sudden. What you need? You need a good web hosting, maybe a nice VPS to handle that much traffic, or if is way too much a dedicated server, so if if you reached the connections limit other visitors wont be able to reach your website and additionally an error appears, means traffic lost, subscribers lost, money lost.

    Do you agree with me or not?

    • Reply

      Hello Daniel,

      Your point is really awesome and sorry that I left it out of this post. Yes if one is getting lots of traffic then moving up to VPS would be awesome. This can help to prevent down-time of our blog.

      Thanks for the awesome tip pal.

  20. Frank Joseph


    This is perfect! A lot of bloggers I know make the mistake of not turning their traffic to returning visitors.

    Most of them, after writing on interested topic, get a lot of traffic and then divert to some unrelated stuffs…

    Thanks for the reminder, we all need it.

    • Reply

      Hello Frank,

      I know what you mean pal. If a blog is getting tons of good traffic then the blog owner should work on keeping this traffic on his blog. Create subscription forms so that genuinely interested persons can easily sign up to the blog’s mailing list.

      Also don;t divert to another topic. Keep blogging in the same niche and everything will be alright.

      Thanks for the comment.

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