There has always been a shortage of quality satellite internet providers in rural America. But in the last few years, there have been a lot of changes to said towers and satellite technology. Also some really big changes in the regulation of satellite internet plans. In the past these large companies were governed by laws in a way, They could only offer a capped data plan to consumers. They also had their hands in the Cellular wireless Hotspot industry. Another words the term “Unlimited satellite internet” was basically a myth. And was no such available plan in the United States. The Satellite companies then came up with an ingenious idea. Offer the consumer an unlimited 4G LTE plan, most people think this means Unlimited wireless Internet! Wrong, Instead, it means that you can have FAST 4G Internet most of the time but when too many people go online at the same time or during certain hours such as after dinner when everybody seems to get online, The internet speed will drop down to 3G which is actually a slow and difficult internet service which most Americans experience and don’t even know about it. Typically homeowners think it is their own equipment such as router or modem etc.
There are solutions to issues like these but not all consumers will be very happy about some of them. First, you can move to a non-rural area but homes in most cases have a more expensive cost per square foot, Or you can give up all PC and hardwired devices and stick with what 61% of all Americans are using, Mobile phone access for all their internet and online needs. Or finally you can get a top of the ladder Unlimited Wireless Internet Provider who can send a signal directly into your living room, Yes it’s true, These companies have found a way to use cellular towers legally to send internet signal to your home. Most cellular internet companies have the laws posted directly on their website “The Cellular signal must NOT be converted into a streaming or wifi type signal using any piece of hardware such as a router with sim card or any other similar device” But there are 3rd party companies who have agreements with the biggest cell phone providers. And are allowed to offer Unlimited wireless services but typically are not allowed to advertise or bid on or even rank organically for the Brand name they are using such as ver, tm etc.

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