SEO is always changing. This is why it’s necessary to make transitions out of older practices that no longer work or are ill-advised today and get into better practices. 

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Here are some transitions to execute to get your website level with your peers again. 

Adapt to Voice Search

While you may not be someone who talks directly into their phone, the reality is that many people are using voice search to avoid typing search queries into Google, Bing, and other search engines. 

It’s also true that people are using language in a different way than they do for typed-in queries. Therefore, searches that include phrases like “near me” or “open now” are becoming more common. 

Also, not all of these types of queries relate to local businesses either. Longer searches are beginning to be spoken out as voice recognition becomes more reliable and the need to repeat themselves becomes lessened. 

Takeaway: Adapt content to include phrases for the way an article will be searched for by a voice search user. Capture ranking for both typed-in and spoken searches. 

Image Search is Becoming More Refined

Images posted on a website bring in more search traffic than webmasters realize. It’s a veritable goldmine of activity depending on whether the visitor is interested in that product or something related to it. 

Google has now upgraded its image search capabilities to begin providing floating bubbles in the image section representing different image categories. This helps searchers better narrow down what they’re looking for without wading through pages and pages of pictures as they were required to do in the past. 

Takeaway: Update images to provide clearer alt tag information to assist Google in better categorizing the images on your site. 

Link Relevancy Matters Far More than Before

While the power behind links – the domain authority of the linking site – is still important, its relevancy matters just as much now. 

What do we mean by this?

Relevancy with links is all about how the website relates to yours. For instance, if you’re running a landscaping business and a garden equipment supplier links to your website, that’s closely connected enough to be relevant. Whereas, if a seemingly random, unrelated site links to your site, it shouldn’t, and now doesn’t mean anywhere near as much, even if they’ve got domain authority. 

Takeaway: Focus more on relevant links, not power links. 

Using Professionals to Upgrade Your SEO

When your website is making good money but it’s well behind the curve on the latest changes, then you may need a little help.

While a couple of changes to SEO are manageable, when your site hasn’t been updated in a year or more, then it becomes problematic to evolve it to the latest standards. It easy to later receive a penalty from Google because something was left as it was a few years past and forgotten about (like an overly optimized backlink profile). 

Find a qualified SEO company in Bangkok to help get your website in the best shape possible. Then it will continue to be a good earner for years to come. 

Takeaway: Know when your site has become stale from an SEO perspective. Get the help you need when you need it. 

Updating an SEO strategy is difficult. Changing the wrong thing can spell disaster. So, care must be taken to update only what needs improving and leaving the rest in place.


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    The other thing worth mentioning is DR isn’t everything anymore – you need to ensure quality backlinks from higher authority pages.

    Get a good mix and definitely don’t overdo your anchor text. Can sniff that out a mile away!

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