It is now very common to hear that companies manage a blog. This is necessary because a blog is a very powerful tool in content marketing. Companies use it as a mobile marketing medium to advertise their products and services directly to their consumers or target audience.

This is the cheapest way of products and services promotion because it does not require blog owners to pay for internet hosting. It is a self-hosting tool. And it reaches a very large number of people.

A good blog should have both message and picture contents. Words alone are not enough. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is absolutely true, as readers get a clearer message by viewing the pictures.

There is an app used for developing both blog and website. This app is called WordPress, and it is developed by WordPress development company. It is the most popular blogging app because of the features it has. With this app, you can write new posts on your blog, edit contents, and manage user comments anywhere and anytime using your mobile device.

Apart from business, this app can also be used for personal stuff.

How do you compose your marketing contents using WordPress?

When composing marketing contents for your blog using WordPress, you have to keep your messages brief. An effective blog content should be short and simple. The chances that it will be read are higher when you include quality and attractive pictures and videos. Bear in mind that your blog readers are likely to read them on their mobile devices.

Again, the most important information should come first when composing the marketing content for your blog or website. Your readers are likely to scan your blog for important points. This will enable them to decide whether to take action or not.

Apart from short and concise word messages, quality pictures and videos should be included. This will enable your readers to have a better grasp or knowledge about your products or services. The pictures and videos should be able to attract your readers’ interests in your products or services, and equally make intend to buy it.

A video is very instrumental in content marketing because your viewers can learn more about your products or services by watching it. It also helps your viewers make quicker decisions.

As your marketing contents should be short, so should your video. The video should be short but exciting. An explainer video will do the magic. However, your video should not exceed five minutes.

According to statistics, sales outputs have increased by forty percent on the average generally, due to the videos incorporated in blogs and websites. WordPress web development played a great role in it because it made it possible for videos to be easily featured on websites, using mobile devices.

Another good benefit of including videos on your blog is that, it has a high search engine optimization.

Why is WordPress the most popular blog and website development tool?

Free and easy to use

It is the most popular because it is absolutely free and easy to install, manage and update. You do not have to be an Internet expert to use WordPress. It is so easy that you do not even need a computer. All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection.

It also has various plugins and themes, with good templates and simple interface, which makes it extremely easy to use.

Useful for both blog and website

The WordPress app can be used to develop both your blog and website. Apart from using it to develop both, you can also use it to manage them.

It is search engine friendly

WordPress is search engine friendly, and also a self-hosting app. Therefore, anything developed using it will also be search engine friendly. That is, whether you use it to develop a website or a blog, it will be easily found among the results of a search engine.

Business friendly

WordPress has plugins that can be used to add complex business features to your blog or website. With such feature, you do not need to hire a coder.

Various professionally designed themes

WordPress has so many free professionally designed themes. These professionally designed themes allow you to design a professional website without engaging the services of a professional web designer.

Advantages of WordPress


Image gallery

WordPress has functionalities that can help you manage photos on your blog or website.


WordPress has different plugins that can help you start a forum or an interactive session with your blog readers or website viewers. This feature enables you to have a direct interaction with your readers. You can also ask for feedback from them.

WordPress has boosted mobile marketing, with apps that have a “share” option. This function enables you to share files-pictures and videos, which can be accessed by android or smartphone users.

In addition, WordPress web development app has made it much easier for website developers to develop standard websites, unlike before when web development was more technical and time-consuming.

WordPress now also has a lot of users. In fact, a recent research shows that approximately eight percent of the websites on the Internet are run by WordPress. Professional web designers and developers have turned to WordPress, as it makes their job much easier and faster, and still gives a professional standard result and/or outlook.

So, from the above write up, it is observed that WordPress development has changed the landscape of web development and designing tremendously.

It can be used by anybody and everybody. It is so easy to install. It is a very good mobile app, meaning, all the features explained above can be enjoyed on the move. WordPress development has made running a business online very simple and more compact. With a simple mobile app on your phone, you can design your blogs and websites, change the themes and functionalities of your website quickly, edit and post new contents, and even manage your user comments, all on your mobile device.

Aside from all that, WordPress developers are currently working on how to make the app even better, easier, and more convenient to use.


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Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketer for Top App Development Companies, a research platform for top app development companies in the world. He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.

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