Apple, and the late Steve Jobs (RIP Steve) are many people’s idols and inspiration, but you wouldn’t necessarily connect them with blogging. Most businesses can learn something from Apple, that’s why they’re one of the most valuable companies in the world. Your blog or website is probably a business too, and there is plenty you can draw from Apple’s success.

[box type=”spacer”]You Need A Tribe[/box]

Seth Godin has written about the power of building a following in his superb book “Tribes”. Apple are the ultimate example, and have the biggest tribe in the world. Apple lovers are fanatical, and have the utmost faith in products new and old. Some people don’t like Apple, or don’t choose to buy their products, which is to be expected, you cant win ’em all, but those who do love apple will share, discuss and advocate their products at every opportunity. This is what you want from your readers, right?

[box type=”spacer”]Stay Ahead[/box]

Apple don’t wait for people to tell them what they want, they tell the market what it wants. You need to stamp the same kind of authority, and you need to second guess the world. Break information, theorise about things nobody else will discuss, and try and go to new and innovative places.

[box type=”spacer”]Usability Is The Key[/box]

My two year old nephew can use my iPad with ease. Apple scientifically design their products to make them as usable as possible, which means minimum frustration with their users. If a user of your website finds it difficult to use, they will just click the dreaded ‘x’ in the top corner and move on to your competitor. Make it easy.

[box type=”spacer”]You Need To Evolve[/box]

Freshen things up, improve things, make things better. Apple release new products all the time, you might think this is a money making ploy (depending on your cynicism), or you may agree that this allows them to grow and evolve constantly. Embrace the newest technology, and constantly be looking for ways to improve.

[box type=”spacer”]Less Is More[/box]

Minimalism can be seen in all of apples products. Don’t overdo it with adverts and clutter on your website and sidebars, keep it simple, clean and minimal, and people will stick around for longer.Be controversial. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little and get people talking, it’s good publicity.

Learning from other bloggers and webmeisters is key, and don’t get me wrong, you need to keep your finger on the pulse, but offline brands and big businesses often have resonance with your ambitions online, you can learn from all sorts of companies.

Author Bio: Ben is a blogger based in the UK. He blogs about subjects ranging from the Music Industry to Escaping The Nine to Five. He also keeps a journal of his journey to make a living online.


  1. Jamy


    Stay up to date and keep your eyes and ears open as there are many updates come every week.

  2. Jamy


    I like you review about apple but apple is good for graphic works, now the cell phones they are making have same working system rather then the android they are highly advance.

  3. Elaine Rogers


    Apple have a lot to teach us all about a lot of things. Your points are well made, Ben, pity this blog doesn’t take the less is more option, and clean out some clutter.
    Tribes are building everywhere, whether in circles, hangouts, groups etc and it’s natural for us to group together and interact with people who are like us, or have similar interests. It builds rapport – “I am like you, you can like me”
    Once a tribe comes together, it must be cherished, respected and supported. This can be done online with great and relevant content.

  4. Paul Jackson


    Apple really in the top reliable companies in the whole world because of its consistency in the market and the way they’ve valued their customers. This one can be our inspiration in doing well for our improvements.

  5. Reply

    Great points made through ‘the apple way’. Creativity and evolving are surely THE elements to succeed. Great post, by the way. Thanks

  6. John Ernest


    To have a tribe, you must make your consumers or rather readers satisfied. Reader satisfaction is what makes your readers come back for more. And when they realize that your posts or your website should be shared, they will do it at every given time that they could, as explained above. Thank you for the post

  7. den


    like this way of thinking….yes i can see that waiting for people to tell you what they want may be a bit slow, telling them what they want with confidence is a more sure way to sucess

  8. Becca


    I’m glad this post could help me define where do i need to focus on. But it’s what we think helps us the most. We all act differently and either way could help someone become better and achieve their goals.

  9. Aasma


    Nice points, Usability is the key in the success of any blog. If a visitor can’t navigate your blog easily then he/she take no time to leave your blog and would won’t come again.

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