How To Deal With Negative Listings In Search Engines

This is a guest post by David Smith. He works for a conversion rate optimization company. David enjoys writing on SEO, landing pages, conversion optimization and affiliate marketing.

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Search for keyword “cash4gold” or “Cooks Source Magazine”. Can you see something common in search results? Yes, the negative listings in search results. Well, we all know that both these companies are scammers and they deserved it. But sadly, many legitimate businesses are going through the similar phase. The reasons for these negative listings can be different – over demanding customers, angry employees or unethical competitors but the result is same – tarnished brand image, negative reputation and huge loss of potential customers who just go away after looking these negative listings.

If you are also stuck with negative listings that appears in search results for your company name or your own name then this article is for you. Then this article is for you, here we will cover some effective tips on dealing with such negative listings.