While you are standing around considering to launch your business online, this is the very best moment you can grab, in this demanding industry and rivalry marketplace as it is the best way to attract audiences.

Given that around 80-85% of the clients are choosingMagento web design company India, for website development. It is also said that merchants grow 3 times faster, on average if they uses Magento. According to the Magento market share, Magento has a 5.91% market share with 234,622 stores worldwide.

Why opt for Magento development?

Now with the popularity of the Magento platform in website development, it is clear that Magento is the most powerful CMS that suits any business type as well as size. The popularity is due to the excellent feature, alluring design, user-friendly navigation, commendable structure, much more reasons that entice companies to choose Magento eCommerce development.

There are many big brands like Nike, Ford, Samsung, Foxconn, Lenovo, Nestle, and million others – from small-medium to large enterprises are using Magento eCommerce CMS.

Why Magento for eCommerce is your go-to formula for success?

With the greatest market share and Magento has taken a great leap amongst all other competitors for eCommerce stores. The rising number of Magento success in terms of the online store makes you get ready for the Magento-driven revolution in the eCommerce landscape.

Let’s dive and check, why Magento eCommerce website development is a go-to formula for eCommerce success:

  • Open Source: Open-source is one of the reasons why Magento is the top choice. We all know how expensive is to launch a new business, and Magento is helping you out with free CMS. Magento’s open-source presents all the resolutions you need to develop a perfectly working e-commerce website.
  • Security: One another important factor is security, for a business to stand out security is a critical element that makes your customer’s journey smooth without risking users’ data. Magento allows the eCommerce business to secure customers’ data such as ID, financial information, and more.
  • High performance: Magento eCommerce web development service comes in the top when it comes to page load time, query processing time and other dynamic or static operations. With Magento, coupled with advanced technology such as Memcached, Redis, Varnish, FPC, etc. fulfills all the eCommerce business requirements.
  • SEO friendly and ease of integration: Magentoisan SEO friendly platform, helping business to also stood up in SEO strategies that are required for the marketing of a brand. Magento web development eCommerce comes with all the essential features like SEO friendly URL structure,  tags, descriptions, positioning layer, URL rewrites, sitemaps, etc. that help your website rank higher in Google search engines and help your buyers find you online easily.
  • Best for all business sizes: It does not matter how big or small the business is, Magento is offering excellent features and is good for both small & medium-sized companies i.e. Magento Open Source & Magento Go and for large companies i.e. Magento Enterprise.

Things to carry out in Magento Development for success

  • Choose the great theme:

A great theme is a must for a store to look unique, you need to choose the one for the business between the free and paid ones. A theme must include SEO optimization and must be responsive. Always go choosing fast themes for your eCommerce store that ensures maximum speed for your site.

Don’t go for a free and paid design, here are the reasons why?

1.   Brand image:

Your prospective customer has seen the same design. For a brand image to be unique always go for hiring top Magento development India that offers a full range of e-commerce website development services. Go for developing your custom design to symbolize your business individuality by hiring Magento website development company India.

2.   Technical support:

With free themes, you do not get any assistance, so if anything goes wrong there will be no one to help you. Thus, opting for a reliableMagento Web Development Company to innovate custom themes for your store will ensure that there is someone to assist you. Moreover, you can add any type of functionality to your eCommerce online store by hiring Magento designers India.

  • Always Go For One Page Checkout Booster:

According to research around 15-20% of your prospects do shop from your site due to multiple page details they need to fill before checkout. If customers are not making to the orders it means you are not getting sales, so to avoid this go for streamlining the checkout process.  Always look for faster order processing.

  • Optimize your product page and product search:

If you need enhanced conversion on your online Magento store, you must optimize the product pages and the product search. No matter what your user types the search results must look similar for doing so, you can add more product tags to your online store by considering all the variations that your customer might search.

Also, go for high-quality pictures so that your customers get a quick idea about a product and it will be great if you will try out add diverse angles of a product to showcase to your customers with a product description.

  • Always offer an effortless user experience:

Make your Magento eCommerce store to be used on every platform with exceptional user experience.  Also, make your website mobile-ready by installing a few extensions Couch commerce, Tenfoot, etc. make a website that your user finds easy to use without any difficulty.

Wrapping up:

The business can be any but the main goal is to get customers and ultimately sales. And to do so, an excellent online store is a must. Throwing a website online will not help you in getting sales and revenue. You must look forMagento Development eCommerce Trendsbefore developing a website.

Go for hiring Magento web development services India,for developing your eCommerce site, to make it a success. Magento is the 5th popular eCommerce platform that is helping businesses to offer security and make a great image of customers.

Further, when it comes to budget to develop Magento websites, you can check out which e-commerce website development company India as the price depends upon the features you want to add. Hire top Magento developer Indiaand make your store reach out to your potential customers!!!


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