To attract traffic, bloggers often use the tactics of sending email messages to their readers, but far from everyone can significantly expand the database of email addresses.

We will talk about how to increase the subscriber base and maintain its organic growth in our article.

1. Subscription information and incentives to it

The subscription information is the surest assistant in increasing the list of subscribers, so place it in a place where the reader will notice it for sure. You can encourage users to subscribe to your email newsletter using incentives in the form of an e-book, discounts, and gifts. So for the user, the process of filling out the form will be much faster and more enjoyable.

Here are a couple of examples. If your blog is about cooking recipes, share a unique selection of recipes.

Or suggest nothing new. Offer the user a selection of the most critical posts in the past week.

If you do not have ready-made material, sit down and think that your blog subscribers will be interested to know what information will be useful, then they will be happy to leave you an email.

2. Popup

Often, the blog pages are long, and the subscription information in the top may not be noticed, so closer to the footer, you should set up a pop-up window with an invitation to subscribe.

Some may argue that pop-ups annoy readers. This happens if the popup is misconfigured. The pop-up window can be configured so that it will only be shown when you exit the blog when the visitor finishes reading.

3. Landing page

Create a separate landing page for your subscription, where you can lead users from everywhere. This can be contextual advertising, banners, external articles, a blog, a forum, etc.

Fill the page with convictions and fill out a “Subscribe” call to action bright and contrasting with the background. Here you can apply the psychological trigger of material evidence and indicate the number of existing subscribers. “We are slowly growing! We already have 30,233 subscribers! ” “How am I not yet signed?” The user will think and decide on signing up.

Thus, the page will become a severe assistant in collecting contacts of subscribers.

4. Social networks

Social networks are developing every day, for example, one of the most popular Facebook networks has reached 1.71 billion monthly active users. That is why it is impossible to ignore this channel to acquire new subscribers.

To get started, integrate the Facebook page subscription form. To do this, you can use the application that inserts the HTML code on the Facebook page tab. When you install the system on your page, a new HTML Tab will appear under the cover photo on the page. Go to the tab, click on the gear in the upper left corner and insert the HTML-code of the form.

Insert the link to the subscription page in any of your comments and post, do it unobtrusively.

Connect other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

5. YouTube Videos

The YouTube audience is more than a billion people, which is almost a third of all Internet users. Hundreds of millions of hours of playback are the daily statistics of the most popular video hosting in the world.

You can also attract email subscribers from the YouTube channel. True, making videos will take time, because they must be exciting and of high quality. Learn from the examples of famous brands participating in the Cannes Lions festival. Feel free to use unprofessional equipment, because the idea is the main thing.

The clothing and accessories store J. Crew often uses YouTube videos on its blog and email newsletter. In the videos themselves, stylists share the latest fashion trends, explain how to choose the right wardrobe, and talk about production techniques and the properties of products. Users watch this video with pleasure.

At the end of the video, you can always ask to subscribe not only to the YouTube channel but also to the email newsletter. To do this, be sure to give a link to the landing page in the description of the video or the comments.

6. Invitation to the webinar

Another effective way to collect subscribers in your address book is through webinars regularly. This tactic is suitable for all bloggers who can share their experience and knowledge of the topic from A to Z.

Tell us the dates of the upcoming webinar and tell us about the registration procedure in your post. In the registration form for the webinar, ask the user if s/he wants to receive your weekly email newsletter.

Instead of a conclusion, let us remind you that the effectiveness of email campaigns no longer depends on the number of subscribers, but on the quality of the contacts collected. It is essential to get involved and active readers. And for this, it is necessary to form a legal database of addresses, in no case, do not buy a database. Only in this case, the subscriber will be happy to read your letters and follow links.

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Melisa Marzett is a former journalist and a translator by profession and a freelance writer currently writing articles for professional writing, a movie enthusiast, a music lover and a traveler with much of experience due to her previous place of work and natural curiosity. She likes helping people, reading exciting stuff, and handmade.

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