Starting out as a new webmaster, no doubt you want to be successful at it. In order to be successful, I encourage you to read these three powerful steps below:

Tip One: Choosing a domain name and getting a hosting account. I know as a new webmaster you might be tempted to go for free hosting. Free can be good but not when it comes to hosting a website. Free hosting can be dangerous! Imagine making a website or blog for free you have written great contents and one day all of that is gone. That’s what happened to one of my blogs. So I urge you to get paid hosting. You can get hosting as cheap as $7.99 per month. Hosting or Hosting

Tip Two: People will not click on your advertisements, product banners, or other affiliate sales stuff unless you give them a reason to. No need to put up pages with lots of affiliate links in the hope of making revenue -unless you give them good content that helps them make a decision to buy. If you put up recommended products for them to buy explain to them the benefits, features, and the pros and cons of the product. Give them good information and give them the tools they need to make a buying decision. If they want to buy something they will just go to the big online retailers. Your role as a little webmaster is to enhance their understanding and help them in unique ways to make buying decisions.

Tip Three: This is the most important tip. One great page with good content is worth more than a thousand pages of junk. You can build up a website with all kinds of topics, navigation, buying pages and lots more; you can have a great structure with pages about all the sub-topics in your subject and it will all mean nothing if there is no terrific content there. Each page must be a standalone unit that informs your visitor or solves a visitor’s problem. Don’t focus your energy on building a website. Focus your energy on making one good web page. Then repeat that process with a new page.

As a new webmaster you should also get to understand what makes your site interesting.   Information is what makes a site to be great which means that your site has to be more informative. Another point to consider is that you should be able to provide what the visitors want not what you have to tell them. Bear in mind that visitors come to your site because they would have seen something of interest and if it is not clearly elaborated they will leave your site and go for another one.  So generally great content is what brings visitors to your site.

I hope these tips help you as a new webmaster. In my next article I will talk about tips for existing webmaster who want to be successful.


  1. Stretchers


    Only one think can bring you success in online business. I mean targeted traffic.

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      Thanks bro for your visit and for leaving a comment 🙂
      .-= Shane´s last blog ..What is RSS/ RSS Tips =-.

  2. Robyn from Sam's Web Guide


    Good tips.

    I’ve seen many websites, especially Jamaican ones, who have setup a small online presence using free hosting. I think the best online decision I’ve made so far, is in making a small investment in my own domain name and I’m seeing the results.
    .-= Robyn from Sam’s Web Guide´s last blog ..Microsoft’s New Courier Tablet / Digital Journal =-.

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      Thats great Robyn. Having your own domain and paying for hosting is the first few step that you should take.

      I have learned my lesson to stay the hell away from “FREE HOSTING” because they delete your site without a cause.
      .-= Shane´s last blog ..What do you blog about? =-.

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