Video has literally ruled the web world. A Diode Digital’s study reports that an average web user watches up to 186 videos per month. For people with quick access to Vimeo, YouTube and other online video sites, this number can grow at rapid rate. So, it is very important to have video in your website or blog. This way, you have to embed codes to your blog posts. If you have WordPress based website, you can have a lot of WordPress plugins that are designed for videos.

WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) in the world, especially when you have some amazing plugins and media players. People are bored of annoying, traditional video players embedded on their site.  With the help of these WP video player plugins, you can truly enhance user experience and enhance the visual aspect of your site. From showing YouTube or Vimeo videos to sharing some of your self-hosted videos, these video player plugins will definitely be the best choice for your blog or website.


  1. TubePress

This is the most popular WordPress plugin which has successfully crossed 500,000 downloads, and counting. With this plugin, you can easily embed Vimeo and YouTube videos to your website or blog and create a wonderful sidebar widget or video gallery page. You can display your playlists, YouTube channel or any other videos sorted with tags. For this plugin, the configuration and setup is very easy and simple. When plugin is configured to your site, just use “tubepress” shortcode to your page/post and your video gallery will be displayed beautifully.

You can avail both Free and Premium versions of TubePress. Obviously, TubePress Pro has more features as a Premium version. You can compare these versions before you decide. With TubePress, one turn-off is that it doesn’t support responsive web design. To get this feature, make changes with CSS code in theme style.


  1. WP-Backgrounds II

With WP-Backgrounds II, you can easily add full screen background video/image/YouTube video slideshow to your WordPress site, custom posts and posts. You can easily place maximum number of YouTube videos in the slideshow and activate background in some pages or posts. You can also assign various backgrounds to several places according to your likes. The background can be very responsive with its smooth layout and they can easily fit in several devices like tablets, desktops and smart devices. Another impressive part is that plugin uses special backgrounds that are optimized well for the users. When a mobile device is found by the plugin with its browser agent, it will save the background automatically to the viewer.


  1. Contus Video Gallery

On your WordPress site, you can easily create a professional video gallery page. With this plugin, you can easily transform your video gallery into a live FLV player on your site. It supports multiple formats like MP4, MP3, M4A, M4V, Mp4v, MOV, and F4V, and plays both H.264 and FLV encoded videos. It also has option to add videos based on embed code like Vimeo and YouTube videos. It is actually a FLV plugin which has more features than TubePress. It also supports responsive design and features social media comment, RTL etc.


  1. reEmbed

It enables all your websites take full control over all of their embedded videos. Its video player is easy to install and it is compatible with DailyMotion, YouTube, Facebook and Video embeds. It also supports self-hosted, HTML5 videos. Along with its custom video player, it also supports content recommendations and real-time analytics with single code line.


  1. Advanced Responsive Video Embeds

This WordPress Plugin works like a breeze. Responsive Video Embeds adds videos to one single article with the help of oEmbed WordPress technique. It is capable to resize all your embed videos to iFrames to match with various screen sizes well. Once plugin is activated, just head to “Settings – Media SubPanel” than get the “Auto-embeds” option checked. Now it will resize all your embed videos according to various devices and screen sizes automatically. Currently it supports Vimeo, YouTube, Scribd, DailyMotion,,, Revision 3 and other videos.


  1. ProgressionPlayer

ProgressionPlayer is another feature-rich and very customizable audio/video player WordPress plugin. All you have to buy and install this plugin to get complete help file. It has a lot of amazing features like fully responsive design and five custom skins.


  1. jQuery Responsive YouTube Playlist

It is a simple yet easy to use plugin to show fully responsive layout and YouTube playlist with jQuery. You can easily select from user_uploads channel, default playlist, make your own list or make list with search keywords, by using shortcodes.


  1. YouTube Videos for WordPress

It is a premium WordPress video player plugin with which you can easily integrate various YouTube feeds in your blog or website. You can easily integrate YouTube channels, videos from your playlists, featured videos (Most Viewed, Most Popular, etc.) on YouTube, videos from default categories like Auto, Music, News etc. and videos from search results.


  1. Video Gallery by Digital Zoom Studio

This WordPress plugin is not all about a video gallery. In fact, it is more about media gallery where you can easily add images, videos and audios in the player. The plugin also loads your ads in YouTube, image or video before playing the video. One thing you would like the most in this Video Gallery plugin is that you can easily add your own logo by replacing the YouTube trademark in it. You can also make embed code and social sharing buttons visible as well as clickable on your screen. This video player plugin also lets you change its appearance and skin. It is very customizable plugin as it comes with several menu options and skins. You can easily customize everything once you learn its CSS and API.


  1. Envira Gallery

The Envira Gallery is considered one of the best WordPress gallery plugin. The Envira Gallery allows one to come up with galleries from Wistia, YouTube videos, Vimeo and the self-hosted WordPress videos. It is possible for you to display your paginate galleries, open the videos in a lightbox and much more. The Envira Gallery comes together with an easy to use the widget. You can easily drag and drop it to the sidebar and display the video gallery in any of the active widget areas.

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Jason is a well-known writer and a professional web developer working for WordSuccor Ltd. He loves to share his intangible knowledge on the web related to custom WordPress plugin development tips and tricks. If you are about to find WordPress programmer for hire then get in touch with him. He is also expert in PSD to WordPress Conversion and WordPress theme customization.


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    nice…For people with quick access to Vimeo, YouTube and other online video sites, this number can grow at rapid rate. So, it is very important to have video in your website

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    Great share, I guess I’ve never used any video player plugins in any site and I wan aware of it. Will surely try to implement these in my upcoming project.

  3. Rakesh


    i have been using reEmbed plugin for one of my wordpress site which is great. I would try some of video plugin for my movie site. thanks

  4. Rahul Jain


    I’ve been using Progression player lately and it works good for me. Although, I prefer to directly embedd video using YouTube embedd.

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