Social Media marketing can be considered as one of the most obligatory tools that have emerged on the landscape of digital marketing. According to the records of 2016, around 2.3 billion active social media users and about 1.9 billion people who use the social media through mobile devices are present in this industry.

Now, before you are deciding on your social media strategies, just check out the trends of the social media in 2017.

The Emergence of Chatbots

The social media leaders like, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and even Google Allo have introduced services, such as chatbots. The common queries can quickly be answered without any delay. The response time has decreased compared to mails or calls, as the customer care executives can now easily be reached. The users are not required to wait for a reply mail or hold the call for several minutes for obtaining the assistance from customer care. According to a report, the number of active bots in Facebook Messenger is approximately 11,000. More than 300 million people use the voice calling or the audio features through Facebook Messenger in an active manner.

Social Advertisement

Due to the huge competition, the businesses and the brands are finding it tough to depend entirely on the organic results. The growth of the paid advertisement can be noticeable, with the high-quality and engaging content. The main aim of these advertisements should be that the readers can enjoy the highly entertaining content. If you want to know more about the paid social advertisements, you can surely visit

Videos With Live Streaming Features

In the year 2017, the trends of the live streaming videos have increased a lot. The experimentation phase was started by various marketers in 2016. This year, 43% of the marketers have been successful in the segment of live streaming of videos. Most of the social media platforms like, Facebook and Twitter have introduced this new feature. Even the Instagram is not lagging behind with its active users of about 100 million. While selecting the social channel for your live streaming videos, you should identify where your target audience is spending most of the time. Instead of reading content, the users will surely enjoy watching a live streaming video.

E-commerce in Social Media

The social media platforms are also having a great impact on the industry of e-commerce. According to a survey report, 31% of the respondents claim that when they go for online shopping, they look for the new services or products through the social media platforms. The conversion rate enjoyed by Facebook from the traffic of e-commerce is about 1.85%. Besides, an average of 85% of the orders on the social media come from Facebook.

In 2017, the brands and the businesses should pay more focus on attracting the attention of their prospective customers and look forward to successful conversions. If these new features can be used tactfully, they will surely bring success. Now, as you are aware of the recent social media trends, plan your strategies wisely, so that you can gain maximum return on investments through your campaigns.


  1. sahil jangid


    First to thanks my guest blogger friend and for sharing this information. I already know about first two Social Media Trends Ruling In 2017 but remaining or last two are totally new for me. I read both four points carefully and noticed it’s too interesting and helpful. The way of you writing of this is too good and I really like it so much from deep of heart………………… thanks and keep it man.

  2. Gugulethu


    I totally agree that live videos are the future, this year we’re about to see some great features introduced to most (if not all) social platforms to push live videos.

    It’s going to be a great year 🙂

    Good content, Thnx for sharing.

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