WordPress is one of the most convenient, accessible and user-friendly CMS solutions. Over the last few years, millions of websites are developed on WordPress. It offers tons of eye-catching themes and plugins to make your site unique. No doubt, it is the best Content Management System in the web development world.

WordPress websites are scalable in nature. It means you can access the sites on multiple browsers and mobile devices. However, you need the best plugins to make your WP themes responsive.

In the current scenario, the vast majority of people are using their Smartphone to access the Internet. People go online via their mobile phones. It has become convenient for us to operate any of the desired sites from anywhere at any time through mobile devices.

Therefore, it is important for all website owners to create their site that can run smoothly on mobile devices. The design of your site should look appealing and catchy on Phones. In order to make your WordPress theme responsive, we bring you this interesting blog.

Today, we will highlight the top 5 plugins that can help you make your site responsive:

  1. WP Mobile Detector

Using Mobile plugins allow you to make your site compatible for mobile phones. To an addition, WP Mobile Detector is a great WordPress plugin, which automatically identifies if the visitor is using a standard mobile phone or a smart phone and loads a compatible WP mobile theme for each device. A plugin features advanced analytics that covers more than 5000 mobile phones, formats content to match mobile devices. It also comes with seven pre-installed mobile themes.

Who can use this plugin?

WP Mobile Detector is an ideal for those who have a non-smart phone visitor. It will detect whether the request is coming from a standard mobile device or a Smartphone and then loads an adaptable mobile theme.

WP Mobile Detector PRO version 2.6

Create your own custom mobile theme with the premium version of WP Mobile Detector PRO.

  1. WP Mobile Edition

wp-mobile-editionWP Mobile Edition is one of the great plugins that can make your site mobile-friendly. It comes with the mobile switcher and mobile themes. It allows you to transform your existing site into a complete mobile version developed for iOS, Android, and Windows.

A plugin has a mobile switcher that automatically detects devices whether the standard phone or a Smartphone accessing your site. A standard mobile theme instantly loads because of its lightweight. It also offers device adaptation, full commenting system, smart formatting and eight unique color schemes.

Who can use this Plugin?

WPtouch plugin is perfect for those who want to give a different user experience to both the desktop and mobile users. A plugin has an add-on that enables you to provide templates specially designed for mobile devices by identifying a mobile phone, accessing your website.

  1. JetPack

JetPackJetpack is a popular WordPress plugin that offers exceptional features that are previously only available to WordPress.com users that include customization, mobile, traffic, content and many influential performance tools. This plugin offers more than 33 specific features that can supercharge your site and provide you a lot more than a mobile responsive design.

You can use Jetpack to optimize your website for mobile devices. It gives you the flexibility of using contact forms, converting your image galleries with Carousel, Custom CSS, etc. In fact, you can personalize your theme if you know about the CSS and PHP coding.

Who can use this plugin?

Jetpack plugin is ideal for such people who are looking for the free solution to make their WordPress site mobile-friendly.

  1. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

wordpress-mobile-pack-2.0A plugin enables you to package your existing content and deliver it to the multiple platforms, operating system and mobile devices. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 offers cross-platform compatibility, an inbuilt theme with six abstract covers, a responsive UX, etc. It also gives you the flexibility to customize your website design like its colors and fonts. Well, this plugin requires WordPress version 3.5 or higher one.

  1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

wptouch-mobile-pluginIt is one of the trendy plugins, which is used by more than 5 million blogs. Usually, WPTouch Pro includes a variety of optimized themes for blogs, WooCommerce retailers. In fact, it is faster than responsive sites.

A WPtouch mobile plugin is for WordPress website that automatically gel up simple and eye-catching mobile themes for mobile users. According to the Google, a plugin will quickly enable a mobile- friendly version of your site that passes the Google mobile test. It also confirms that your SEO ranking won’t fall due to having a mobile responsive site.

This Plugin features “Infinity Cache” to make your site fast using mobile caching. In this, images are compared through CSS and the plugin offers mobile-friendly images according to the mobile device.


Well, the main purpose of this blog is to explore the top five WordPress plugins that can help you make your WP theme responsive. With the help of these plugins, you can turn your site into a compelling mobile-oriented site. Now, the mobile visitors can access your site smoothly and swiftly, without any hassle.


Author Bio:  Lucy Barret loves to write WordPress tutorials as writing blogs is her hobby. She works for WPGeeks Ltd. as a Sr. WordPress Developer and handles all WordPress customization projects including HTML to WordPress theme. You can follow her company on social networks like Facebook and Google+


  1. Reply

    I think it is better to start with a mobile responsive wordpress theme for a beginner, although there are some awesome plugins. Anyway this is a good article and again WordPress is simply awesome as for every problem there is a plugin. 🙂

  2. Swapnil Jagtap


    This is a nice post about responsive plugin. I was not known about this responsive case, thanks and keep it up.

  3. Samir


    Using mobile optimizing plugins will make the wordpress themes compatible for the mobile users. But most of themes now a days a by default mobile accessible.


  4. Saint Jose


    Awesome collection, I like this plugins for wordpress , actually i have an wordpress website i use the plugins to my website …..great post thanks for sharing & keep posting.

  5. Reply

    Great share,

    I haven’t tried any of the listed plugins and i guess I’m gonna have to try them once.


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    These plugins are truly awesome and a must have with the increasing influence of the responsive factor of a website that google gives in terms of ranking now. Love your suggestion!

  7. Reply

    Hello Lucy,

    Nice List! I was using “WPtouch Mobile Plugin” on one of my blog, but the problem is sometimes it fail to detect mobile device. Its a great plugin but with free version you cant do much.

  8. Akaahan Terungwa


    Hi Lucy,

    Welcome to Kharim’s blog.

    I’ve used all the plugins you’ve mentioned here in the past except Jetpack. While they are great, I found an issue with everyone – the major one being a failure to render the mobile view to mobile devices all the time.

    Accordingly, I found them excellent this second and horrible the very next!

    I decided: using themes that were responsive from the start. Since I changed to fully responsive themes, I have discovered that all devices are properly served. Then again, my server has less load by a plugin…a truly win – win situation 🙂

    Do enjoy the rest of the day!

    Akaahan Terungwa

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