You have hired an eCommerce website development company to build an attractive website to promote your online shopping business. After including the necessary content in place, you are waiting for potential customers to flock to your website for their purchases. However, you realize that your website does not have the kind of visibility you had been looking for. While there may be many reasons responsible for the same, improper implementation of SEO tools can be one of the reasons for a poor customer base.

We live in a virtual world where even purchases and sales are made through the internet. With so many websites vying to garner their customers’ attention, it is necessary that one must have a proper SEO strategy in place that can levitate your website’s position to a level higher than that of your competitors. The right SEO tools can help small business grow not only at par with your established competitors but beyond it. Some of the small business SEO tools that can be used are:

Google Analytics:

This is a powerful and significant SEO tool that is mostly overlooked because of its availability free of cost. It is an effective website analytics tool that will guide you to using the right marketing strategy that will help garner a higher number of leads, generate successful sales conversions, the keywords most frequently used by visitors, the kind of content your potential customers look for among others.

Google Search Console:

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool, this is another free SEO tool by Google. Most people are not aware of the mistakes they make during eCommerce website development. This SEO tool not only pinpoints at those errors but helps in keyword ranking in addition to serving as a keyword position checker and the click-through rate, impression rate of the keywords used.


A significant SEO tool advised to small business bloggers that digital marketing specialists use to generate an idea for new content, on-site search engine optimization and research of keywords in terms of competition and ranking.

Screaming Frog/Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

Do you wish to get your website audited and checked for possible errors? Well, this tool with its unique features will help you to carry out a complete technical audit of your website. Available free of cost, you will need to download the tool and type in your website’s domain name, and then click on the box to crawl all subdomains. Use of this tool helps to assess page titles and metadata descriptions and determine if any website pages are missing.


Securing backlinks from relevant and reliable sources is an effective SEO strategy. To enable effective use of backlinks, this tool provides a host of efficient backlink tools. Adding this SEO tool to your website will help you first examine the requirements of your website and check if the backlinks you have received are from legitimate sources. If you have been receiving backlinks from websites identified as “Spam”, your website will be penalized, thus, lowering your website’s search engine page ranking or blocking it completely. Using Ahrefs also helps understand the sources where your competitors’ websites are seeking backlinks.


Investment in the right SEO Tools is important. While there may be many determinants of a successful business, no business can succeed without necessary visibility to its potential customers. The right SEO tools enable visibility from the right kind of traffic desired.


Author bio:

Micheal Anderson is an SEO expert with Techmagnate (SEO company in Chennai). As a blogger, he likes to write the article on SEO and digital marketing related topics.


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    I’ve seen a lot of recommendation lists of SEO tools, and my favorites, AHREFS and ScreamingFrog are always in them! They are my favorite tools because they give such precise results and in-depth analysis. It would be no waste of money if bloggers decide to upgrade their accounts. It would surely be worth it.

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