Social media platforms provide a significant opportunity to get traffic as they are the best source to get the quality back link and the visitors. Once your blog reaches the audience, you will observe an increase in both your social and organic traffic. However, driving traffic from social media towards your website involves little complicacy. Even though users may like your blog and you are very popular, some of them wouldn’t be sharing it socially.

One way to rapidly boosts your social traffic and get more user engagement is to put a lock on your content – a part of it or the complete content. It is an optimal approach that requires a WordPress Plugin on your site which hides the content or some part of it and let be completely visible only when the user performs a specified social action. Content Locker Plugins by WordPress have made this practically possible.

These Plugins plays a useful role in building a successful WordPress blog. Content Locker plugins let you hide the part of your content and let it accessible to some user on some specific actions. With the growing competition among websites to get more and more traffic, the webmaster is always looking for some new and legible ideas to boosts their stats.

If you create content, which is unique, engaging, of standard quality, the visitors will be curious to know more about it. They won’t be able to resist themselves to share it socially, or perform the action which can be an email subscription that you set for the user to get engaged.

Almost all the popular WordPress blogs use Content Locker Plugins, to expend user engagement on their website and for getting huge traffic from social media platforms and search engines. A well plenty of standard WordPress content locker plugins are available but to make the site look more user-friendly plugin that fits in the best to the requirement should be used.

The write-up features the top 5 WordPress Content Locker Plugins that can increase your social traffic.

  • Bloom Plugin


Bloom is one of the latest editions of plugins from the Elegant Themes team. It is one of the best opt-in plugins for WordPress that lets you lock your content while providing a lot of options that can increase your email list. Bloom is an extensive plugin that enhances the number of email subscribers by displaying a professional and elegant interface for an email subscription.


Download URL:


  • One Press Social Locker


A high-quality plugin, One Press Social Locker plugin helps you increase the social sharing by unlocking the content using some social action such as like or tweet. If you publish top quality content on your blog, or you are giving some products for free such as an ebook, this plugin is very useful. Users definitely will perform the social action, if your content is engaging and this, in turn, increase your social traffic.


Download URL :


  • Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin


Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin is a top standard and highly popular content locker plugin that can make your site successful. It provides ten alluring and modern themes with good look and feels flat icons. You can also specify the location of social sharing buttons, for, e.g., you can place it on the sidebar or below the content or with some pop-ups or on the images. For content locking features, you can use eight different themes to display the content locking widget.


Download URL:



  • Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

Although, a premium content locker WordPress plugin, it secures the content on your website and show it only to the subscribed users. Building an email Subscription is vitally necessary for growing the stats and the traffic of your site. You can place the lock widget anywhere on the web page, and users get to see the complete content once they provide email to subscribe your email list. It supports all the popular email service providers MailChimp, AWeber, Benchmark, GetResponse, iContact that you use for email marketing.


Download URL :


  • Easy Social Locker


Easy Social Locker is also a fantastic content locker plugin that automatically locks your content, and let the viewer unlock it only when he shares by tweet, like or +1 in Google Plus. You can use the shortcode for it, which will display to the user as social sharing buttons which can be utilized by users for social sharing.


Download URL :


The above-listed plugins play a significant role in making your blog success. They increase not only your social media traffic but also your domain authority and email list.

With this plugin, if your content is attractive and remarkable, you will surely get a good return on investment.

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