Nowadays some gadgets are necessary in case of every job, and for Graphic designers, there are some essential tools that they should have. Graphic designers use both there minds and hands to work so a notebook would not be enough; there has to gadgets, software and something to put their ideas on and utilize them to create.

1. Laptop or Desktop

This is probably the most important gadget a graphic designer should have, a desktop or laptop is a must-have in this field of work. Of course, being a good designer is not about the gadgets, but we recommend the MacBook Pro with touch 2018, the latest version is definitely the best for this field now. With processor i7 or  i9, graphics card Radeon Pro 555X-Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB of GDDR5 memory, storage capacity 256-4TB SSD, 15-inch display, Ram 16 to 32GB and weighing 1.83 kg making it easily portable. Having a highly powerful desktop at home or your workplace if you are a designer then it’s an extreme Plus point In your career. A desktop is much more efficient than a laptop, and it can work or can be utilized for much longer hours then a laptop. Although a desktop is not as portable as a laptop, it is probably the only flaw a  desktop can have. If money is not the problem then according to our suggestion the best desktop for graphic designers would be Microsoft Surface Studio 2 with CPU Intel Core i7, Graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060-1070, RAM 16GB-32GB, Storage 1TB or 2TB SSD. This is probably the most efficient desktop PC for a graphic designer.

2. An efficient and reliable hard drive

Losing work is probably the worst nightmare for anyone who works with gadgets, especially a laptop or desktop. Your desktop or laptop can crash any time, and you can lose your work suddenly that is why a reliable hard drive is extremely important in these kinds field. Designers should always save his or her work somewhere else so that they can reach and extract those files even when the laptop or desktop isn’t working or lost all the data due to some kind of malfunction. According to our suggestion, LaCie Porsche Design External Hard Drive (4TB) is the best in the category of hard drives it provides both USB 3.0 and USB-C connectivity. It has the transfer speed of 5 GB/s and can perform fully encrypted backup very quickly.

3. Graphics tablets and stylus and a top-notch Smartphone

Nowadays working outdoor is a special trend, like if a certain idea pops into your head suddenly and you may not have your laptop in hand, or you can not work on it in that place then the most suitable thing to do is use a graphics tablet or a smartphone. In case of a graphics tablet or stylus, we recommend thegraphic designers the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (2018), this tablet was created while keeping in mind these types of professional workers. It has a formulation of CPU A12X Bionic, RAM 6GB, Screen 11-inch; 1668 x 2338, Storage 64GB – 1TB, Ports 1x USB-C, Size 247.6 x 178.5 x 5.9mm, and weighing 468g making it extremely easy to carry around. In case of a smartphone, a decent one will do, with a high-end camera which can capture the ideas of a designer and can be utilized by a designer for other essential purposes.

4. Antivirus software

Antivirus software is extremely essential while working in a desktop or laptop and especially when a designer utilizes the internet connection while searching for information on any website. The data of your work can be stolen anytime anywhere that is why antivirus software is as important as breathing for a designer or anyone who works with the gadget like a desktop computer, laptop, stylus or smartphone. Find a proper anti-virus that suits you there are various companies around the markets, but try to find the one which is compatible with your laptop or desktop.

5. Desk and a chair

A designer might find this a very insignificant option but trust us; this is extremely essential especially for those people who work in this field seems to work for extremely long hours. A proper desk and suitable chair are extremely essential for a graphic designer. Working long hours while sitting on a straight back or improperly constructed chair can have a fatal impact on the health of the designer. That is why we recommend a mechanical chair that has been constructed due to this purposes like the Herman Miller Sayl chair. This chair has a 3D Intelligent Back tech, PostureFit sacral support, and Dynamic support. And according to our recommendation a desk suitable for a graphic designer is a decent variable desk which can be deconstructed and carried around easily, it also should have a few compartments for all the various equipment and Essentials a graphic designer generally needs.

6. A notebook

Yes a notebook, generally nowadays the new generation of the graphic designer is more inclined towards the graphics tablets and Smartphones while jotting down their ideas but trust us a white hardbound notebook has no comparison. It is not only possible to carry around everywhere, but while writing or sketching your ideas on a notebook, you will find that you are much more creative than using a technical device. Using a notebook to jot down your ideas should be the first step for a graphic designer to begin a project.

These few necessary elements do not cover even half of the important gadgets or tools for a graphic designer, but these are the most essential once if you want to be a graphic designer or if you are a graphic designer. Keep in mind the laptop does not have to be Apple MacBook Pro but try to find something of similar features because a graphic designer has to work with various high-end software which does not work on a lot of desktops or laptops with lesser features.

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