Once you’ve recorded a video and have it stored as a file the hard part is done – but what if you then want to take that file and create a DVD? Although some DVD players nowadays can read data files that are in AVI, MKV, WMV or MP4 format, many of the older DVD players are not capable of doing so.

Rather than have a DVD that can only be played on particular players, it would be best to transfer the video to a DVD in a more universally accepted format. While this may sound daunting, the truth is that with the Movavi Video Converter for Windows it really isn’t all that complicated at all.

Movavi Video Converter

The Process

In a nutshell, what you’re going to want to do is convert your video to the format used in DVDs, and then burn it onto a DVD. No matter what format your video is currently in, the Movavi Video Converter will be able to open and convert it; seeing as it accepts over 160 different file formats.

If you like you could even tinker with the dimensions of the video as well as perform other minor edits that you’d like to get done before converting it – but that part is really entirely up to you.

All you need to do is select the file (or files) that you want to burn and then choose the option that allows you to create ‘DVD-Compatible Video’. Thanks to the presets that are available, you don’t really need to have any technical know-how whatsoever and all you need to do is choose the quality of the video that you desire.

Once the conversion process is done, the only step remaining is for you to take that file and burn it onto a DVD. Needless to say this can be done using any software though the Movavi Video Suite does provide an exceptional array of tools that could help you along the way.

See how easy it is to transfer video to DVD? The next time you’re thinking of doing so, be sure to remember how easy it can be. Being able to create your own DVDs is definitely going to be an advantage, whether you want to create a DVD video presentation, copy your video CV onto a DVD, or just save your home movies as DVDs.


  1. Reply

    It looks movavi is a good software to burn any video to a DVD and save to play it later with any DVD reader. What’s other file it can convert ?

  2. Teh Blesstea


    thank you for sharing the information.
    oh yes I usually use Nero. to transfer video for windows.
    but it’s OK. I will try to use Movavi Video Converter. after I read turned out to be very easy to use Movavi Video Converter.
    thank you for sharing this information.
    I appreciate it.

  3. Basharath


    Yeah Movavi video converter is good to convert videos to DVD. I mostly use different converters like Wondershare , Aimer soft etc. This time I’ll see Movavi once. Thank you for letting me know this…

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