Website traffic! It is something which makes a blog, website or brand popular over the web. Every website owner has the dream to get maximized traffic for his web interface.

It is not easy to get top rank on search engines. Many entrepreneurs offer SEO services for business websites. But, do you have any idea that how a WordPress website can get more traffic?

Although, WordPress web development is done by keeping all the important SEO facts in mind. But still, there are some other tactics that need to be implemented to get higher rank on Google. So, don’t think that you can achieve fruitful results by only getting the WordPress development done. Keeping other useful factors in mind is also mandatory.

You must be thinking that SEO for WordPress website is similar to increasing traffic for any other normal website. For your information, we want to clear that improving the online presence of a WordPress requires many other techniques along with the generic ones.

In this blog, we are defining them one by one to make you aware of the proven ways to increase traffic for your WordPress website or blog.

Have a look at some striking traffic boosting ways:

Social media is the staircase

Social media networks are the most powerful platforms that play a crucial role in driving traffic towards any website. By creating accounts on social channels, you can broadly distribute your content and make your readers updated with the upcoming and latest posts. For better results, you can integrate auto-sharing tools to your social media platform. It fastens your work and helps broadcast your post on several other associated networks.

Optimize content on SERPs

There are business entrepreneurs out there who are so much obsessed with the top ranking on Google. But, one thing they forget is that Google only prioritizes the content which is properly placed. So, whenever you wish to get optimum traffic for your WordPress website, be ready with well-framed content. If your published post or promotional content is semantically displayed on search engines, you may get more clicks and conversions for the same.

Implement split test headlines technique

Today, the trend is going towards healthy and attractive headlines. If you are an experienced entrepreneur or a blogger, then you must be well-known of the significance of subtle headlines. These can make a blog or content flop or viral. All depends on its strength. To make your headlines strong, you can do split testing with your post headings. WordPress plugin named Title Split Testing is used to accomplish this. By doing so, you will be able to create two or more alternative headlines for the same post. All these randomly appear on the SERPs and get clicks and views. It is now easy to track which headline is getting more views.

Interlink all pages

Interlinking is important for achieving profitable results. Most of the time, visitors are not able to find out things on your landing page. The best way to compel them is to include related links within your page content. If you think that the service page or blog may relate to some other page, you can freely create links for that page within your content. You can also link related keywords with the page to get clicks and conversions.

Integrate breadcrumbs navigation

Using breadcrumb navigation is great for offering enhanced user experience. This is the only medium which gives website visitors an instant idea of where they can get relative information. It also helps them navigate seamlessly throughout the site. Apart from it, there is another merit of using breadcrumbs that it adds another visible dimension to your website’s appearance on search engines.

Bottom Line:

The above-mentioned tips are the best and provide guaranteed results if implemented properly for a website. Implementing them is not so tough. Even, you can make a routine to work on these. You can get quick and lasting results by using the tricks to increase traffic for a WordPress website.


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Being a dexterous WordPress developer in PSDtoWordPressExpert : PSD to WordPress Service Provider, Williams Heilmann is dedicatedly involved in offering quality WordPress services to the clients. He always makes researches to build better WordPress solutions. His enthusiasm for research and writing encourages him to write informational write-ups that further assist readers in their venture.

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    I have a wordpress website.I have managed somehow some decent numbers of visiters on my website.
    But i had not succeeded in converting it into sales.
    Hope your contents will help me to increase my customers and sales.

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