It doesn’t matter on which platform your ecommerce store has been built, the SEO principles are going to remain the same. SEO plays a crucial role in making your website rank higher in the search results and increasing its visibility. As our center of discussion in this post is Shopify I am going to shed some light on a few of the simple tweaks and optimizations for your Shopify store.

These points will act as handy tips and will enable you to step up your SEO for Shopify.


Keyword Research

One of the foremost steps for implementing SEO for Shopify store is to perform a research regarding the keywords which the ideal shoppers are bound to search. You need to implement a precise search of the main keywords along with the other alternatives and the longer tail keyword phrases. These keywords should be used strategically all over the page of your store which will make it rank with the search engines. This will lead to more traffic on your Shopify store which will result in sales.

Shopify Store’s Sitemap & Architecture

Your website’s architecture is crucial for the search engines as well as the users. User experience is an important aspect of SEO and should be sacrificed. Just as your users want a clear, uncluttered and uncomplicated way of navigating your Shopify store, the same goes for Google and the other search engines. If the organization and the structure of your website are right then it will be able to get a higher ranking. However, on the contrary, a website whose architecture is not optimized, the customers will not able to find what they actually need. This will impact the traffic and sales of a website.

Technical SEO

While indexing a website, the search engine web crawlers look for a few of the features which should be integrated into the website. Along with organizing the content on a website, there are other aspects of your Shopify store which should be taken care of. These include the load speeds of your page. A web page which is slow to load will get penalized by the web crawlers and will not set a great rapport with your customers. The website must be compatible with the different mobile devices so that the users have a great browsing experience. The technical elements which have been discussed in this point require a person with a technical knowledge.

Link building For Your Shopify Store

The more quality sites which get linked to your Shopify store, the more authoritative your store will become. This plays a crucial role in making your website rank higher in the search results. Initially, if you are just setting up your Shopify store then there are a lot of efforts which have to be done from your end. The link building strategy which you adopt must be consistent and a co-ordinated one. In doing so, you need to make sure that you do not indulge in any of the ‘black hat’ SEO practices otherwise your website would get penalized.

Content Marketing is Vital

Your Shopify store is in no way different to a website where content plays a pivotal role. A content which is original, well-written and informative will definitely engage your customers and make your store become a leader in its niche. Writing high-quality content for your Shopify store will require you to hire content writers which will draft the content for your store. They will create a compelling content on a regular basis. This will create a great rapport of your store among your customers which will have a positive impact on the sale of products and services which are offered on it.

In The End

All the points which have been showcased in this article will enable you to implement the SEO of your Shopify store. These will increase the visibility of your store and make it available to the wider audiences. Apart from these, there are quite a few other strategies that can be implemented for making your Shopify store grow.

Did I miss any of the important points that should have been mentioned above? If yes, then do let me know about them along with your views about the article in the comments section below.


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