A niche blog is an extremely focused blog. In other words, all content published on a niche blog is directly related to a narrow topic. Niche blogs offer a great way for smaller bloggers to attract readers, monetize their blogs, and carve out a successful place in the blogosphere.

These types of blogs are getting very popular these days and seem to be easier for new bloggers to manage. With niche blogging it’s very easy to stay locked to one topic so that you can attract persons of the same interest as your blog. It is also best to focus on one topic that to be blogging about any and everything. This will give these people a reason to say that you care about them by focusing on one particular topic.

Follow the steps below to start your own niche blog.

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5 Great Tips To Start Niche Blog

  • Choose A Topic You’re Passionate About.
  • A niche blogger has to write about a narrow topic a lot. That means you need to have strong ideas, feelings, and thoughts about that topic. While it’s certainly possible to tie broader topics to a niche blog topic, your loyal readers will come to your blog to read your unique take on your niche topic. To be successful, you need to deliver what your readers are looking for. Stray too far from your niche, and they’ll go elsewhere for the information and conversation they want and need.

  • Choose A Topic You Know A Lot About
  • The best niche bloggers know a lot about their topics. They might be experts in the subject matter related to their niche blogs, or they could just enjoy reading, researching and learning about their niche blog topic and then discussing those learnings in their own unique voice. A niche blogger can be successful following either path. The key to success is writing with intelligence, focus and passion. Your unique voice will make your niche blog stand out from the crowd.

  • Choose A Narrow Topic And Stay Focused
  • Niche means focused. That means you need to choose a very narrow topic and stick to it, so you can position your blog as a true niche blog. For example, rather than blogging about a broad topic such as cars, you could choose a niche topic such as classic Ford Mustangs. Alternately, instead of blogging about a broad topic such as cruises, you could blog about cruises for families with small children.

  • Beware Of Trend Niches
  • If you want to create a successful blog with longevity, then you should not choose a niche topic that’s hot today but could disappear in the future. For example, choosing to write a niche blog about a specific television show you like might be a lot of fun, but if the show gets canceled, then what happens to your blog? Most likely, the traffic will slow until it finally fades away leaving you with a blog with no hope for revival. Make sure the niche topic you choose has staying power.

  • Do Keyword Research And Go For The Long Tail.
  • Long tail search engine optimization relates to using very specific keywords to drive highly targeted traffic. It’s hard to compete with the big blogs and Web sites with deep pockets, and that fact holds true when it comes to search engine optimization just as it does with everything else. For example, it would be very hard to compete with big sites for broad keywords such as ‘parenting’. However, if you choose a very targeted keyword phrase that is closely related to your niche blog’s content, such as ‘teen allowance’ for a niche blog about parenting teens, then your competition is smaller and your traffic is more targeted. You need to take the time to do keyword research and optimize your blog content for the best keywords.

    Group Discussion

  • Now that you have these excellent tips on how to start your niche blog, What will your niche blog be about?

    1. Reply

      This is useful article for those who wants to work on Niche Blog. After this post surely, I will start work on niche blogs and try to earn few bugs from it.

    2. Mustafa Gaziani


      Hey Kharim,

      Great quality stuff it is. Such a great must read stuff for every newbie who gonna start their blogs. The ideas you’ve shared is such awesome.
      I gotta say anyone who will follow these tips before starting a blog will surely get succeed in blogging.


    3. Reply

      Great points here. I would say about “trend niches” I do agree, but writing -about- a trend for an article in a solid niche can get you some solid traffic. FOr instance if you have a “baby-stroller” niche and you talk about some celebrities new kid and how they were seen in XYZ baby stroller and have the name of the kid and celeb in title, etc. that is a great way to pull extra traffic for the niche.

      But you can’t base a niche on it for the exact reasons you stated.

    4. Nicholas Scott


      Tip is very interesting. I am very interested in blogging for the long term, because it will make our blogs will still visit the next few years. People will still find our blog to our long-term keywords, you are brilliant.

    5. pravakar


      I loved your writing skills, all 5 steps that you have listed is necessary to make blog success. Any choosing topic in which we have sufficient skills and knowledge will help our blog to become more popular

    6. Sherryl Perry


      Nice post. I wrote a similar article on this subject Kharim. I have a few clients who have service businesses and they asked me about ways to inexpensively drive traffic to their websites. I suggested blogging to them. I especially agree with your tip to use long tail keywords.

    7. Nikmaya J


      Tip is very interesting. I am very interested in blogging for the long term, because it will make our blogs will still visit the next few years. People will still find our blog to our long-term keywords, you are brilliant.

    8. Vuong


      A great post mate. Do you think blogging tips and make money online is a good niche now? I see think kind of blog everywhere!

      • Reply

        Well if you have the experience in blogging and making money online, and know how to do it well, then I guess its ok to share your experiences on how you do it.

        A lot of people tell me that this kind of niche is crowded, but you have to put out the extra effort and work in order to stand out in a crowded niche.

    9. Robert Dempsey


      Definitely great starter tips Kharim. I have a few niche sites – one for freelancers and another for online marketers. The freelancer site has been up for months and the organic long tail searches I get are crazy. If you crank out the good content ultimately you can rank for things you never thought of. Very cool indeed.

    10. Praveen


      nice tips, choosing the niche that interests you is very important, as you have said it must be a narrow one to taste the success

    11. Ileane


      Hey Kharim, these are some vital steps in the process. I’d love to know what tools you are using for your keyword research. I started using Market Samurai and I think it makes the job so much easier and more interesting. Let me know if you’ve tried it yet.

      Thanks for outlining these steps!

      • Reply

        Hey Ileane thanks for coming by.

        I only use the Keyword Destiny plugin. I also use the Google Keyword Tool at times to research keywords so that I can best choose them for my articles.

        How is the Market Samurai so far?

        • Ileane



          I have a review of Market Samurai on my blog. Check it out in my CommentLuv link when you get a chance. It’s really a valuable tool for keyword research!

            • Brankica

              I have the luck to have a Site Build It hosted site and I am using their keyword research tool. Makes no mistake. I have a site with 5 pages built using their tools and it ranks better than a lot of competitors, weird right 🙂

    12. Brankica


      Do I even need to say that you nailed it?

      Niche is where the money is. There are only two risks here: having a niche that not many people are interested in and choosing a niche that is too narrow. Although these two kinda go together.

      So if you are passionate about collecting place mats, think twice about the niche, are there other people that are interested in it???

      Also, you can choose a niche like Ford Mustang but don’t choose Mustangs from 1990-1994 (I am guessing here) because it could be to narrow.

      Great one Kharim 🙂

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment Brankica. I was wondering what to blog about and this article came at the right moment 🙂

        Niche sites are really great especially if you choose the right niche to lay the foundation for your success. Thanks hun 🙂

    13. William Tha Great


      Hey Kharim,

      Thanks for the fantastic article my dude!

      Your right on point like always. Keep up the good work around here. You made a great guide for anyone wanting to build a niche site. Niche sites are great for getting adsense revenue and affiliate sales with a little practice. These are some great tips. I think the first one is vpextremely important, because to stay dedicated to a narrow topic will take some skill, and that’s where your passion comes into play.

      Thanks again!

      God bless,
      William Veasley

        • William Tha Great


          Hey kharim,

          Thanks for the response!

          In my belief that is the best way to go. Get straight to the business and don’t hold nothing back! A mindset like that will go far in my opinion. Wish you these best along your journey.

          Thanks again!

          God bless,
          William Veasley

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