I have always heard bloggers and website owners talking about Hostgator.com and how great they are.

I have been using GoDaddy since I started making websites about 3-4 years ago and their service was great. But last week Monday, I finally moved this blog from Godaddy over to Hostgator.

Don’t get me wrong, GoDaddy is a really great place to host your sites so this post is not going against Godaddy’s hosting service, but I felt the need for a change.

So, Why Did I Move The Blog?

Why Did I Move The Blog

Here are some of the reasons why I switched servers:

I Wanted More Speed

In my previous post I asked the question, Does Speed Really Matters and all of the commentators on that post agreed with me that speed really matters to a website’s success.

At GoDaddy, my site was somewhat slow at times and I don’t really have the extra funds to upgrade my hosting package. So this is one of my main reasons to switch. I didn’t want to annoy my visitors and blog readers with my slow site.

Since I switched servers, I have noticed that my blog loads much faster and I am really happy for that.

I Like The Control Panel

The control panel is really user friendly, easy to use, straight forward and pretty easy to understand.

Each menu item and links have icons and you can easily navigate your way through your Hostgator cpanel.

Here is a screenshot of my cpanel below

I Like Using Web Disk

The Web Disk allows me to easily drag and drop files to your hosting account instead of using a file manager or ftp.

I can use the web disk to navigate through the files in my hosting account just as you do the files on my computer. So no need to login to my hosting account to have access to my files, I can now do so from my computer with ease.

This was once of the options that I didn’t see on GoDaddy.

Cheap Hosting With Hostgator

When I signed up to Hostgator, I used the Coupon Code: websuccess and paid only $0.01 cent for my hosting. Is that cheap or what?

Would You Like To Move As Well…

HostGator has hosting as cheap as $4.95 – CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? As cheap as $4.95

Check out the price lists below:

    Hatchling Plan (Starting at $4.95/month)
    Baby Plan (Starting at $7.95/month)
    Business Plan (Starting at $12.95/month)

If you order your hosting package now and use this coupon code below. I will give you a discount of $9.94 off the package price.
Coupon Code: websuccess

Click HERE To Order Now

Group Discussion

In my next article, I will show you how to install WordPress on your Hostgator account in less than 5 minutes with a few clicks.

I will also show you how to move from one hosting to another in no time.

So If you want to move from your current hosting to Hostgator.com, sign up now and I will walk you through the steps in my next article. Don’t forget to use the Coupon Code: websuccess and get $9.94 off the package that you sign up for.

<li><strong>What hosting do you use and why?</strong></li>


  1. Reply

    Kharim that is why i am using blogger becuase it has not tension of webhositng and large databses. Also i am using internet explorer 9 and your blog is all over the pace. Your sidebar is displayed after your content so please fix it.

  2. Evgen


    Well HostGator has neither competiting prices nor something special for webmaster.
    But affiliate programm surely rocks.
    Kharim, do you have results from putting their aff link on your blog?

    1-5 a month $50 per sign up
    6-10 a month $75 per sign up
    11-20 a month $100 per sign up
    21+ a month $125 per sign up
    Nice payouts, anyway? 🙂

  3. Dee's Concerts and Events


    Hi Kharim..

    For me it was a choice between Hostgator and BlueHost.. I decided on Bluehost because they were more accessible, and cuz I’m generally an affiliate for the products I use, that was the deciding factor.

    Sidenote question: What application do you use to get the “Tweet This Post… OR Share What’s Happening” at end of post?

    Hey, how is sunny Jamaica? You know I’m jealous.. I LOVE your island. 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Dee, thanks very much for the comment.

      Choosing the right host is very important for you and your site if you want to become successful.

      For the “Tweet Box”, I will write a blog post specially for you with the tutorial on how to add this box 🙂

      Jamaica is doing really great, it’s very hot now because of the summer heat, but it’s still great 😀

  4. Reply

    Hostgator is the best, no question.. You should have made this decision long ago Kharim! I’m glad you made up your mind, you won’t regret it. Congrats!

    Nice blog template by the way 🙂

  5. Reply

    Congrats that you succeed moving your blog, i hope this will never happen to me, but moving to a better host will surely benefit you and your readers..

  6. John from Sytek MN Directory


    I think this is a smart choice Kharim.. I have an issue before with another host and the customer support doesn’t give sh*t on your problem. He just filed a ticket and let you wait for eternity. At Hostgator, you can actually talk with someone who shows concern and treat customers like all service providers should be – with presence of mind and care!


    • Reply

      Thanks for stopping by John and leaving your comment. I like @hostgator because they are the best areound. I should have made the change along time ago.

  7. Dev - Technshare.com


    Glad to see you switched to hostgator. I’m using hostgator from the past 5 months and it’s one of the best web hosting in the world.

    Thanks for sharing the great news.


  8. Jovit


    I am not trying to bad mouth godaddy but I had a bad experience with them. I was handling a friend’s site and had a problem with it and their customer support was not very helpful at all…

  9. Hieu Martin


    when i come to this page i can see load time.
    good than old hosting.
    you can use maxcdn to speed up your blog

  10. element321



    Good to see you move to hostgator. They are a great service and the tech support can be a bit tricky to deal with, but if you know how they do business you can bypass the first level support and get to the 2nd level and get your issues fixed faster.

    I use to be on fasthosts, and I was not happy with them. I prefer not to mention my issues with them.

    I have had a client on GoDaddy, and I could not stand them, and it was hard to navigate there user control panels. However I do like their domain registry services. They tech support is quick to resolve issues and I even got a call from the tech manager when my domain transfer kept erroring out and the previous register would not help resolve the issue until godady told me what to say to my old register.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment @element321

      I found godaddy control panel hard to use as well but I got use to it over the years but I had to do what’s best for my blog.

  11. Ishan


    Well, I have not used GoDaddy but I have heard a lot of horror stories about them! And now I just found they don’t offer cPanel. The HostGator panel you love is cPanel and it is offered by almost every small and large host out there. It’s a shame GoDaddy doesn’t offer it!
    I have used Host Gator for some of my clients and they are great(unless you get a traffic spike, in that case, they can even block site without any warning! Did this to one of my customers!) 🙁 I use Doreo for all my sites because of reliability and fast customer support.

  12. Shaun


    Congrats on the move bro! I am currently using Godaddy and i have heard nothing but good things about Hostgator. I hope to see an update on how things are going in the near future.

  13. Isabel Rodrigues


    Nice to know you switched your host. I too have been using Hostgator. I think its quiet good and fast. Their customer service is the Best.

    • Reply

      Thats true Isabel. @hostgator customer service is the best. When I signed up, I got a call from them and I was so pleased with the service and I felt welcome to their hosting. 🙂

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