Guest blogging/posting is one of the most effective ways to market your products or services online. Marketing through guest posts is in most of the practical cases an indirect one but it can also promote your target web pages directly in terms of search engine traffic and performance. Guest blogging is as simple as you write a great piece of content, usually with 600 word count or above, then post this content on any article or blog submission site for free which is then published on the website for all readers after review and approval.

Here’s a list of powerful article submission sites to guest post to that provide a fast if not instant approval and include dofollow links to your site.

Why guest posts are essential for SEO?

Search engines are becoming smarter every day differentiating between high and low quality content, backlinks, spam detection … etc. Their algorithms evolve by the day to intelligently detect spammers and content of low quality while favoring the other valuable pieces online and promoting their sites.

Since every backlink to your site works as a vote from the linking site to yours and this vote works towards the anchor text of the link, then it makes sense that those backlinks come from high quality content out to your site in order to promote your business and rank. But what defines a quality link?

Basically and in a few words, quality links are those that come from both a quality site with high DA, Alexa rank, citation and trust flow and much more, but at the same time are placed inside the content of a post or article not just placed among a spammy long list (or short actually) of links on a side advertising panel or footer.

Check the linking scheme and navigation structure of this site for example. No external links are placed on side panels or footer.

Why search engines consider backlinks from guest posts than others?

Think about it for a minute. When you search for an article online, then you start reading this article. Which links would make more sense and more likely to be clicked by you? The ones that are placed on a side panel (or footer) or the links that provide you with more further detailed or helpful reading placed inside a paragraph that you were actually reading? The answer to that question says it all.


Search engines nowadays are very smart to filter out spam and low quality content or links to just provide only those pieces of content that make sense to the readers and help them. In other words, technology works for the sake of its users not the other way around and that’s how we should change our mindset when we work on search engine optimization to our products and services.


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