If you’ve ever indulged in some DIY, then you’ll know that it sometimes involves sticking one thing to another thing when those two things don’t necessarily want to be stuck together.

From fixing the vase the kids broke to big DIY projects, it’s important to have the right adhesive for your job. It would be great if there was one glue for everything, but you will find you need a need different adhesive for different jobs.

If for whatever reasons you’re looking to bind surfaces together, then make sure you’ve got the right adhesive for the job.


If there was one glue that does stick almost everything, it’s superglue. Superglue will take care of most of your household tasks that involve adhesives, working well on wood, card, ceramic, and most plastics.

Superglue is one of the must have things around the house, basically, if it’s broken, you’ve got a great chance of being able to fix it with superglue. It dries fast and creates a strong and durable bond.

Contact Adhesives

For a professional level, fast bond on wood, PVC, rubber, stone, metals, and dense fabrics, you should look for contact adhesives. Contact adhesives can be applied by spray or rolled on and are particularly common in the automobile industry.

The contact adhesive should be applied to both surfaces, and allowed to dry completely before bonding, allowing for a strong, long-lasting bond.

Wood Glues


When working with wood, the best results can be achieved with a wood glue. These adhesives are resin-based polymers that give a strong bond that’s water-resistant and doesn’t stain the wood.  

Depending on whether you’re building something for the inside or outside will decide what type of wood glue you use.

Hybrid Polymers

If you’re looking for something that will bond and seal, then a hybrid polymer is the way to go. Hybrid polymers give a strong bond and work well in applications that are subject to vibrations.

Benefits of hybrid polymers include:

  • Weatherproof
  • Extremely strong bond
  • Flexible
  • Bonds to a wide variety of materials
  • Can be painted over

Grab Glues

A great choice for bonding window and door frame constructions, furniture making, and general joinery; grab glues will join virtually anything together to give you a long-lasting bond.

Get the Right Adhesive

Whatever project you’re looking to complete in the house, it’s vital you get the right adhesive for the job.

It’s tempting to think that any old glue will do, but in reality, using the wrong glue can lead to a bodged job. You use so many different materials in DIY that you need to make sure you’re matching the right adhesive to the materials that you’re using.

When you’re excited by a DIY project and you’ve gone to the trouble of getting all the materials, putting them together, and finally completing your project, the last thing you want to see is it crumble to the ground because you’ve got the wrong adhesive.

Make sure your project will last for years and years by using the right products.

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