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I know that the title may not seem like it makes any sense, seeing as the whole idea of creating niche blogs is profit. But today I want to put forward the case of ad-free niche blogs and why they will most likely result in higher quality, more profitable sites in the long run.

Let’s take a quite look at what niche sites are and why we would want to create them, and then I want to jump straight into the ‘ads’ vs ‘no ads’ debate.

What Are Niche Blogs?

A niche blog is a website that is built around a very specified topic, with the purpose  of creating a passive income stream. Most of these sites put a heavy focus on search engine traffic to get their visitors.

People create these niche sites with the intention of of making money, so keyword research, optimised content and link building, play a big role in the creation of these blogs.

Why Hold Off On The Ads Then?

So before I get yelled down, let me be a bit more specific.

I am not trying to tell you to never have ads on your niche blogs, because how would you make money? The point I want to make is,

Why not hold off on ads for a new niche site for a couple of months as if first grows?

But what are the benefits to doing this, and why would be give up our first couple of months income.

Why I Am Recommending An ‘Ads Ban’ For The First Few Months On A New Site

Now I will be the first to admit that I have always been an advocate of monetizing from the start, however I am constantly testing out different strategies (the latest being this ‘ad-free’ idea) and I see a lot of positives. So let’s take a look:

  1. Stops You Frequently Checking Your Affiliate Accounts

    There is nothing more depressing than checking your Adsense account (or other affiliate account) in the first month of a websites existence. The search traffic will not have really kicked in because you are still creating content and building links, so all you will be seeing regularly is  ‘$0.00 days)

    By cutting the ads, you are also removing the necessity to check your accounts – saving your time and emotions.

  2. Promotes Quality Content

    If your focus is not on the money, you will find that you start researching your content more. The site becomes more of a hobby or a passion, instead of a cheap website you have thrown together as a money making device.

    And because of this, you will find that the quality of the content that you are creating will rise.

  3. Makes You Less Selfish

    Have you ever noticed how possessive niche site creators are with their links? Every link on their website either has to be an internal link to help rank their content, or an external link that makes them money (be that a paid ad or affiliate link).

    Since you are not having any of these paid external links, it opens you up to the concept of linking out to other credible websites – making you niche site much more valuable to your readers – which means it is much more valuable to Google.

  4. Allows Your Income To Kick Off With A Bang

    And remember that depressing feeling I was telling you about, when you are daily checking your new niche sites affiliate income?

    What if you waited 2-3 months before adding ads, focused those first few months on content creation and building a flow of search traffic – and then decided to implement ads?

    I believe you would definitely see a significant income from that first month of monetization that would keep you encouraged to continue building this niche site – and maybe start working on another one.

Group Discussion

So that is the case that I put forward for ‘Ad-Free’ niche sites. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and also what has been working for you.


  1. Ali


    I am really impressed after read this classified; I am always in search of latest classified ads like this, great job buddy!

  2. Gail Gardner


    I am always happy to see more bloggers focus on substance instead of making money. First you have to reach a specific target audience and only then is your blog worth advertising on or monetizing. I encourage bloggers to take this a step further and create group geo-targeted niche blogs because THAT is where the money really will be. More details in the post I’ll put in CommentLuv.

  3. Gail Gardner


    You are correct, Thomas. Bloggers absolutely need to be moving to niche blogs – and I am recommending positioning your blogs where the money is by making them geo-targeted niche blogs because they make it much easier to make your blog a leading blog for that niche and can attract advertising from local businesses that want to reach the specific audience you are targeting.

    I am happy to assist any blogger who is serious about blogging best practices or growing a blog to reach a specific audience. Just reach out to me on Twitter or through the other methods on my contact tab.

  4. Free Classifieds Delhi


    Great Stuff! Thanks for posting. For more information: Classified in Delhi

  5. kira permunian


    This is so true. You hit it Thomas! Niche blogs are very valuable these days. They allow you to target a particular subject that individuals are looking around for on the internet.

  6. Anne Sales


    Hi Thomas, I can see the logic in your article. Content is really the meat of your blog and if you focus on creating quality contents there is no doubt your ads income will pick up quite fast.

  7. Connie McKnight


    I like your concept. Waiting before you advertise sounds like a wise decision. It takes time to develop a following and that is done by focussing on good unique content.

    • Thomas Sinfield


      I agree Connie. And if we are too busy focusing on chasing the tiny initial profits we will get lax with the quality of our content.

  8. William Tha Great


    Hey Thomas,

    Thanks for the fantastic article!

    I want to say I’m a big fan of your work over at standoutblogger, and you have been and inspiration for me since the beginning. I believe you have a very good point here. I also think this goes with any type of site, but it would work really well with a niche site.

    If people see that you enjoy what you do just for the passion inside it, then they are more willing to appreciate what your providing them. That’s the perfect time for you to focus your efforts on making that traffic skyrocket by any means necessary. Then as you said your sale can take off with a bang!

    Thanks again!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Thomas Sinfield


      Exactly William! And you really won’t be missing out on any major income anyway. 🙂

  9. Robert Dempsey


    Great points on staying ad free. I am part of a Twitter group and couldn’t retweet anything from ad-laden sites. When I asked my Twitter peeps what they thought of sites with lot’s of ads, the #1 response was that they gave it a really low score on the credibility scale. Now that might be different for others, but that’s straight from my peeps. So for me, I can’t blindly retweet everything I get, or all the blogs I see.

    • Thomas


      Robert, I don’t think you and your group are the only ones that struggle with promoting content that is covered with ads. I think that the less ads that you have (with content quality being the same) the more likely it will be shared. Because I have found that the majority of people social networks are not massive fans of ads.

      • Robert Dempsey


        I wonder if that is because of the nature of the people using the networks. They want fast information, and having to parse through ads is going to slow down that intake. I find that’s the main reason I dislike them. But I’m not everyone.

  10. Bit Doze


    Indeed ads is not a good idea, but only if you abuse of them otherwise i think you will be good. The content is the key of a successful blog, without it you will better renounce because it will be a waist of time.

  11. Peter Hutyr


    Hi Thomas, I think it does matter but I also think it depends on how the ads are displayed. If the ads are all over on a new site, then thats kinda harmful. However, I do suppose that blog visitors don’t judge a site by the ads. I think quality constant content is the key here. If you have ads on a new site and make them inconspicuous for a while, as well as have new mind-blowing content thats original and with a great style, then that will make your readers comfortable with your site.

    Those are my views, I hope there’s someone who thinks like me. Cheers

    • Thomas


      That is a really good point Peter! Ads have to be both relevant and not overtaking of the content.

  12. Murray


    Great segway Thomas; I may have to take down a few ads on my recent niche sites because I think it does have the ability to scare off people right from the get go; there’s so many better ways turn a profit from niche blogs such as CPA offers and affiliate programs which can be more readily integrated.

    Got a few new ones underway; letting them naturally grow for now before I do any hard promotion 🙂

    • Thomas


      I’m not trying to say that all niche sites should start dropping ads, because some work quite well as a gateway between visitors and offers. This post is more about authority focused niche sites.

      Looking forward to hearing about your new niche sites 🙂

  13. Reply

    Hey Thomas,

    I have to agree that filling your blog with ads from top to bottom right after starting it, is not the wisest thing to do. Visitors hate ads – that is a fact. So considering that in your first two months (for instance) the ads will probably earn you no more than few cents, due to lack of traffic, it is better to leave your blog clean from them. That way the focus will lay on quality content, which in my opinion is the most important way for a new blog to gain readership.

    • Thomas


      Exactly! The first couple of months are usually quite slow, so it makes sense to spend the time focusing on your content instead of worrying about making money so early on.

  14. Richard Chidike


    I can’t but help to agree with the points in this post. Somethings having no ads on your blog or website gives your vistiors the impression that you are more dedicated to quality content than profits.

    • Thomas


      You are right. While it is nothing something I suggest for every niche site. If you are looking to create a niche site that will be seen as a credibly resource, starting out with no ads is a good idea. This doesn’t mean to can slowly introduce them in the future.

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