Web development Agencies are known for their website designs and the proper functioning of the websites. WordPress has become the perfect platform to create such sites. But is it possible to develop a decent high ranked website without SEO? No not at all!So having SEO plugins and tools is must for every website and with a web development agency that can optimize the site of their client. So below are some of the tips which every agency should implement.

1. Add Meta titles on every page


  • Meta Titles tell search engine the type of page, like about the content of the page. It is a known fact that one should keep Meta titles or description in between 30 to 60 words.
  • While there is a misconception about Meta tiles is that it should be in sentences,but this is not afact. The description or the Meta title should be in a form which the reader can understand; it is not necessary to be in the way of complete sentences.
  • Keep your Meta title and the description below 160 characters to avoid truncation.

2. Use a good SEO plugin

Yoast is considered as one of the best plugins which you should use to create an optimized website for your client so that the visitor can easily access your site. The plugins make your website improved on every level as faster the speed, performance of your website and making it more visible to users.

Yoast is a plugin which will help you to write content with the best keywords which usually people search in search engine thus will get your website as a result if you use the same keywords. This is how plugin helps a site to become more visible to users.

3. Leverage alt image tag

Images play a crucial role in design and aesthetics of your client’s website. The tags of the photos should be 2 to 5 words long so that search engine can make it visible in any keyword result related to the image. If you tag your pictures with the most frequent keywords, then this will help your client to have significant traffic on your website.

If you are facing any issue in describing your image, then the image will not be relevant to your description so remember that you can give Alt image tag or description which is connected to your image.

4. Implement 301 redirects

If you try to move your website’s page, then the search engine will consider it as an empty page with no equity. The search engine uses “equity” for all shares, hyperlinks,and backlinks. So when a person clicks on the website, then it displays a “404 Page not Found error.” So you need to implement 301 redirects which tells a search engine that the page which you are moving is the same page thus it will preserve the same equity as before, and a user can view the page over and over again even when the page has become old.

So to make your website a good one on which users can easily trust, you need to implement 301 redirects so that the search engine will not count your page an inefficient, empty or broken page and your visitors can view all your web pages more efficiently without getting an error.

5. Optimize for speed

·       A few years ago people can’t even think about the rate in link with SEO as these are two separate things but now both have  brought together by search engine so that if a person searches any keyword, then the person will get results in fractions of seconds.

·       So to make more traffic on your client’s site, a website development agency has to enhance the speed and performance of SEO.

·       There are the websites which load in a second, in two seconds or fraction of seconds, this is due to the performance and the speed of the SEO tools. The faster is the site of the clients the better is the experience of the user so more will be the traffic on the website.

Ways to enhance the performance of your website

·       Compress the images which you have to upload to the site so that a page can be opened easily because of lower size (regarding bytes) of the images.

·       Try to simplify your code by deleting extra characters and spaces which can make a coding monster,and your site would not be opened easily. To streamline all your HTML,CSS coding to get a better result.

·       Reduce server response time to get the result faster.

·       Use a content delivery network so that a visitor can easily download a file from your website and can have a better experience from your client’s website.

6. Have a test on Google

In current times the website should be mobile friendly because Google search engine offers good rank to a website which is mobile friendly.So to have better traffic on your site, one should create a site which is mobile helpful, as well as there, are more mobile searches rather than website searches, so your website should be mobile friendly so that mobile users can also access to your site quickly.

After making your websitemobile friendly, you can test your site on Google to notice improved search results of your website.


A WordPress platform with SEO tactics make a website more visible to the user and make your client the happier and the satisfying one. So a website development agency should use SEO tips and tactics to make their client’s business more successful and offer maximum satisfaction to their clients.


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Akash Soni is a talented eCommerce developer and Blogger from W3ondemand. His blogs are always packed with fresh ideas of eCommerce design and Development.

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