Search engine optimization has been around since the beginning of the inetrnet. Like many techniques, it started simple with ideas, but the advance of new algoithms started to put the focus less on the web master creating the pages and more on how to use people viewing pages to do quality control. This worked for a while, but it’s still not perfect since it leaves new, but highly useful pages unnoticed for long periods of time.

People tend to think of SEO as a trick that is used in order to get your page to rank, but it really isn’t. What it is instead is a way of guiding web developers and business owners on how to create the best, most useful, most efficient websites. That’s why if you’re looking to future proof your SEO, the trick is knowing what makes a good website. Here are some tips.

[box type=”spacer”]Site Architecture[/box]

When creating a new website, the very first thing you want to take into account is how the site itself is built. That means that little things like your meta tags have to be in order so that web crawler bots from the search engines can read them and know exactly what it is that you do. This doesn’t just help the crawler bots know what to look for, it helps them index your page the way you want it indexed, so the people who are likely to be customers or clients arrive instead of people searching for an unrelated topic.

Similarly, it’s important to make sure that your site is efficiently set up, with pages in the proper directories, links that make site navigation intuitive, and a sitemap that can lay all of that out. Web crawler bots will index every individual page you have eventually, but they find those pages by following links, one to another, in a logical progression. If your page isn’t well built, they will get lost and not read pages that might be important. This is by design: if they can’t find a page easily, your human visitors can’t either, so make sure your pages are accessible.

[box type=”spacer”]Content is King[/box]

The trend in search engine algorithms, as they get more and more sophisticated, is to stop looking for clues as to what’s written and simply being able to read what is written. Right now, they’re not there yet, but they will be soon, which is why content is so important, and the rules for writing good SEO articles are not bad rules for providing quality information either.

Make sure that you write things that are on topic. The requirement to have 3-5% of your article be the keywords that you’re targeting is a good rule of thumb to make sure that you’re discussing the thing that you want to talk about. It helps keep your writing on track and make the article itself relevant to potential readers. Similarly, restricting the length of copy addresses that most people don’t want to read books online. They want simple answers to questions.

Another aspect of content that will keep your SEO future proof: keep updating. Old information can be useful if it goes viral and gets a lot of backlinks, but if you want your actual site to rank well, you have to constantly be adding new content. Again, this helps you provide a valuable service to your customers, by always having new knowledge for them to take in, it gives them a reason to keep coming back to your site and also gives bloggers a good reason to link to you.

The job of a search engine is to provide a user with the most useful websites for a given query. If you want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about your SEO for as long as there are search engines, stop thinking of it as some sort of magical formula and focus instead on providing the most useful website you can for your potential customers.

Written by Andrew Scherer. SEO and proprietor for Marketer’s Center, real link building services for real SEOs.



  1. Brian


    This is a nice blog post…Search engine optimization has been around since the beginning of the internet. Like many techniques, it started simple with ideas. Thanks for this blog commenting.

  2. Chetan Bhasinc


    The only way I think one can future-proof their blog is using quality. Quality in design, quality in content, and quality in replying appropriately to comments. Isn’t that what all search engines (and readers) starve for?!

  3. Alysha


    Absolutely authentic information and I think you are providing some most effective strategy in 2013 about seo. I totally agree with you about traffic. Can you give me some information about finding niche keyword or market ?

  4. Reply

    Great post.

    I have always attempted to provide the best and most up to date content with all my website and blog articles dealing with aquarium and pond fish care.

    I have been researching and updating content on a daily basis, which with the growing number of articles means I have had to have others help me keep up with research and update these articles.

    Unfortunately of late, this does not count on Google as I have watched articles such as on the subject of Aquarium Lighting pass me up with content that not only is out of date and simple copy and paste content, but is factually wrong.
    I can give countless other examples such as “Aquarium Planaria” or “UV Sterilization” where a website that plagiarized me actually ranks ahead, even though I was able to get them via legal threats to provide me with a hyper link acknowledgment of my copyright

    Thankfully DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo and Blekko still seem to measure & give credit for content that is fresh, updated and accurate

  5. John zee


    Informative SEO tips … Content is king is almost everywhere … Seo in future depends on the keywords trending at that time i think 🙂

    • Reply

      You are right John, content will always be king. If your blog doesn’t have high quality content then people won’t be attracted to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Reply

    Nice written by blogger that the job of se is to give best result for user query. well there are certain cases in which we can’t find good. but google is working on it.
    nice post budy…

  7. Reply


    Informative article indeed! Yes you are right content is king we don’t need to worry about the future seo updates. We just need to focus on quality content and other promotion strategies.


    • Reply

      Hey Ashish,

      You are so right about that. Why write for search engines when our readers are more important.

      Great point made in your comment. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Reply

    Content is King – all we hear Google say is to just create content people want to share.

    It’s the best way to build links naturally which is what Google wants to see.

    • Reply

      You are so right about that. Writing great content that people love will make them want to share it. Always try to write high quality contents.

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. Sekhar


    Nice insight, the point noted are very much valid. The post seems to be small in length, but it has touched every important aspect of SEO like metatags, backlinks, unique content, keyword etc.

  10. vishal fulwani


    Great post,You are right content is king. If you content is new and useful you website automatically rank well,and meta tag is impotent for new website . I am a newbie blogger,i was reading lots of post and article for seo. and i find lots of trick and they works for only few time. and if you have to put new ideas your website rank will be good.Thanks for sharing this article with us.

    • Reply

      Hey Vishal,

      Once you write high quality articles and do SEO for those articles, along with promotion then your blog will become a success.

      Thanks for the comment.

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