Product reviews are an excellent form of organic marketing. Now that the internet has made it easier than ever for individuals to share their opinions and find the opinions of others, a glowing product review is a valuable tool for helping to market any product. As easy as it might seem, writing a good product review that is likely to result in increased sales actually requires a great deal of finesse.

Write Well

It might seem obvious, but a lot of people write product reviews that don’t go very far beyond the usual platitudes and clichés. Writing well is an important step in making your reviews seem legitimate. Reviews which say little more than “Great! Best product ever!” are not likely to garner much interest. On the other hand, a reader is far more likely to trust a review which is well written and in depth, a review which demonstrates that the viewer is not only familiar with the product but with the review process itself.

Be Natural

Product reviews are infinitely more effective when the reader believes that they are a genuine product review and not an attempt at selling them a product. When it is clear that a product review is, in fact, a piece of marketing, the reader will feel less inclined to take the claims made within seriously.

Build Trust

Building trust with the reader is an important part of generating sales through product reviews. There are a number of different techniques that you can employ in order to achieve this. The methods you use will largely depend on the platform that your reviews appear on, the nature of the products that you are reviewing, and your relationship with the audience.

Know Your Audience

If you are posting reviews to a personal blog, then you will presumably already have a relationship with your readers, although part of writing online reviews is that you will generate new traffic to your blog. Writing on your own blog or website gives you the freedom to write in your own style and format. However, if you are writing for someone else’s website, such as, or if your reviews are to be posted to an e-commerce site, then you will need to make sure that you write in a style appropriate to the target website and adhere to their formatting preferences.

It is always important that you keep in mind who your target audience is. If you are reviewing tech products, for example, then your readers will expect a certain level of detailed analysis from you. If you are reviewing beauty products, then your readers will also expect you to analyze the product, but the details you hone in on will be very different.

Product reviews, when they are well written and fielded appropriately, are a very effective marketing tool. Writing good product reviews isn’t rocket science, but it does require writers to recognize and adopt the appropriate tone. Following these simple tips will set you well on your way to producing effective product reviews that really sell.

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