Writing endlessly can be addictive! But what’s stopping you from getting addicted to something you are so passionate about? Just go ahead and keep doing what you love so much – write, write and write a little more!

I am on a mission today to help you write at least 3 blogs a day. Why 3 blogs? I will ask why only 3 blogs! In fact, I am always eyes and ears for topics to write on and keep jotting down the ideas day in and day out. That’s why I can always come up with at least a hundred ideas to write on at any given point of time.

But how do you write quality content? That too 3 of them, in one day? Let me ask you, did I anywhere mention the word ‘quality’? No, I did not! What matters more is that you keep practicing until you perfect the art of writing. Quality does not matter as much as the intention and the determination to write.

Getting ready to write 3 blogs in a day

You may have to encounter the question why do you need to! One reason to keep blogging every day is to analyze and understand which posts receive maximum appreciation. You can use this information to time your next posts accordingly, especially when you run out of topics. You can also understand what topics are more received better so that you can explore a lot more in that area.

  1. Note down the topics

Keep your notepad, mobile notes, Evernote and every other note software ready to note down interesting topics that come your way every minute of your life. It might be a bird tweeting, or a child playing, or even a butterfly fluttering! Always keep your mind open about things you see and hear. If you find them interesting, just note them down. Keep a list of such topics and titles and whenever you get time, prioritize them so that you can start writing.

  1. Keep your Mobile or Camera ever-ready


Just as you note down the ideas that come to you instantly, keep your mobile or camera always ready to click some beautiful or inspiring moments to go along with the post. This will make your blogs more interesting and lively. In fact, experiment with media blogs too other than text blogs. Keep your options open and keep learning.

  1. Make time to write

What matters more is that you make time to write. If you really want to be able to write 3 blogs a day, you really have to make time for your schedule. Eliminate certain things from your routine such as your favorite Television soap and reading articles and blogs endlessly. They are not going to get you anywhere! Instead, practice multitasking more efficiently. It buys you a lot of time. Get up a little early, if you can really afford that and start writing. It is more important to make time for writing than take the time to do that.

  1. Just keep writing

Fix the word count and try to stick to that, instead of endlessly writing your mind out. It will bore the readers as much as it does when you read it later! Discussing the same point over and again is not going to help you in any way. So keep it simple and short. Get done with one topic and then start with the next.

  1. Don’t bother too much

While quality writings do matter, you don’t really have to go overboard cross-checking on multiple websites. Stick to one website which you find is the best and do not bother about what others will say. If you get criticized for the language, then improve it. Otherwise, either people are just not bothered or they love your natural way of writing. Either way is not worth spending more time on stricter quality control.

  1. Do not wander away

As you start writing, it is quite possible that you get carried away and wander off to totally unrelated topics. Do not let your mind wander away. Keep a timer and stick to it. This way, you may be able to write and publish more than 3 blogs a day easily.

  1. Guest Blog

Guest blog for multiple blog sites. Guest blogging gives you an opportunity to explore more areas of your expertise and also to explore what popular bloggers are writing on. But remember, do not get carried away. Just browse through the blogs rather than trying to read through them in-depth. Different blog sites let you explore different ideas and different versions of the same idea too. This helps you explore a lot of options.  They also help you build a larger audience.

  1. Ask your audience


If you are not sure of something, blog it and ask your audiences’ opinion of it. That’s a great way to keep your blogs more engaging.

Come up with your own ideas and excuses to keep blogging. As long as it is your own blog, nobody can stop you from posting interesting and engaging content anytime. Keep the critics away safely and keep blogging!


About the Author: ANAKHA is a Content Writer at Code9 Technologies and She is well-experienced in software design and also a passionate about music, reading and writing non-tech articles. Recently she published a blog on topic – Popular Blogging Tools. She also works on some freelance marketplaces.


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