When you write a blog post, do you normally hit the publish button so that your readers can get to read what you have written?

Or do you check your blog post to make sure that it is in correct order before publishing to the public?

Well most times bloggers would check to make sure that their article is proper condition before publishing.

What are the things to check for before publishing a blog post?

This article provides a list of things that you should check for before publishing your blog post.

[box type=”spacer”]Check The Blog Post Title[/box]

Whenever you write a blog post, a title is one of the first things that normally comes to a blogger’s mind.

The title can be classed as the foundation of the blog so to speak.

A blog post title means that this is the subject for discussion and this is what will be discussed in the article so it gives the reader an overview of what the article is about.

Check the blog post title and make sure that the title is eye-catching. An attractive blog post title will help to bring in more people to reader your blog post.

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[box type=”spacer”]Write Blog Post In Paragraphs[/box]

If you write your blog post with sentence after sentence, your article will seem messy.

Writing in paragraphs helps to bring the blog post to life. This will make your article much easier to read.

Using paragraphs with sub-headings helps to bring out the main points in your article.

The use of paragraphs in your article helps to make it scannable as well. This is because some readers will scroll through your blog post and they may find a particular point which appeals to them and this will make them read your article as well.

[box type=”spacer”]Have Images In Your Blog Post[/box]

Before you publish your blog post, do you normally place images inside your article?

Having images related to your blog post can help to bring in more readers and it as well helps to bring life to your blog post.

If a new visitor comes to your blog then the use of eye-catching images can be useful in turning that first time visitor into a loyal reader.

[box type=”spacer”]Categorize Your Blog Post[/box]

Before you hit the publish button you should place your article into a category.

This helps to define your blog post and is also good for search engine optimization as well.

Categorizing your blog post helps to make your blog look neat. If your readers are searching for topics related to a particular category then placing your articles in categories would help to make it easier for them.

If you use a related post plugin at the end of each article, then when you place posts in categories the related post plugin will show articles related to the current article being read using the categories which it was placed in.

[box type=”spacer”]Use Appropriate Tags[/box]

Tags also help to define your blog post, it is also similar to categories.

Tags are like a mini category and can help you to rank well in search engines.

Even though categories are normally overlooked, they are of high importance to every blog.

Be sure to tag your articles and see what difference they will make in getting more readers to your blog post.

[box type=”spacer”]Optimize Blog Post For Search Engine[/box]

Blog post optimization plays a very big roll in getting a high volume of free targeted traffic to your blog. Before you publish your blog post, check to see if you are targeting keywords so that you can rank for a particular word or phrase. Insert keywords in the keyword meta tag section, place your description for the blog post in the meta description section and also remember to place the keyword all over your article.

[box type=”spacer”]Adjust Your Permalink For The Blog Post[/box]

The permalink for each blog post plays an important roll.

Permalinks should be a few words which help to describe your blog post. It should not be too long so that it looks the the whole article in is the the permalink.

It is also good to have the keyword which you are targeting for search engine traffic in the permalink.

[box type=”spacer”]Proof Read Your Blog Post[/box]

Read over your article so that there were no mistakes while writing.

Not reading your article before publishing is one of the mistakes that most new bloggers tend to make because they are eager to get in new readers to their blog.

Proof read for grammatical errors and correct if there was any.

[box type=”spacer”]Preview Your Blog Post[/box]

Always be sure to preview your article so that everything is in place.

If you use images then previewing your blog post before publishing will let you know if you have inserted the images correctly.

Check to see if the sub-headings look neat and in the correct place.

[box type=”spacer”]Publish Your Blog Post To The World[/box]

Now that you have completed the check list guide, you are now ready to publish your article for all to read it.


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    Hi kharim !
    Awesome post as usual !
    Great tips and it definitely helps to newbies to bringing huge amount of organic traffic.
    You had covered all the major things in this article and made it helpful.
    Anyway thanks for sharing this awesome article.

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    Hi, You have written a very good article. Before anybody publishes the post one must check the points as you mentioned. Some of the things like permalink, spells, grammar, figures are utmost important before anybody push off the publish button.

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    Hello Kharim Tomlinson,

    Thanks for your guide before publishing a post for bloggers, what I learned could be an asset for me to apply upon me. Before I publish a blog post, check to see a title is one of the first things that normally comes to a blogger’s mind to define my blog post, Things to check for before publishing a blog post to Get People To Read my Blog Post, whether article is in proper condition- eye-catching title is the subject for discussion, Using paragraphs with sub-headings helps to bring out the main points in article. Place images inside article, Categorize my blog post , keyword meta tag, sure to tag my articles, place description for the blog post in the meta description section and also remember to place the keyword all over your article. Permalinks should be a few words which looks the whole article. Finally Proof read for grammatical errors and correct & sure to preview your article so that everything is in place. Yes I do remember everything to follow.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kazi Abdul Latif

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    Hi Kharim

    After reading this complete article, I would must say that you rocked this article. 😀

    You had covered all the major things in this article and made it helpful.

    From last few days, I had reading some of your articles and I found that you are putting more efforts in your articles and trying your best to serve better content.

    That’s really good for your blog. 😀

    I would also suggest you to focus on building genuine email subscribers on your blog. Try to add links to subcribe to your newsletter in the middle of your post.

    This will boost your email list.

    Either way, keep up the awesome work with your blog.

    Have a nice weekend. 😀

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    Hi Kharim ,
    This is my first time visit on your site and got so impressed.
    Really Its a complete solution guide before publishing the blog.
    We should be very careful and use these helpful tips while going to publish a blog.
    Thanks for sharing…Please keep sharing such post.

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    Thanks for the informative article I just started the blogging and I love the information that you provide in the above mentioned article thanks for the great piece of work.

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    The main thing is to write down the quality content and to use the proper and best SEO keywords and then follow the above mentioned points. Thanks for the great article.

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    Thanks alot for this piece of information. i’ll implement it in all my posts from now on.

  11. Ahmad Rasheed


    Before we hit publish, all these steps are mandatory in order to get succeed with that post,
    Sir i want to ask, what if i change permalink after i hit published, will it goes the same way.?

    • Manidipa


      Hi Ahmed,

      Changing permalink is not at all recommended, because it will delete your old url & create a 404 page not found issue. In case you change the permalink after publishing, you need to do 301 redirect.

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    Blogging is a great way to discuss any important part of our technical issue.
    Everyone have some opinion and remark so we should take care of their comment.

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    First thing we should check the title because it must be attractive. Then post should be written for readers. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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    Idea with Image blog post is so far not implemented on my site as I did not put any Images in my blogs as was confused what type of Image should I make for my blogs as I write about home business so there was not even a single image idea in my mind, But what actually is to ask I think blog creation must be in easy word rather than complex words and as your tips also.

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    I am glad I read this it was more to see that I am on the right track on my posts. I am now putting images in to most of my posts as I think this really brings them alive and helps to give you something to write around.. Where I could improve is definately around the tags as this is always a bit of an after thought and I don’t pay enough importance to them.

    So for that advice thanks lee

    • Reply

      Hey Lee,

      When using images on blog posts they can sure help to pull in more readers. A picture can tell more than a thousand words. Also best to use images that best describes the points that you are writing about.

      Also with tagging, this is really important. And again make sure tags match your article.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    Hey Kharim !
    Totally agree with you. I really liked this post.
    Use appropriate tag is an important aspect, indeed.
    I have learned lots of good things from your post.

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      Hi Kent,

      You are right on point with that. A detailed video will make your blog post wonderful.

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    You nailed everything on this post! It proved to be very helpful especially for newbies. Actually, there are times that I forgot to preview my content that I published it with error in grammar and spelling. I learned my lesson from it and your post reminds me a lot of the things I should do.

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      Hey Rusty,

      Great that you are now publishing your article and not making those mistakes again.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    Well i will forward the post to the brother so that he can edit the post and some points to it after that we add some images and publish it.

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    nice post bro.i think new blogger have to concentrate on ,on page SEO and off page SEO

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      Yep, tons of people tend to forget about that. That is why they don’t benefit from search engine traffic.

      Thanks for the tips pal.

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    that is a really helpful list, thanks a lot! 🙂 normally i write something and post it immediately, which is a mistake most of the time, cause there are few things to improve etc. 😀 maybe i´ll do a check list for future blog postings ;D

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    Great article there! I really enjoy reading you and Thank you so much for the great info you provide us. I’ll stay tuned! Please, keep the good work up. 🙂

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    Hey Kharim, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I enjoyed reading your article.

    I’d be interested to hear your experience about post tags. Do they really make any difference? Is there any point in using tag lists or even tag clouds?

    I’m not using any now on my blog anymore because I didn’t see any reason. I mean I tag posts but I don’t publically show the tags or any tag cloud… should I do so again?

    • Reply

      Hey Robert,

      Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

      I use tags on my blog and I believe that they do help with SEO. I don’t use tag clouds or display tags in my sidebar. I did it for a period of time but didn’t really see any improvement in my blog so I took them off.

      You can use tags for posts, but not sure if the tag clouds make an impact on peoples blog, because I hardly ever see them.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    First impression is the last impression; I think everybody is aware of this. Thanks Kharim for sharing this must do tips before publishing the blog post to the online and publish it to the search engine.

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    Hi Kharim, nice post. All the points are really very important for consideration. A blogs post should be informative and it should fulfill users requirement. Posts title, keywords, heading etc these all points are very important.

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    Nice guide and tips for publishing your blog post. It’s a basic activity which must have to be checked by every blogger before publishing blog posts.

    Finally, I am so much impressed with your content design representation skills – It’s one of the best content arrangement (design) ideas to engage visitors and force them to read i.e., your highlighted sub heading( attractive visibility) attracts visitors to stay and read it.

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      Hey James… Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      Most new bloggers tend to forget these things before they publish their new articles and often wonder why they hardly get comments.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

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    Hello kharim, Absolutely agree with you, really maintained a well formatted way to create a weblog. Heartily thank you.

    Keep going well.

  32. valentine


    I find it very difficult to review my article before it goes live and anytime i do it, i usually find some minute errors in the article body.
    So i wanted to ask if there’s any wordpress plugin that helps to check for grammatical errors and incorrect sentences?

    • Reply

      Hello again Valentine,

      There is this WordPress plugin that you can use called Proofread, I think. But you can search for that and see what comes up.

      But sometimes its best for you to proofread for yourself.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  33. Ferb


    HI kharim, proof read blog post is the most important. I read a post that I published and it doesn’t have any mistakes on it. But after a few day come back, I still spot out a lot of more errors on post. So you got some very important tips above.

    Thanks – Ferb

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    Hey Kharim!
    nice article indeed. really nice tips. i just want to ask you that can we add more than one paragraph under one heading.?? please let me, i shall be very thankful to you,
    Thanks for the post.

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      Hey Matt,

      You can add as much paragraph as you want under one heading. Once the paragraph is related to that heading then it is alright.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

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    It is very important to do all of these steps. I especially like to optimize for seo. That step is always missed. And it will greatly increase the rankings of every blog post for your keywords over your competition.

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      Hey Jeremy,

      Yep SEO is always being left out and then some people wonder why they get no traffic from search engines.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

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    well there is a thing that before posting blog we should read it many time so that we can understand that we are making no mistakes and then we have to went throw all the points you have written in your post.

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    This all are very nice tips to make your article unique and keep interest of reader in your post. To add heading and sub heading in your post make it more attractive & interesting to reader.

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      Hey Alok,

      Welcome to my blog. Yep having a great headline and sub-headings in your blog post makes your blog looks great.

      Thanks for the comment and hope to see you again.

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    I think you can check for plagarism, it adds value for post. There are many plagaraism checker tools available online. Check google adwords keyword tool for targeted keywords for your post.

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      Hey Rajkumar,

      Yep those are great tools to have and to use before publishing your articles.

      Thanks for the suggestion in your comment.

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    Good to know I haven’t been doing anything wrong while I was posting. That was a close one. No one would like to look stupid on their blog after all.

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    Passion is the essence of successful online content creation. Blogging is the new media of the 21st century, and is a fantastic way to create a long term sustainable income, as long as you can write.

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    I guess another thing we should remember is to keep everything lean. No additives and hoo-ha. Excellent job on this, I see a lot of people have already been applying your tips.

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      Yes, keeping everything clean is a great way to go as well.

      This will help to show that you are a blogger who values his/her blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    This post is just great! My baby sister’s been babbling about her new blog all week and she doesn’t believe me when I say she’s doing it all wrong. Hopefully this post of yours will help. Thank you!

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      Hey Kristine,

      Well I hope that you have shared this blog post with her and she will apply the tips that I have in here.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    Nice Points, these all points are really very important for consideration before blog post. And agree that title should be eye-catching. Because people firstly read our title if they feel that its interesting and its content provide quality information then they took interest to read them and after this they will provide their feedbacks, their views for that post. And provide quality backlinks. And sharing our blog post to Social Networking Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites, they will also provide very benefits to us, by this we can get quality traffic and our sites PR will also increase.

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    Excellent advice, Kharim. A must read for every blog writer. I do tend to read some mistakes in some posts and that is annoying. These tips can surely help.

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    This is a great guide, kharim. Proofreading is very important after you have written a blog and are ready to publish. I myself make so many mistakes that I found when II proofread. Thanks for sharing.

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      Hi Kelly,

      I like you and many others made that mistake of not proofreading. It’s good to catch up on ourselves though and do it before publishing.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    This is a really good guideline for bloggers like us. It’s very important for us to follow this guideline and proof read our posts before publishing them. Make sure there are no typos and other problems.

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      Hey Jasmine,

      Typos and other problems are really annoying especially if it is present in all our blog posts. We may make a mistake and it appears in one of our post, but in every post goes to show that something is wrong.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    I can’t help but laugh at my old mistakes, glad I corrected them by the time I started my serious blog. Thank you for sharing this.

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    Apparently I’ve been doing everything wrong for the past few weeks. Thanks for sharing this, I’ll be using these tips as soon as my next post!

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      Hey Joy,

      Well I write so that you could have a great guide to see where you can improve on your bogging.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best in your blogging.

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    I admire how you made these tips to successfully posting a blog more detailed and informative. I now understand the importance of making sure that my tags are sufficient and enough to help readers locate the articles more. Thanks!

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      Hey Stacey,

      Using tags helps to build the SEO of your blog upwards. This also helps to make your blog traffic stay longer and make it easier for people to find related posts of interest.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    Before publishing any draft, it would really be best to proofread for grammatical and typographical errors. This is also a good opportunity to improve on the post in general as you have mentioned by including images and developing a good train of thought. Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

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      Hey Kristine,

      Yep I made mistakes of publishing draft without reading it over for mistakes. That was really horrible for doing that.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    Interesting guide. I tend to be shy about asking readers for reaction,but soliciting their opinion make sense. From now on I will try to put CTA at the end of my blog post.Thanks.

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      Hey Linda,

      CTA always works great. I have been using it on and off on my blog and it works really well.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best with your blogging.

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    You have high lighted the main reasons for a blog which we have to consider every time some time we do not spend proper time to check it most people just press the publish and let it go.Those who just start there career with blogging must read your blogs every day.

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      Hey Mark,

      You are right. Yep these tips will help new bloggers to be come an even better blogger in no time.

      Thanks for commenting.

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    When publishing a blog post post always remember your objective is to build both credibility and reader loyalty. Building a blog requires that you produce interesting reading material in order to attract and retain visitors both new and old.

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      Hey Gary,

      I must agree with you strongly on that point. Building credibility is a must for blogging success and to always remember to make your articles interesting.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

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    Thanks for the list! A good blog needs to be checked well before publishing to avoid compromising of the content.

  59. Istiak Rayhan


    Hey Kharim,
    Love your all points.
    We are feeling hurry after writing the post to publish it. As a results we forget about some important factors that should be checked before publishing.
    Recently I’ve also written a post on this topic.
    I want to add one more point which is proper interlinking. Thanks Kharim for the post!

    • Reply

      Hey Istiak,

      Being quick to publish is not the way to go. We are all humans and make mistakes at times. So proof reading is a great way to spot mistakes and also help us to see if our blog post is in good condition for the public to read.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

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    Proof reading is the basic step before publishing article. Because of proof reading one can correct one’s mistakes.

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    nice post kharim. you can make intrested blog post if you are also some features point is paragraph. mostly reader read your key point of the whole article.

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    And i think we must research the post which are yet to write completely and the seo optimization is very important for getting better results.

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    Right. I completely agree with all your post. Before posting any blog, you must read all the post and deleted the useless content.

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    Tips you have mentioned out there are basics i would like apprciate few points like our blog must carry realated and extra ordinary images and one thing more that we should write content which provides the information that no other blog post can by doing this we can get more traffic which can be converted into sales if you into e-commerce field

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    Thanks for your complete guide. I can confess that before publishing an article i follow this rules and everything goes well. This is a guide to a complete success.

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    Brilliant check list before publishing your blog post. Proof reading is important. Sometimes you can over read your own mistakes hence its a good idea to get someone else to read it as well.

    One question; can you have a different permalink to the title of the blog post.

    • Reply

      Hey Shalu,

      Yep proof reading before publishing an article is really important. I write my own articles then there is nothing wrong in reading what I have written before publishing it for others to read.

      We are all humans and at times we do make mistake. So if we can spot it while proof reading then this will helps us to be more successful bloggers.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    Hello Kharim,
    You have wonderful opinions and I appreciate this post but also have some suggestions.
    If someone is on the blogging way then and want to make dozens of good post with great matter then should use videos in his post and host them own.
    What do you think ?

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    Thats a very good check list Kharim
    A blog has to be well structured right from the title to the whole content. Interesting, informative and simple……….

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      Hey Patrik,

      Yep good construction of a blog and its articles will help the blog to become more successful.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

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    All of this is so true. It’s especially important to proofread & to preview articles before publishing. It really makes a difference to the quality of the website. Thanks for a great article!

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      Hey Stacey,

      Yes! You have to make sure that your article looks presentable before publishing to the publish.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    In the past, I was very lazy, so i didn’t bother proof reading my blog post. The result is tons of grammar errors and so on. Thank you for pointing out these nice tips.

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      Hey Robert,

      That has happened to a lot of us in the past. Great to know that you are now proof reading your articles.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

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    Hi Nice article. i am strongly agree with you Which you have shared with us. Thats fact that you need to know complete knowledge before publishing blog post. and i am going to take guide again because i have to publish my blog..Well thanks for sharing with us.

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      Hey Soniya,

      Try my best as always to help my visitors to get knowledge on how to become a better blogger.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment as well.

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    I have applied most of those steps..
    One thing I keep doing before I publish my post is a thorough review of every thing.

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    Hi Kharim,

    It’s absolutely all we need to do before publish a new updates. Maybe we should add “call to action” to ease visitors do what we want 🙂


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    Greetings from Indonesia

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    I don’t know how many times I preview each of my blog posts before publishing them Kharim. I REALLY waste a lot of time to write flawless content.

    Finding appealing images do TAKE a lot of time. I’ve a question, you always use great images on your articles. Are they free or premium images?

    Do let me know from where you download them Kharim. And here’s a great advice for anyone who wants to make them blog posts go viral – promote your articles at RIGHT times on social media.

    When you get more likes on Facebook for your posts, the chances of going viral will be more!

    • Reply

      Hey Rahul,

      My images, I get them by searching through Google.

      Great tips you have provided about social media promotion.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  76. Rahul kuntala


    well Karim,
    i ‘ll agree with you dude.the content is a milestone of every blogger to make a good article in blogging writing skills most important in our content so the preview is more important

    • Reply

      Yep. It’s always good to do a preview before publishing so that you see that everything is in order and looking neat.

      Thanks for the comment, Rahul.

  77. Mark incense


    Hey bro,
    Excellent post. It seems that i have missed too many things before publishing a post. I have read your post and made it in my mind and from next time, I will take care of it !

    thank you

  78. Gary Tyrrell


    When publishing a blog post you want it to be something that will spark a positive reaction from readers. Most popular blogs are able to capture the attention and interest of their visitors thereby compelling them to return hence their popularity.

  79. Antonella


    Great article there! I really enjoy reading you and Thank you so much for the great info you provide us. I’ll stay tuned! Please, keep the good work up! =)

  80. Chimezirim Odimba


    I like the point about proofreading your post before hitting the publish button. While it may seem minor to many people, it’s a fact that many bloggers don’t take the time to proof-read their posts. How can anyone excuse that now that you can do it easily with word processors? Let’s NOT forget that these documents present us to the world — We have to show our best.

    • Reply

      Hey Chimezirim,

      I agree with you pal.

      I used to have a plugin that proofread my articles but I have decided to delete it and to it myself.

      This will show that I am willing to take the extra step to make sure my articles are in proper condition for my blog readers.

      Thanks for the comment.

  81. Raplus


    Normally, I do all of the things given by in this post before publish my article. But most of the time, after publishing a article, again I do changes 😀

    • Reply

      Hey Raplus,

      I do make minor changes at times if after I publish and I miss something.

      It is always good to touch up your articles to make sure that they are in perfect condition for your readers.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  82. Reply

    Funny how many, many bloggers do not “preview” their posts before they publish. I see it all the time with clients who are so happy that they finished the post, they just want to click “publish” and be done with it:) Nice post for remembering the basics.

    • Reply

      Hey Lisa,

      Glad to see you here.

      I always preview my articles while writing just to make sure I am on the correct path with my article.

      It is always best to preview before publishing so that you don’t seem like you copy and paste the article.

      Thanks for the comment.

  83. Steve


    I like when blog posts have the main points in a list or the headline of each paragraph is emphasized like your article here. It makes reading the article quickly easy to do.

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      Hey Steve,

      I agree with you too as well Steve. I don’t like to see everything jumbled up into each other.

      Using sub-headings makes the article much easier to read and also helpful for SEO purposes too.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    Informative post! Yeah true, i do agree with your points here, making the article interesting to the readers is out most important thing to every bloggers.
    Thanks for the post

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