So, you have decided to start a blog! There are loads of good reasons to run your own blog, from getting a chance to show off your writing skills and voice your views, to trying to make money. Of course, there are millions of blogs on the web, so the topic you choose to make a blog about is very important. You want to pick a niche that people are interested in, that you have interesting things to say about, and where there isn’t too much competition – so your blog won’t go unnoticed.

You can create a blog about just about anything, but if you don’t have a subject that springs to mind that you are especially passionate about or expert in, here are some ideas that can do very well if your content is good and you promote your blog effectively:


Everybody eats, and lots of people cook, so a food blog can be a great idea. It can be easier to make a food blog and attract traffic if you go for a slightly more targeted approach, and choose a niche within food. Do you love the cuisine of a certain country? Are you passionate about vegetarianism or veganism? Are you on a special diet with its own recipes? Blogging about a niche within food can help you find the kind of people looking for the content you are publishing, so consider a theme like recipes under 400 calories, recipes that all use a specific ingredient, or cooking on a budget.

TV, Movies or Music

Are you a huge fan of a certain TV show, or a movie buff? Making a blog about something in the media that you love can be a great theme, whether you post news and reviews about all kinds of shows, movies and music or you dedicate your site to one genre or specific franchise. Post reviews, fan theories, analyses of episodes, or even just reactions to things within the fandom you have chosen, and you’ll soon find like minded fans making their way to your posts.


Writing about your own travel experiences can be a good way to ensure you have unique content that is useful to the people who visit your site. Be as specific as you can about your experiences, from talking about specific restaurants and hotels you have been to to giving travel tips you learned along the way.


Lots of people love their pets, and like hearing about other people’s! Whether you have an unusual pet, or a pet with bags of character, making them the focus of your blog can be fun. Alternatively, you can do a more serious blog for pet owners that covers tips, advice and product reviews.


Fashion blogs are among the most popular personal blogs, and a lot of people use them for inspiration. Whether you have a good idea for a niche, such as homemade fashion, plus size fashion, kids’ fashion or vintage fashion, or you just like the idea of sharing the things you think look good, a fashion blog can be easy to start and great fun to keep up!

Consumer Reviews

Reviewing the products you buy can be interesting, and also help your readers make the right choices. One additional benefit of running a blog focused on reviews is that you may even be able to get free stuff from companies in return for posting an honest review about it! Reviews can also be a good topic if you want to do affiliate marketing.

Tech and Gadgets

If you are really interested in technology, this can be another great blog topic. You can cover all sorts of things from mobile tech to the Internet of Things, games consoles to green energy, and as long as you stay on top of the latest news or provide other helpful stuff like tutorials, you should find it easy to bring in traffic once you have some good content on your site.

Local Interest

Creating and running a site about things going on in your local area can be a really easy way to build a following quickly. Whether you write about all topics that interest people who live in your neighborhood, or you focus on one aspect like local nightlife, parenting in your area, or local history, you should find it easy to target and promote your site to people nearby using social media. Sites like these can become an important part of the community, and you might make some new friends too!


Are you passionate about a particular sport or team? If so, then making a fan site about them can allow you to play a bigger role in the fan community, and also be a lot of fun to write for. It can help if you regularly go to live games and manage to get some unique photos, or even interviews with other people connected to the team. Even if you can’t do this, if you can create interesting news and opinion posts other fans will enjoy reading, you can build a great following with this kind of blog.


Got kids? Then you may have all the inspiration you need for a great blog. Whether you choose to write a funny blog about family life or a blog that offers advice and reviews for other parents, parenting and kids can be a popular topic that can be easy to run with. Some people choose niches within this like traveling with kids, recipes for kids, crafts for kids, or children’s fashion, whereas others do well just by talking about the fun things that happen in their families.

As you can see, there are lots of broad niches you can drill down into to find the perfect topic for your blog. Setting up a blog is easy, so why not choose your topic, build your site, and start creating some fantastic content to entice some readers today!

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