When it comes to gaining the edge over your online competition, creating more exposure to a wider target audience, and improving your online presence, search engine optimization is absolutely vital. Optimizing your website for search will ensure a higher ranking in search engine results, making it more likely that users will find your site earlier when searching for relevant keywords in Google and other search engines. So, what can you do to improve your SEO efforts and boost your search engine ranking? We’ve listed some of the best strategies to use.

#1. Outsource to Professionals:

For many business owners, finding the time to first understand SEO and then implement good strategies for their business can get in the way of other important business processes. Unless you are an SEO expert, then trying to go the DIY route when it comes to optimizing your website can be a very time-consuming process, which could lead to bad results for your business. In addition, if you’re not well-versed in SEO, then there’s more of a risk that mistakes will be made that could seriously damage your business. In this case, outsourcing to professional SEO services is often the best option, and can even save your business money in the long run by providing more efficiency and better results. You can use SEO services such as barrie seo to get some great services done on your website.

#2. Ensure Mobile-Friendliness:

In times gone by, SEO was all about keywords, and making sure that you had the most relevant ones included in your content. Whilst keyword research and analysis is still important today, Google and other search engines have significantly changed their algorithms over the years, meaning that there are far more requirements in terms of user-friendliness when it comes to getting your website to the top spot in search engine rankings. One such requirement is mobile-friendliness; today’s users are mainly accessing the web on devices such as smartphones and tablets, therefore, business website owners must follow suit and ensure they use a design that is responsive and provides a great user experience on any device. Without this, you will be risking severe penalties from search engines in terms of your ranking.

#3. Focus on Quality Link-Building:

When it comes to optimizing your business website for search, link building is still a very important process that can make or break your success. However, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when it comes to using this strategy is to simply build as many links as you can. For example, guest posting on irrelevant blogs, or posting links in forum comments, can quickly be seen by search engines as spamming and will earn you penalties and damage your ranking, rather than improving it. So, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. In the case of SEO, it’s far better to get one high-quality link, such as a mention in the local news or a high-quality, informational guest post on a relevant authority blog, rather than building hundreds of low-quality links.

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  1. Reply

    Short but insightful! The strategies presented are on-point. Other people ignore number 3 just because they do not want the process of link building and all its whatnot. But they need to understand the importance of back links and how it affects their site.

  2. Sarah Magbi


    Nice post Kharim. Appreciate the three points you shared and it was all elaborated. I really like the #2 strategy especially nowadays that everyone is slowly switching to mobile. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing these info.

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