Conversion rate optimization is on top of every marketer’s list. But very few marketer’s are able to implement it. With good CRO practices you can increase the revenue with the marketing spends you do. And which business does not like to improve the ROI for every marketing spend they do.

It is very important to use the correct set of Conversion Rate Optimization tools for optimization. The tools available in the market for conversion rate optimization are not very expensive.


Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Google Analytics

Google analytics allows you to collect data on user actions on your website. It allows you to understand the behaviour of the users on your website. It helps you in identifying which traffic source is performing better. You can track conversions according to the primary goal for your business.


The very fundamental of marketing is to increase the touch with the users to increase conversions. LetReach, a web push notification service helps you to increase touch with your users through push notifications which has a higher Click Through Rate(CTR) as compared to emails.


With CrazyEgg heatmap tool you can see where your visitors are clicking more and putting call to action on strategic points where the users are clicking more. It also lets you identify where the user is clicking.


Unbounce is a landing page builder tool, which helps you build landing pages. You can also A/B test landing page using unbounce. You can test which variant of the landing page is performing better.


MixPanel is an advance analytics tool. It gives you data about people and helps you in visualizing data better. Using mixpanel you can segment users and re-engage with them. You can also A/B test user experience and track the results.


Hello Bar allows you to engage with your users by showing them a notification when users are on your website. It displays a top bar with a custom Call To Action. You can use Hello Bar to add CTA to promote your ebook or products.


Marketo is a marketing automation platform which helps you to nurture your leads and increase conversion. Once you have created a campaign in marketo, it automatically sends email to leads basis the scenarios you create. Lead nurturing and Lead scoring is very important for Sales and Marketing team. It helps marketing team to deliver Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) to Sales team.


Optimizely is a landing page optimization tool. With optimizely you can A/B test your landing page. It is one of the easy to use Conversion Rate Optimization tool which helps you in optimizing the landing page. You can also track which variant of the landing page is performing better.


With usertesting you can analyse how the actual user behaves on your website. The platform gets a real user to review and test your website. With UserTesting you can analyse what buttons is the user clicking the most, what is the user behavior on the website, which are the most visited pages on the website, is the onboarding process helping users.


With inspectlet you can see the recording of user behaviour on the website. It provides you with the recordings of how the user is navigating on the website. It is a very important data to understand how the user behaves on the website.

Author Bio :

This post is written by Akshat Goel who handles growth at LetReach. Akshat has been helping startups in marketing in the early stages.

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