In this ever-competitive world of internet marketing, grabbing the attention of the potential customers on the website can be tough. However, retaining traffic and converting into monetary benefits is very a challenging task. If you are the owner of a website, it is your foremost responsibility to keep the website in a way which gives your users an excellent navigation experience, thereby maximizing customer retention. If your website is not user-friendly, chances are high that your visitors will leave your websites within first few seconds, causing your conversion rate to drop down.

Below are some of the key elements which you need to take into consideration before opting for web design in Cork.

The Registration Requirement

You can easily find numerous websites which force users to make registration before accessing the services of their website. This is much like a physical barrier and such kind of barrier may cause the visitors to look for another option. This will surely drop down the conversion rate of your website unless your website is highly popular. It is advised to keep your website design on Cork as simple as you can so that your visitors can come over to  your website again and again.

Poor Navigation

Nothing can frustrate a website visitor more than poor or complex navigation process. Complex or inconsistent navigation can make it hard for the users to distinguish different things and make them feel helpless, angry and confused. If they are consistently struggling while navigating your website, chances are that they will leave your website, causing your conversion rate to drop down. The website navigation should be logical, intuitive, and easy to understand. Good navigation will not only enhance the user’s experience but it will also compel them to visit your website again and again.

Too Many Advertisements

Pop-ups have made a comeback in the past few years and become a matter of debate among so many marketers. Some marketers have a perception that these ads work well and some say that they can do more harm than good. Displaying so many ads in the form of pop-ups and flash can suffocate the visitors. In general, the visitors on your website are looking for the information, not for the ads. Pop-ups not only cover most of the screen but they also affect the speed of the page loading.

In place of ads, use high quality, information, engaging, and interactive content on your website to give your user a wonderful navigation experience.

Boring Web Design

The design of your website is the first thing that your visitors will notice once they land your website. Most of the visitors scan the whole page like how the text presented, how the text look, size of the letter, color and layout of the website and so on before finding a solution to their problem. In surveys, it has been also confirmed that 40% of users never return to the website after if they have a negative impression. Whereas, a website designed in an attractive and unique way may lead the visitors to eventually bookmark your website.

Bad Content Structure

Several studies have confirmed that bad content structure can adversely impact any website conversion and retention rates. In surveys, it has been found that more than 50% of sales are lost because users did not find the information they are looking for. You should present your information on your website in an interactive, structured, and easy to understand manner, in order to turn the visitors into customers.

Hopefully, these points will help you in making a sound decision about your website. These are very common yet major issue which you should avoid during web design in Cork to give your users a wonderful browsing experience.


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    I definitely think someone will leave a website (I know I do) if the site has slow load times, requires sign up, doesn’t look professional, is hard to navigate, or has a lot of advertisements whether pop up or not. With how competitive the environment is, I think people expect websites to be responsive, load quickly, look professional, have great content, be interesting and innovative – I know that sounds like a lot but it is true. Great information, thanks for sharing!

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