I love to blog and I love WordPress. This is me in the picture with my iPod Touch showing an image with “I Love WordPress” on the screen.

I have been using WordPress for the past 1 month and 4 days now. I launched this blog 3 weeks and 4 days ago, and I have loved the content management system (CMS) that WordPress has.

In this post I will be stating 10 reasons why I love WordPress. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to start a blog.

Check my reason why I love WordPress.

10 Reasons Why I Love WordPress

<li><strong>1] WordPress Is Free - </strong> This blogging platform is used by millions of bloggers, because its FREE... :)</li><br />

<li><strong>2] Easy To Install </strong>- When I downloaded WordPress, all I had to was upload the files to my root directory on my server. Go to my site's url and follow the simple instruction. Within 5 minutes my blog was ready.</li><br />

<li><strong>3] Themes - </strong> There are alot of sites with FREE themes for WordPress that will make your blog look great. I am using Thesis by Chris Pearson. This theme makes my blog stands from the millions of blog on the web. The Thesis Theme is fully customizable and VERY easy to use. Watch the Demo Video Here</li><br />

<li><strong>4] WordPress Plugins - </strong>WordPress has over 9,052 plugins. These are easy to install by going to the plugins section on your WordPress blog,  select Add New nd search for the plugin(s) that you want. I have a list of <a href="https://webmaster-success.com/my-favorite-18-wordpress-plugins/">Plugins</a> that I like very much which helped me with this blog very much. :)</li><br />

<li><strong>5] Pages - </strong> WordPress has a feature called “pages” which allows you to easily create web pages. For example, you could add an “<a href="https://webmaster-success.com/about/">about me</a>” or any other page that you want with a few clicks of the mouse.</li><br />

<li><strong>6] Multiple Authors - </strong> Bloggers who likes your blog who are in your niche can make a profile on your blog and <a href="https://webmaster-success.com/write-for-this-blog/">become a guest author</a>. They can post articles and you can review it for publishing.</li><br />

<li><strong>7] Publishing Post - </strong> I like publishing post on my WordPress blog especially when I write a couple of new post and schedule them to post at a later date. For example, I can write 3 post, schedule them to post Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I can now take the weekend off from posting out of the country and still have my blog being updated. Now that's a nice feature that I like.</li><br />

<li><strong>8] Language Packs - </strong> Even though I only speak one language, which is English, WordPress is available in 50 languages. So everyone can use WordPress in their native language.</li><br />

<li><strong>9] Making Your Blog SEO Friendly - </strong> In the WordPress settings you can set your blog permalink the way that you like. For example, <em>yourblog.com/?p=123</em> or <em>yourblog.com/10-reasons-why-i-love-wordpress</em>. I would recommend using the last permalink to make search engines index your site faster and shows up in search results.</li><br />

<li><strong>10] Google Loves WordPress -</strong> If Google loves WordPress then I love WordPress. With the Google Site Map plugin, I get my articles indexed on Google as soon as I publish it. I want my articles to be found by everyone as soon as I write them.</li><br />

Blog Discussion

Are you a blogger, and which blogging platform are you using? Do you like it?

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  1. Reply

    Well there is no reason to hate WordPress according to me. Everyday i fall in love with it. What i like most is many useful plugins can be used and there are so many themes available. This is very good for SEO. That is why i love WordPress.

    • Reply

      WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. I will always use and recommend it to new bloggers

  2. Roy Marvelous


    I agree. So happy that I switched from Blogger, too bad I didn’t do it earlier!

  3. kevin


    Great post… I love wordpress too.. It has a very easy user and admin interface.

  4. Finance Course


    You missed One Very Important Thing – WordPress is Search Engine Friendly Means Easy to Crawl

  5. Thomas


    Wow, my brother and I are sitting here just looking at your site, talking about how great it is. I wish I’d been able to do something this well at 1mo – you’re going to be making bank eventually I’m sure.

    Awesome website, so clean and well laid out.

  6. Chase Peterson


    i am a webmaster myself and i always seek information on the net on how to increase website traffice and make a good website~-:

  7. Ed


    Wow dude. Great reasons why I should switch from BlogSpot now not later.
    .-= Ed´s last blog ..How To Make A Blogger Blog Look Just Like WordPress =-.

  8. Nimit kashyap


    WordPress is great, and i agree with you that google loves it 🙂
    .-= Nimit kashyap´s last blog ..Buying and selling on eBay =-.

  9. Onibalusi Bamidele


    Looking for the perfect blog platform? then look no further, wordpress is the best.
    Thanks for the nice post.

    • Reply

      Thanks @Onibalusi

      My previous blog got deleted from Blogger had no option but to choose WordPress. Very glad that I did. Wish WordPress was my first option.

  10. Melody


    Hey brown eyes, looks like you’ve certainly gotten a good hang of this blogging stuff =P
    I definitely need to look for that sitemap plugin; I think I currently have my feed submitted as a sitemap but only in prelude to the appropriate plugin.
    Keep up the great posts!
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..TGISF!:Link Love for March 29-April 2 =-.

  11. Dev


    wordpress is really awesome !!
    .-= Dev | Technshare´s last blog ..Some Basic Knowledge About WordPress, Trackbacks and Pingbacks =-.

  12. ronald j brown


    i think you website is amazing it has a lot of details and it catches the eye . keep up the good work .
    .-= ronald j brown´s last blog .. =-.

    • Reply

      Thanks Ronald. I hope you enjoy reading my articles and if you have any questions feel free to ask. 🙂

  13. Reply

    Nice article.

    I agree, WordPress is awesome. I have experience with blogger as well, but WordPress is much more customizable and simple to use.
    For someone with little-to-no web development skill, WP just makes everything much easier.
    .-= Phil´s last blog ..Special Event – Flyer Template =-.

    • Reply

      Thanks for reading and making a comment Phil.

      I had a bad experience with blogger and that’s the reason why I am using wordpress. WordPress is really great and easy to use. I strongly recommend it to those who want to blog.

      Thanks 8)

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