All the top bloggers have done lots of hard work in making their blog a success, and they can now comfortably sit back and earn money from their blog.

What about you as a blogger? Are you doing what it takes to build up your blog, or are you sitting back and hoping for a burst of traffic to just come flowing to your blog? Sad to say that if you are lazy to blog then you will never have the chance of becoming one of the top bloggers. You first have to do the work before you get paid.

Think of blogging as working. If you don’t work then your boss will fire you and hire someone else who is will to do your work. With blogging if you don’t blog, your visitors will find another blog that provides the information they need. Get the picture? Yes you do.

This post will help you by means of 10 steps that you should take if you want to build a successful blog.

10 Successful Blogging Tips


Avoid Distractions
First things first, avoid all distractions what so ever!!! If you are distracted when constructing a new blog post you will easily get thrown off. You need to stay focused so that your ideas can flow well which will make you write great quality content. Being distracted while writing can cause simple but horrible word grammar and misspelling of words.

How To Stay Focused:
Turn off the television
Turn down/off the radio
Don’t blog on an empty stomach
Have a notes well-arranged
Write in a room/office away from people
Use a dictionary while writing

These are some of the things that I do to keep my mind on track while writing. Another thing is to find the passion for writing, because without this type of passion you will only write a couple of words and then stop. If you love to write, you can complete 3 well-developed post within one day and have time to write another (depending on your schedule).

<p class="notice2"><strong>Write Great Articles</strong></p>

The key to a successful blog is content. “CONTENT IS KING” and that statement has been preached by many bloggers over the blogosphere. Without great content on your blog it’s impossible to please your readers well. The only reason why we have readers on our blog is because they like to read what we publish, so its best for you not to present them with contents that are of no value to them.

Providing quality content can also help to increase your subscribers.

<p class="notice2"><strong>Publish Regularly</strong></p>

If you are already providing top quality content, the next thing you want to do is publish regularly. I’m not saying that you should make a blog post everyday, because that wouldn’t be necessary because your readers want time to read your article plus they might be readers of other blogs. Publish regularly as in you should not let a week or 2 pass without giving your readers something to keep them busy. If you don’t publish for a while you readers and subscribers will start to decline and find other blogs which will help them out greatly.

It’s great to publish 2-3 articles per week, which is what I do and I have no problems doing this.

<p class="notice2"><strong>Optimize Articles For Search Engines</strong></p>

Each and every blog, whether successful or not, should be equipped with optimization for search engine traffic. Search engine plays a big part in a successful blog and this is why every blog needs some optimizing.

This can be easily done by the use of the All In One SEO Plugin which is free for your WordPress blog. With this plugin it makes optimizing your blog and each blog post really easy, with keywords, titles, description and much more. If you don’t have this plugin installed, then you certainly hate search engines.

<p class="notice2"><strong>Do Blog Commenting</strong></p>

Blog commenting is something that each new blogger does to build up their new blog. This is a great way to gain free and sometimes targeted traffic. Blog commenting also helps to build up your backlinks so that you can rank well in search engine results.

If you want to gain lots of traffic, make comments on blogs that has higher traffic that your blog so that you can benefit much from it.

<p class="notice2"><strong>Consider Guest Posting</strong></p>

Guest blogging is getting popular even as you are reading this article. I have done guest blogging and this has really helped to build up my blog and gaining the exposure that I needed. As soon as certain things work out for me, I will be doing lots more guest blogging so that I can build up my blog even more.

If you have not done your first guest post as yet, I am inviting you to write for my blog. This is a great way to get noticed if your blog is new.

<p class="notice2"><strong>Forum Discussion/ Marketing</strong></p>

I like hanging out in forums because this is a great way to advertise/market my blog to the members there. On some forums it is not accepted for you to just join and start posting links here, there and everywhere. That would be spamming.

To get the most out of a forum with high traffic is to join in the discussion. Find topics of interest to you and start talking with the members there. Now that you are a member of the forum, what you need to do is edit your signature which will be linking back to your blog/site.

For example: On the forums that I use, I place this link as my signature - Awesome Blogging Tips

or - Learn How To Become A Successful Blogger

So join a forum today, it’s a great way to boost your blog traffic.

<p class="notice2"><strong>Thank Your Commentators</strong></p>

I enjoy getting comments from my lovely readers and I love to thank them for commenting. Thanking your commentators is a great way to build a conversation which can turn into a great friendly relationship. Building relationship with your blog readers and commentators is the key for building a community for your blog.

Thanking them also helps to bring them back to your blog so that you can in turn get more comments. If they keep coming back for more than this reader will be stuck to your blog like a refrigerator magnet. So always remember to say thank you.

<p class="notice2"><strong>Use Social Networking Sites</strong></p>

I love networking and did I mention that I love networking. Yes, that’s how much I love it. Networking plays a big part in our blog and this is because there are lots of people on networking and social media sites. Twitter is one of my favorite social media sites because it’s so easy to use, full of online users which can be turned into targeted traffic and its free.

Social networking sites are also the best way for a new blog to get noticed by millions of people. If you use the right social media site to its fullest then you can conquer and get viral traffic.

<p class="notice2"><strong>Setup A Mailing List</strong></p>

As soon as you start blogging you should setup a mailing list so that you can keep in touch with the people who are interested in receiving your news letters. I didn’t set up my mailing list until the other day and this is one of the mistakes that I made when I started blogging. But it’s not really much of a big mistake, but it is really important to start a mailing list as soon as you start blogging.

Mailing list is the key which will help us to affiliate market and make money online. So if you have not started as yet, I encourage you to start one right now.

Want to get my free news letters as well? Click here to join the Mailing List for great blogging tips.

Group Discussion

These tips are provided just for you to become a better blogger, and will be great to all new bloggers.

<li><strong>Share with us more successful tips, or leave your thoughts of this article.</strong></li>



  1. Christian Marriage Counseling


    Good tips, I like the first tip you have pointed out. Distraction is the most annoying thing when blogging.

    Very much appreciated.

  2. Andrew from DUBturbo


    It is so important that bloggers create a space where they can avoid distractions, otherwise they are going to have a heck of a time finishing tasks. Even something as simple as not having twenty different browser tabs open and not checking your email every thirty minutes can help to become more efficient and focused.

    I also agree that thanking and interacting with blog commenters is vital to building a following, especially in the beginning of your blog’s life.

    Great post!

    • Reply

      Hey Andrew,

      I hate distractions as well. I like to start a post and be able to complete it the same time. I hate going over posts at times unless I’m check for errors when proof reading it.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Jacob


        Excellent useful tips. I prefer the foremost and the next a single It is very true that distractions are among the hindrances written A fantastic blog, the 2 are includes a connection together therefore steering clear of distractions is a must on paper An excellent weblog.

  3. Reply

    I guess i have done all, except of guest blogging, sigh..i want to though, but i can’t at the moment..

    But will definitely try it someday..

    • Reply

      Awww come on Kimi, all you have to do is make up your mind, choose a blog you wanna guest post for and submit your article. Its as simple as that.

      I did a guest post the other day over at Onibalusi’s blog and I got great respons from his community. That also made me get 2 new guest posters from my blog. 🙂

      So just make a new years resolution and try it out hun.

      What I also need to do is more vlog (video blogging), I wanna get in front of the camera or do screen recordings. I think I will work on that 🙂

  4. Dave Grimes II



    One thing I’ve found to be a huge help to maintaining focus while writing, is to always write in the same place. Once you’re in the habit of writing when you’re (let’s say) at your desk, it becomes easier to ignore distractions. Whereas, if you’re always wandering the city with your laptop, there are SO many distractions.

    I’ve also found that “wiring-in” by plugging in headphones and putting them on, will make getting up from the computer seem like a pain, and will (more or less) block out external distractions.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment Dave. When I write blog post I always do it on the computer, turning off the radio and TV. I also have 6 dogs which loves to bark a lot and it often irritates me at times, so I have to get them to shut up so I can concentrate.

      • Ella


        Great useful tips. I like the first and the second one it is very true that distractions are one of the hindrances in writing a great blog, the two are has a connection to each other so avoiding distractions is a must in writing a great blog.

  5. robin nieuwenhuis



    This will be the start for on my way into the blog world. Have tested a little as never used it but needed a guid. Thanks again, VERY VERY helpfull.

  6. Reply

    I definitely need to write more post on a regular timely manner. At the same time push my marketing efforts by doing some Guest Post. Blog commenting has been great for my blog. My traffic has increased tremendously just by doing that. Great post!

    • Reply

      Hey Kevin, writing more post will help, because you can just pick one of your post that you have written and donate it as a guest post.

      Blog commenting has helped me as well to gain lots of traffic and that is what I need to do more often as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. Thiru


    Great post Kharim.

    The great mistake of mine is till now i dint make any mail list for my blog. I realized and found it here, Thanks for reminding it.

  8. Murlu


    I’ll probably be getting more into some old school forum action for 2011 along with quite a few guest posts. I wanted to set the tone and have content ready before I started any real promotion so now that I’ve got it set – I plan to really rock it.

    • Reply

      Same here Murlu. I want to start posting on forums again so that I can do some marketing. So far I have done one guest post and currently working on another.

      Thanks for the comment pal

  9. Reply

    Happy New Year Kharim, as always excellent tips,. Business owners, especially small business owners in 2011 need to follow steps just like this for their business blog to be a success.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment John and happy new years to you as well.

      This post is what I was thinking of doing for the new years and I am not only giving these tips to my readers, but to myself as well. So I must follow through on them

  10. Reply

    Hey Kharim,

    Some interesting tips here. Avoiding distractions is defintiely the number one advice if you want to get more work done. It is especially important to close all websites you are browsing when starting to write an article. It does a great difference to your efficiency. Blog commenting is a must if you want to increase readership. It is also probably the best way to get more comments on your blog. Something I haven’t started working on is forum marketing. Although I’m reading some forums, this happens quite rarely and I haven’t even registered there. Should add this to my to-do list for 2011.

    Good job and happy new year! Wish you the best of luck with Webmaster-Success! 🙂

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