At the ending of each year world-wide people always set new years resolution so that they can better their life for the upcoming year. Setting resolutions is a great way to start the year, having a plan as to what you want to accomplish. Not everyone who set new years resolution always stick with them. You often find persons wanting to do things for the start of the new year but never follow through with it.

I have decided to set some resolutions for myself and I must say that I will complete my tasks set ahead of me. I have dreams that I want to come through for my blog and the only way that I am going to accomplish them is if I set goals and work towards them.

I must say that I am really happy that I have started blogging and, want to thank each and every one of my visitors for the kind support over the past months and I will continue to provide great blogging tips for you in the year 2011.

My 2011 Resolutions


Set Goals

As I stated in the introduction of this article, the only way to accomplish my dreams is to set some goals. It’s really hard to complete certain tasks if you have no goals to follow through. You might be wondering why set goal….

Here are my 5 reasons for setting goals:
1) Goals can give a target to aim for
2) Goals can help to concentrate
3) Goals can provide motivation and desire
4) Goals can provide a roadmap
5) Goals can help establish priorities

So setting goals is the first step to success…

Write More Often

So far I have written 117 articles since I started blogging in March 2010. That’s a whole lot of writing and blogging, plus the guest posts that I have written have not been included. In 2011 I am planning on doing more blogging, but the only way to do this is to write more often. I am not going to write and gibberish, I promise that I will provide top quality content which will benefit my readers so as to help them build up their blogs as well.

Do More Guest Posts

About a month after I started blogging I did my first guest post which did really well. That guest post doubled my traffic and I was really happy as a new blogger to have received so much traffic. This also helped me to gain some exposure to my blog.

So for 2011 I will be doing more guest blogging so as to build a brand plus gain lots of traffic. Guest blogging has been a great technique for every blogger to gain traffic. The more guest post = more traffic. Guest posting also helps in building up your backlinks which is really important for a successful blog.

Onibalusi from has written over 300 guest post in 2010. This is really amazing… Want to find out how he does it? Read his article How I Wrote 270 Guest Posts in 8 Months

Make More Blog Comments

Blog commenting is one of the best ways to get FREE TRAFFIC!!! This also helps to build backlinks so you can rank better on search engines. No matter the blog, once I like the article I will make a comment.

Kick Off My Affiliate Marketing

I have a few affiliate links scattered over my blog but I haven’t really done any marketing to all that. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will notice that most of my articles are about building up your blog and getting traffic. But I think its time to start earning some money from my blog.

I want to make money, but I won’t be recommending stuff to my visitors that will have no use to them. I will be recommending products that I have personally used and tell you how it has helped me in making my blog a success.

Network With Other Bloggers

I have a few friends that I have met since I started blogging. I haven’t really reached out to much of the other bloggers. So what I’m going to start do is networking with these bloggers.

Blogging isn’t all about one person writing articles and publishing, it’s also about networking and building up friendly relationships with each other.

Change The Looks Of My Blog

I am using the Thesis Theme on my blog and this is the theme that I have been using since I started blogging. The skin that I am using is Blogussion. I like this skin, but I think its time for a change. I will continue to use These but with a different skin.

What’s Your 2011 Resolutions

I would like to know your plans for 2011… 🙂


  1. Reply

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  2. Calgary Design


    Great article. Has anyone told you that you look kind of gangster / scary in your avatar? Great mustache though. Haha, perhaps a friendlier looking avatar picture if you’re going to put it on over 100 blog posts a year? 😛

  3. James


    You are absolutely right! Setting up your goals first can help you to know what’s your priorities. I’m very much impress your insights for this year, and I know for sure that you already have this goals now and keep it up! I don’t believe in New Year’s resolution actually, I’ll just make a certain goals for this year not a resolution but then we have different beliefs and insights and yours is good.

  4. Billee Brady



    Well it looks like you are of to a great start with your new years resolution!
    I really liked this post… It is so important to have clear concise goals to strive for in life and in your business!!!

    Billee Brady

  5. Reply


    New year new skin, i see 🙂

    More clean skin, nice, though some parts are more simple than the old one, i guess you are busy customising your skin in a few months LOL.

    Great resolutions for 2011.

    I am also to affiliate marketing, as far as i realise, create posts and talking about your affiliate products boost earning.

    God, i am trying many affiliates LOL..

    Yeah, i am promoting stuff i use only.

    Have a great 2011 dude!

    • Reply

      Hey Kimi, thanks for stopping by darling. I also like the new look as well. The old skin was alright but the new skin is way better to me.

      On the old skin my pop up domination wasn’t work so now I got it to work, I can start building up my mailing list. 🙂 and start marketing from it.

      Oh you said some parts on this new skin are simple than other parts here, what exactly are you talking about?

      • Reply

        Google adsense on your header is missing, no idea if you get good earning on that, but it is not appearing to me..

        • Reply

          Oh yes I get great earnings on it. I’m gonna add it back. The banner that was there was the 468×60 which gives me great earnings, but I was thinkin of adding the 729×90 which is bigger and I think it would look great at the top in the center. But the thing is that the 468 earns more than the 729 whenever I get clicks on it.

          So I might jus add the 468 to the left (Adsense) and bed another 468 to the right (ad space for rent) Because lots of persons like to buy ads in the header of a site.

  6. William Tha Great


    Hey Kharim,

    Looks like you have some great resolutions.

    I believe in you dude. If you continue to work hard and learn from others you can do anything you want. In my experience blogging has been all about development. I try to learn as much as I can from other bloggers.

    I can’t wait to see how things work out for you in 2011. If you ever want to conversate stop by and drop yeah boy a email.

    Wish you the best!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Reply

      Hey William, thanks for the comment bro, really appreciate you coming by.

      I am going to be doing lots of great things for 2011 on my blog and make it sky rocket the way that I want. So be sure to look out for great blogging tips. I’m also going to kick off the money making area of my blog so that I can start to earn online now. Can’t wait to start my goals and accomplish them.

      • William Tha Great


        Hey Kharim,

        Thanks for the reply!

        Sounds like you have a solid plan here. I will be sure to keep up with all the awesome blogging advice you will be sharing with us this year. I already know you going to have some good money making stories to share with us since that’s what you will be getting into. Can’t wait dude!

        Thanks again!

        God bless,
        William Veasley

        • Reply

          Sure I will be posting lots of great articls for this year. So look out for it. Still gonna build up my traffic first before getting into the money making part of it.

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