In order to make it BIG in today’s blogging world you have to follow certain rules in order to survive. Just about everybody is blogging because it seems to be the latest trend or some kind of fast catching fever, but not everyone can survive.

For you to survive and become a powerful blogger then you have to follow some rules and make sure you follow each.

I have come up with some 12 powerful blogging rules that you must follow in order to become a successful blogger.

12 Blogging Rules

<strong><li>Avoid Free</li></strong> - In order to become a successful blogger then you must avoid free hosting. Hosting is very cheap. $4.99 per month.

<strong><li>Choose The Right Niche</li></strong> - This is another rue that you must follow. If you don't choose the right niche in which that you want to blog about then you will never be successful.

<strong><li>Supply Unique Content</li></strong> - Having your own unique content is best for your blog. Do not copy other people's info. If you do then your blog will never be of any use to anybody.

<strong><li>Update Regularly</li></strong> - When visitors come to your blog they want fresh new content. So you have to make sure update your blog on a regular basis.

<strong><li>Get Traffic</li></strong> - After launching your blog, don't expect traffic to come from out of nowhere to your blog. You have to go get the traffic. You have to advertise, <a href="">comment on other blogs</a>, <a href="">guest blogging</a>, etc.

<strong><li>Build A Community</li></strong> - There is noting more powerful than a great blogging community. So you should interact with your blog readers after they make a comment and try to start a conversation.

<strong><li>Avoid Too Much Ads</li></strong> - If you have too much ads on your blog then this will cause your visitors to leave and never come back. They will realize that you only want to make money if you have more ads than content.

<strong><li>Blogging Is Not About Making Money</li></strong> - Alot of new bloggers think that blogging is about making money. This is one of the <a href="">5 mistakes that new bloggers make.</a>

<strong><li>Control Spam</li></strong> - You don't want your blog to seem like a spam blog where people come a post links on every article that you write. Use Akismet or other plugins to block out spammers.

<strong><li>Twitter</li></strong> - If you use Twitter to promote your blog, then don't make every tweet be a promotional link. Twitter is all about staying connected via short status messages.

<strong><li>Easy To Read</li></strong> - Make your blog easy to read, simple as that. Don't use bright colors to blind your readers or small fonts so that it don't seems as if you are trying to blind them.

<strong><li>Blog To Educate</li></strong> - The reason most blogger blog is to educate people. This is also my reason for blogging. I blog to educate others so that they can become a successful webmaster.

Group Discussion

These are some of the blogging rules that you should follow if you want to be successful.

Are you following these blogging rules?


  1. Christian Esperar


    Right! If new in blogging give your first article a nice impression to everyone. I don’t say that this is the best article in our blog because we will improving day by day. What I say is the first post is the first impression of your readers including what is your niche and what else they will get in your blog.

  2. Reply

    Unique content and regular updates are a must. If those two factors are missing, all other tips and tricks turn useless in my opinion. You just can’t get visitors if you are not offering useful and up to date information.

  3. Reply

    Great post, Kharim! I agree with the first point. If you want to be successful, you gotta take risks and invest 🙂

  4. Anne M


    Nice recap there. I would replace Twitter with social media in general though.

  5. Murlu


    I think a lot of success comes down to producing content people want to read and share.

    Posts may be a hit and miss depending on topic but if you can still reach a certain amount of your community which gets involved commenting and sharing you’re ace!

  6. Luqman


    This good point blogger should have at the back of there mind in other to be a successful blogger, thanks for sharing this point.

  7. ron


    I agree with the avoid free i just feel so limited when it comes to unhosted platforms .

  8. Sourav


    Excellent tips.
    The first point is very important. If the starting is not proper, then the rest just goes down the gutter.
    Finding the right niche is a tough job, and I am sure many bloggers are not yet aware of their proper niche (maybe even I am included in that list).

    • Reply

      That’s true Sourav, the right night plays an important roll and it determines your success as well. The right night is almost like the foundation to success.

  9. Jillian


    Short and sweet, I like it.

    Too many people think that there’s some kind of voodoo involved with making a blog that people want to read. Just use common sense – make it something that you’re proud of, something that YOU want to read.

  10. Jovit


    Great points. I’d like to add on that aside from supplying unique content, make sure that it is of high quality. Search engines are getting strict in filtering websites so its important to make a high quality unique article.

  11. Joe Boyle


    Great post, Kharim.

    Setting your priorities is another big thing. You need to realize that money will come later,and it shouldn’t be your soul focus. If it is, you’ll slowly burn away and fail, because you have no interest in helping people, just earning a quick buck off of them. Once again, great pot.

  12. S. Ali Myers


    Great tips, Sir! I like to reemphasize traffic. You hit it dead on. You have to go out and get it. Blogging is one thing but marketing is another beast. All the successful blogs/sites are that way because they know how to “reel” people in. Your informative site is nothing without reading eyes!

    • Reply

      Thanks again for the comment Ali. Yes alot of new bloggers find it very hard to drive traffic but it’s quite easy once you know a couple tricks

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