Whenever you are going to something, there are some things that you must consider whether it be product or services.

When you walk into your local super market and take a soda pop out of the vending machine, do you consider the size, it’s expiry date and look at it in detail? Well you should.

In this article I will help you to consider some things when you are about to advertise your website by purchasing ad space, because buying ad space is something you must choose wisely because I don’t think that there is a refund policy on this type of purchase.

What Should You Consider

I know some webmasters might not be concerned about the advantages and disadvantages of buying ads from a site. Well there are.
I have listed some things below that you should call to mind before making a purchase.

  • The Niche – This is the first thing that you should take to mind before thinking of buying ads on a site. Is the site in your niche? If the site is not in your niche then it makes no sense you even think of making purchases on that particular site.

    In order to get targeted traffic the you so desire then you must make sure that site shares your niche, else you would get a limited amount of traffic from your purchased ad.

  • The Price – This is the second thing to consider. Now you don’t want to be over priced for ad space. But I guess this also depends on the traffic of that site.
  • I was watching this really great video by Lisa Irby from 2Create A Website, Selling Ad Space & Setting Your Prices. You can check the link out and see what Lisa had to say on this.

  • The Traffic – To make sure that you get the full benefit of the ads that you purchase you have to make sure that the site you are about to buy ads from make sure it has more traffic than yours.

    Whats the sense buying ad space on a site that has less traffic than you? Does that even make sense? Make sure to check the Alexa Rank of the site to see whether or not that particular site has more traffic, how much monthly traffic does it have, unique visitors per day, is it losing or gaining traffic, and also the pagerank if you want.

  • The Size – Most sites sell 125×125 banner and 468×60 banner, so this is the norm. But what if you want a bigger size? Well you can negotiate with the owner of the site and see what can be done about your request for a bigger banner.
  • The Placement – For most placements for ads are in the sidebar. This is also the norm.
    But also when you are purchasing ad space, is your banner going to be hidden? I mean hidden as in it is at the bottom of the site where it is lonely because not every visitor scrolls to the bottom of a site.
  • The Follow – So site owners offer do-follow to the persons who want to purchase ads on their site for a little extra price.
    Imagine that this site has a pagerank of 1/10 or 2/10 with lots of traffic, I am pretty sure that you would want the do-follow attribute installed on your banner in order to get more juice flowing to your site.
  • Group Discussion

    I hope these tips have helped you out and I hope you remember them the next time you see the advertise here sign.

  • Are there any other tips that you would like to share when purchasing ad space?

    1. seph from mobile advertising


      Banners help increase traffic and brand awareness. The problem lies with knowing how much to pay.

      Unfortunately, there’s no real consensus or uniform guidelines to make things easy. Anyway,you shared some information there and I wish you the best.So thanks a lot!

      • Reply

        Thats true. For some sites I think they over charge for banner ads and they don’t have the amount of traffic in which people would buy ads from their site.

    2. Gu-wu at mobile advertising


      Nice to hear this kind of information. I really enjoy reading your blog post. you really never fail amaze me more and more.

      thank you for posting information. hope to hear more interesting articles from you.

    3. Luqman


      Useful post, also when you are searching, narrow your search make sure you search for websites that are similar to your . If you sell/blog about children wear, then look for similar sites that are related to children wear. Relevancy is very important.

    4. Luqman


      Thanks for the point you mention above, I think any newbie that want to use Google Adsense on he/she website or blog should first of all study the Adsense TOS very well. Because since you go against the rule, Google we kick you out and you may not get the account.

    5. Justin Dupre



      Good article! The three most important factors for me before buying an ad is niche, traffic and placement. Great job on putting together this ad space list.

    6. Tinh


      I do think that the niche is the most important and the second is traffic. We can not buy ad as it is cheap. Great article friend!

    7. Sourav


      Great tips Kharim.
      The placement and the amount of traffic is really important along with the niche.
      And as Murlu said, the exclusivity can also play a big role. People won’t like to advertise if there are too many ads crowed together in the same place.

    8. Valentine Belonwu


      Hi Kharim,
      Thanks for sharing this topic, just like Joe had said, size matters when placing an advert.

      Thanks once again and keep up the good work.

    9. Pandora golden bead


      Yes I will be care when buys some Ad space. 😀
      Thanks again.

    10. Murlu


      The exclusivity is very important because imagine this: if you only offered 1 ad spot on your blog you could charge more because other advertisers wouldn’t be bidding against another.

      With just one you could help focus and help out the advertiser which could turn into a long term client 🙂

    11. Dev - Technshare.com


      Hey kharim,

      Really Great Post man. Niche plays the most important part.
      Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post kharim.
      You’re doing great job here. Keep up the good work.


    12. Joe Boyle


      Great tips, Kharim. It’s all about size and placement versus price. I don’t care if it costs $1. If it is a 10 by 10 pixel ad at the very bottom of the site, it isn’t worth it. No one will see it, thus making it a waste of $1.

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