For each site, blogs, forum, even a single webpage, the importance for meta tags are very high. In order for any site to be successful then you have to use the necessary meta tags to help boost it’s level of success.

What are meta tags?
They are information inserted into the “head” area of your web pages. Other than the title tag, information in the head area of your web pages is not seen by those viewing your pages in browsers. Instead, meta information in this area is used to communicate information that a human visitor may not be concerned with.

For Example: meta tags can tell a browser what “character set” to use or whether a web page has self-rated itself in terms of adult content, etc.

3 Meta Tags For A Successful Site

Here are the 3 most important meta tags to be used on your site if you want to help boost the level of your site’s success.

The Meta Keywords Tag
The meta keywords tag allows you to provide additional text for crawler-based search engines to index along with your site’s content. The meta keywords tag is sometimes useful as a way to reinforce the terms you think a page is important for ON THE FEW CRAWLERS THAT SUPPORT IT.

Meta Robots Tag
This lets you specify that a particular page should NOT be indexed by a search engine. To keep spiders out, simply add this text between your head tags on each page you don’t want indexed.

Meta Description
What this tag does is to help you describe what your site is all about in a few words.

List Of Meta Tags

Meta Name


Meta keywords

A list of descriptive wordsthat identifies thecontent of a web page. Keywordsshould be lowercase andseparated by commas with nospaces after the commas.Keywords can includephrases such as “siteanalysis”.

Meta Description

A single sentence thatdescribes the content ofthe page. This is generallywhat a person will readwhen they are looking at alist of matches to theirsearch.

Meta Robots

This meta tag allows you with the ability to index your site or a particular webpage by a search engine or not

Meta Owner

The company or person who ownsthe web page.

Meta Author

The person who created the webpage.

Meta Distribution

Used to indicate global versuslocal pages. Use globalfor major entry points toyour site(s). Use localfor local indexes.

Meta Copyright

Copyright information.


More complex processinginstructions.

Meta Revisit-after

How long you would like asearch engine to waitbefore looking at your webpage again.

Meta Expires

When the content will beoutdated..

Meta reply-to

E-mail address to send messagesabout the page to.

Meta Rating

The age level of the intendedaudience. Standard entriesare: General, Mature,Restricted, 14years.

Meta Refresh

Sets an auto load for yourpage. This can be used toreload your entire page,to load a new page, or toload an image or soundafter a specified time.The time is specified inseconds.

Meta Content-Language

What language your document iswritten in. US English isidentified as en-us.

Meta Content-Type

What code the site is writtenin, such as html/text.


Web page creation program, suchas Microsoft FrontPage4.0.

Meta ProgId

Similar to GENERATOR

Meta Microsoft Theme

Theme/style used by MicrosoftHTML document

In Conclusion…

Please note that ALL meta tags should be placed in the “head section” of a webpage.

Meta tags should look something like this:

Remember that meta tag plays an important for a successful site, so be sure to use them wisely for your success.


  1. jocuri online


    I didn’t even know some of these meta tags existed, i think meta tags should be used, but only the important ones like meta description, keywords and robots (if necessary).

  2. Karl Hadwen



    A great list, but I wouldn’t focus too much on the keywords tag as not many search engines (major ones) use it. I find that the most important ones to me are the Title Tag and the Meta description.


  3. Luqman


    The table is very informative and it enable me to understand the important of meta tag more clearly. Meta Tags are included so that the search engines are able to
    list your site in their indexes more accurately.

  4. Reply

    Very informative for fellow blog and website owners, I would have to agree with Klaus on the description tag, that’s usually the one that I make the most use out of by including keywords from the post into the description and making it as informative as I can for people to see on the SERPs, I also find that the title tag can also be useful, specially been able to use it to give a slightly different wording than the actually blog posts title using tools such as All in One SEO comes in very useful for this.

  5. Reply

    Just awesome lists of Meta tags! some of them i have never heard of, thanks for giving the lists!

  6. Reply


    Thanks for sharing the Meta Tag list. I didn’t know there were that many Meta Tags. I am going to have to have to look into those other tags and figure out what they do. 😀

  7. melinda


    That is a great list. Thanks for pointing out the description is more important than keywords these days, despite that people still get so hung up on keywords. Don’t forget the title tag is most important, even though it isn’t an “official” meta tag, it is usually grouped in with them. Also the title should be the first thing Google make sure it is listed first, above all these meta tags.

  8. Sourav


    Oh! That’s some list you have got there. Some are completely new to me. But as Klaus said, meta description is the most important among them all, while the meta keyword has lost its importance because of spammers.
    Great information Kharim.

      • Sourav


        Yes, but I have read in many SEO blogs that Google gives much less importance to meta keywords nowadays because the keyword spammers used to stuff their sites with meta keywords in order to game the system.
        Even though other search engines still consider meta keywords as an important thing.

        • Reply

          Yes that is true.

          For example, a person has a blog about baby clothes and that person knows that the keyword “blog” gets more traffic, that person could use the “blog” keyword in his meta to gain some traffic.

          But meta keywords are still important if your keywords are related to your niche and content.

  9. Reply

    That’s a mighty fine list of all the meta tags 🙂 Obviosly with the description tag as being the most important I’d say.

    By the way, it’s a bit annoying with the images that you have in the comment fields. They cover the actual text being written (in the name/email etc fields) – in the comment field, the text is on top of the “you comment i follow”-badge, but it’s hard to read because it stands out so much 🙂

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