1. Ben Molder


    Thank You Kharim, I was looking how I can monetizemy Twitter and Facebook account and I found this. Definitely must try.

  2. Jack Trades


    I’ve never known that there were sites who pay you for advertising on Twitter or Facebook. I could definitely use this extra cash. It’s also good that you’ll get paid immediately, no matter how small the sum of money is.

  3. Reply

    I was not familiar with this and how it works. Thanks for the info. I think we could all add to our FaceBook presense and this will only increase our income. The same concepts apply to twitter.

  4. Alexander


    Facebook and Twitter are always been popular when it comes to making money online, this social media sites are usually use by all famous internet marketers. I’ve been doing it also. Thanks for the following wonderful information.

  5. Rowan


    This is a really good idea, I’m going to check this site out, as I have over 50,000 Twitter followers to tweet things to.

  6. Reply

    Tats really cool. I love this as i was waiting for such opportunities. I feel the mylikes is better. I would hope to get more such links.

  7. Reply

    Hey Kharim,
    Making money online sounds interesting but so far I’ve not earned anything satisfactory online other than some good response for my business so what you’ve shared is interesting. Have to first work on the number of followers.

  8. how to make money on facebook


    I think you’ll do pretty well with this. Keep up the great work. I left my email on your other blog so feel free to contact me and I’ll send you more tips about making money on face book.

  9. Reply

    One of the blog I have read today is about the “making money in facebook and twitter is a scam”. I just can’t totally believe now to this plugs.

  10. Ekwunife Emeka


    My name is Ekwunife Emeka. I am a 29 years old Jamaican who is very passionate about blogging. Stay connected with me:

    • Ekwunife Emeka


      I tried to make money from Mylikes since its first days, but it is quite not efficient because they just count the clicks from the US.

  11. Chelsea Thomas


    I recently created a MyLikes account. I saw I was earning money but never could find out how to retreave my earnings. Thanks to this post I now know I need to creat a paypal account. lol


  12. Tuan


    I tried to make money from Mylikes since its first days, but it is quite not efficient because they just count the clicks from the US.

    • Reply

      That’s what I also see happening as well. But I refer people with high twitter followers to join and when they do I get a commission. I’t better that way.

  13. Arianne


    What about countries who can’t receive payments via paypal likemyself, what then?

  14. shansnv


    Hi admin, Nice blog.
    I can say that it would be an effective way of earning extra income. Such blogs are seen very rare.
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful post.

  15. Ron


    I’ve actually seen people make money from twitter and the thing about that is everybody is not a seller like that and because of the links being all over the place it actually scare them because nobody is communicating with the followers and that should be rule number one if you are going to make money on twitter but I know that no problem with you . This is a good program thanks for sharing and not only that you provided me with a future post =] keep doing what you do best .

  16. Jay


    Although interesting, I often find offers such as this one quite suspicious hence my reluctance to participate. Looking forward to an overview in lets say three months from now. Thanks for the information.

  17. Sourav


    Hi Kharim,
    Nice review about MyLikes. I saw your tweet on twitter yesterday. But actually i am already a member. Unfortunately, I don’t earn as much as you do.

      • Sourav


        To be true, I have been paid only once…and that’s just $2. šŸ™

        • Reply

          Oh ok, sorry about that man. Hey if you use it more then I bet you can make more money. It also depends on the amount of Twitter followers you have in order to get more clicks

          • Hey Kharim,
            How do you boost your twitter followers? I have put a widget for MyLikes on my blog because it is getting more traffic than my twitter.


          • Yep that’s a great idea to place the widget on your blog.

            To boost your twitter followers is something thing that I am not sure how to do. I wish I know how else I would have passed my 300 mark ages ago šŸ˜€

          • Cheers Kharim,
            I had a look through the people that you follow and added a number of the ones whose blogs I follow. I have received a few new followers – people I didn’t add, who maybe follow you.

            I guess that’s a decent way to start boosting numbers. Not exactly a definite means to building numbers. I’ll let you know how it goes though!

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