Virtual Reputation Matters: 4 Excellent Ways to Deal with Trolls on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful ad delivery platform for businesses. Advertisers require eyeballs and Twitter is a social channel that provides companies this platform. Apart from grabbing eyeballs, companies of any size; a Fortune 20 enterprise or a local barista can leverage this platform to interact with customers on a personal level.  @SamsungMobile can share any […]

CASE STUDY: How I Get Results from YouTube by Giving Away Irresistible Offers

It’s clear that video platforms are becoming more and more of a consideration when it comes to internet marketing.  If you are trying to market on the video web, you need to consider the importance of creating quality video that can be easily consumed on YouTube and other video devices Building online traffic to your […]

How To Improve Your Blog Traffic With Twitter

Imagine a place where you can go to see what the whole world is doing, what everyone on the planet is thinking and never leave the comfort of your home or office – that’s the Internet. Imagine an opportunity where you can create unique content – audio, video and text – for millions of people […]