Imagine a place where you can go to see what the whole world is doing, what everyone on the planet is thinking and never leave the comfort of your home or office – that’s the Internet.

Imagine an opportunity where you can create unique content – audio, video and text – for millions of people to see, digest and respond to – that’s blogging.

Imagine a digital platform where you can target a specific audience with a unique message. A place where people gather to catch up on the hottest news, latest sports scores and favorite people updates. An online community to discuss world religion, national politics and local coffee – that’s Twitter.

The Evolution of Interaction

Twitter is becoming the place for anyone to go, anytime, to find information on anything, almost anywhere on the planet. For the blogger Twitter is a fresh, dynamic outlet to get a message across.

Think of the evolution of interaction. A letter is read by one person in a home. Take the letter outside to the neighborhood for dozens or hundreds of others to read and it’s like transforming the letter into a blog. Take your blog post and head downtown; drive throughout the suburbs, showing it to whomever you find; get on a plane and visit hundreds of cities, showing off your letter/blog. That is using Twitter to improve your blog traffic. Twitter is the evolution of interaction.

Twitter reportedly has approximately 140 million active users with upwards of 500 million open accounts. How big a slice of pie does a blogger need of that 140 million?

Twitter Is Designed For Serious Bloggers

Twitter is designed with the blogger in mind. The premise of Twitter is to share a brief message and include a link to a broader message. It’s brilliant, really. Take 100 characters to craft a teaser message. Use 20 characters for the URL. Leave 20 characters for users to retweet and comment briefly.

You write a blog post about the popularity of soccer in America, for example. Then you begin to tweet brief comments from your post. Quote yourself. Use keywords and known soccer players. Tweet city and team names. With each tweet include a link to your post. Soon people interested in soccer, or the L.A. Galaxy or David Beckham will be crawling all over your blog because you have blogged about items that they are interested in, and advertised it to a unique audience on Twitter.

Twitter Tools That Increase Blog Traffic

Twitter allows users to hone in on unique interests, to connect with others who share the same passion around a topic: soccer, gardening, politics, whatever.

Find users who would be interested in your topics by looking at their profiles. Click on their web links. Read their tweets. Within minutes you will find a dozen people interested in the topics you blog.

Twitter allows users to create lists around topics. Search your topics. You may hit the jackpot and find a list of 200 or 2000 people with interest in your topic. If not, create your own list, a group of people who are like-minded. Put your own community together and become the expert in your field. Twitter will move you from the blogosphere to becoming a worldwide strategist, influencer household name. Just tweet!

You see hashtags (#) all over the media now. Hashtags highlight keywords. You might have #TimTebow or #2012election. Generate your own hashtag and see the views pile up on your blog.

Give Twitter a chance and you’ll find your views and your influence soaring to new heights.


  1. Jamy


    This twitter tool did not spam site or it will not make any spam right?
    As I have seen many tool which spam your site and you lost every thing you make.

  2. Nadal


    now a days facebook and twitter is to much use and most of the people use these website for any thing and they chat and link with friends so make to policy to capture these people

  3. Reply

    That’s a great post Jeff. Thanks for sharing. Twitter is really awesome in increasing blog traffic. Twitter is the best platform to promote anything as it is one of the leading social medias. It can be the easiest and the fastest way to create targeted traffic to your contents.

  4. bo4610


    Well I never fell inlove with Twitter before the latest Google update. Gee tons of small businesses coplain about the Google update when there are tons of ways to drive traffic to our site and Twitter is one of them. And from this post, specially for us bloggers.

  5. mark


    Twitter have a big impact to usdribbling the ball because this is the place for anyone to go, anytime, anywhere. And also to find new things. And also twitter is a good strategies in making your traffic increase

  6. Rick



    Yeah that is definitely a thing to watch out. You need to tweet not only your blog posts, but other posts too..

    Rick @ Berlin.

  7. Farrel


    I will agree on your statement jeff. Twitter has gone big changes to everybody and it makes difference to everybody. A very nice explanation, jeff. Your post is packed with great information.

  8. TracyAnn0312


    Twitter is one of the best Social media communication nowadays and once you interact with clients and people around the said networking site, you can easily get traffic. I would agree that adding followers in your account can help your website get the exact traffic you wanted. Thanks for sharing another great idea that can help many blogger to generate traffic easily.

  9. Bryan


    Hi Jeff
    Twitter has huge potential to increase your traffic. It might be difficult to find good traffic at the begging but if post good tweet related to your niche you increase your followers gradually and increase the traffic to your blog.

    one more points you can find people selling twitter followers in many websites like Fivver. there is no point to purchasing twitter followers as those followers hardly convert into traffic.


  10. Becca


    Twitter has a big help for my affiliate marketing and Twitter has now been a bridge between the actual consumers and the companies. It is a great place to reach your target market.

  11. Aasma


    I generally use twitter to know latest happenings and news as it works really fast and delivers your desired material so quickly. It’s a great place to have fun with like-minded people by using hashtags.

  12. Suresh Khanal


    Twitter is one of the good traffic source for my blog too! I got connected with many good bloggers through Twitter and believe you can’t just ignore the potential it offers.

    However, for a new twitter user it can be something confusing. The best thing you can do is to start by following great people in your niche. You’ll gradually go on increasing your followers if you post interesting and relevant tweets often.

    Good to see you guest posting in Kharim’s blog! Cheers!

  13. Reply

    Hey Jeff, thanks for the great post man. I love Twitter and I have got lots of traffic from it and will continue to use it for growing with my blog.

    Hash tags are also a great way to open your blog to new traffic.

    Keep up the good work man! 🙂

  14. Joe Boyle


    Hey Jeff, have to disagree with a few points. Hashtags, for one, aren’t a great way to gain any traffic. You need a hashtag that is popular, but not over-popular. It needs to relate to your niche. Once you find the hashtag that will work – the perfect amount of popularity and relativity to your niche – it’s worthless. It’s easier and more efficient to just find a list. If the hashtag is over-populated, then it is very hard to gain anything – they update far too quickly!

    Otherwise, great article!

  15. Azam


    Twitter is one of the important social media that is very useful to make a product viral and to get huge traffic to a site. From 2011 Google and Bing has considered links from twitter to enlist a site into organic searches.

  16. Sara


    I think twitter is great for the reason that a blog is a continually updated site with new information every couple days, but twitter you can update a couple times a day and is much more immediate to your readers.

  17. Irfan Siddiqui


    Seriously twitter makes a huge impact on a blog’s traffic. It gives a numerous number of targeted traffic towards any blog just the thing matter is learning how to engage with actual twitter process.

    Really a nice explanation, Jeff. Thank you!

    • Reply

      I am agree with you Irfan. I am starting using twitter and best thing is its my 3rd best ref source of traffic. Thanks for this article jeff.

      • Salman


        Even I agree with you … Twitter gives a huge impact if used properly.

        I always see that list posts and current trending news go viral over twitter.

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